Worst WWE Segment of 2017



  • Bayley, This is your Life
  • Racist Mahal
  • Sister Abigail
  • Jason Jordan revealed as Kurt Angle’s son


Bayley, This is Your Life


So let’s recap some of the nominees in this one. We had an Indian-Canadian man complain about racism and proceed to make racist remarks about a Japanese man on an American television show to build up their world championship match. We had a man dress in drag to portray the spirit of his dead sister and the voiceover sounded like a 90s cartoon villain. We also had a superstar re-packaged as Kurt Angle’s son in the “reality era” where no one believed this for a moment. The crazy thing is this stupid idea could have worked if they brought over the American Alpha team and yes Jordan is still Angle’s son but Kurt grows more enamored by Gable throughout the year building to a split and a feud between Jordan and Angle Gable.

Nonetheless, despite all that terrible TV time I watched, one segment blew them away. It was the Alexa Bliss presents Bayley, This is Your Life. It is once again bankrupt of creativity because they took a segment that worked in 1999 and continue to redo it on TV assuming the characters can be interchangeable. New flash, The Rock and Mick Foley are not interchangeable and it proves how the two men made a terrible scripted segment legendary because of their “it” factor–I digress. Alexa Bliss was fine on the mic in this one and did all she could to carry this segment but her surrounding company, who appeared to be hired actors who don’t watch wrestling brought this a level below cringe–which is change the channel and never come back. They made fun of Bayley for being childlike, naive, a wrestling fan, innocent and unable to be an aggressive superstar leading to their Kendo-stick on a pole match at Extreme Rules. The outcome after all this? Alexa was right as Bayley was booked to identify with all these criticisms. The segment was terrible and fans booed the entire segment and at the end of it Alexa stood tall as Bayley was made to look even worse. Clearly according to WWE; Bayley, This is your life!


Worst WWE PPV of 2017



  • Fastlane
  • Money in the Bank
  • Battleground
  • Clash of Champions




Kicking off our Worst of the Year, is Pay-per-view or Network special of the year. Notice that no NXT shows came anywhere near consideration for worst show of the year. Also notice, that one man appeared on all four shows. I hate to think it is coincidence that all the PPVs where Jinder Mahal was in the WWE Championship match qualified for potential worst show of the year. Battleground however was a dreadful show beyond Mahal’s main event in the atrocious Punjabi Prison. Other than a fantastic tag match between the Usos and New Day this card also featured a terrible match between Corbin and Nakamura. Owens and Styles ended in an awkward fashion. John Cena and Rusev fought in the outdated Flag match. Lastly, Mike Kanellis made his PPV debut in a losing fashion against Sami Zayn. In the main event the Great Khali retained Mahal’s WWE Championship (yes you read that right). Thankfully I did not watch this, nor will I ever go back to watch this terrible show.

WWE 2017 Worst of the Year

As a fan of WWE for nearly 30 years, 2017 was an abysmal one from a fan’s standpoint. There were a few must see matches but with much filler prior to a main event bout. The storylines and creative direction left much to be desired and there was a continuous need to look at the past to keep eyes on the television shows. I typically like to take the end of the year to look back at the greats but this year i’ll be handing out the dubious honours of:

  • Worst Male Wrestler of the Year
  • Worst Female Wrestler of the Year
  • Worst Tag Team of the Year
  • Worst Match of the Year
  • Worst PPV of the Year
  • Worst TV Segment of the Year
  • Worst Feud of the Year
  • Worst Moment of the Year

Honourable Mentions for Worst of the Year:

Cancelling Talking Smack

One of the greatest WWE Network originals saw its demise in 2017. It was a complimentary component of Smackdown Live and helped elevate many superstars as they weren’t restricted to scripts or sounding unnatural. I cancelled my subscription mid year and although Talking Smack still exists after PPV there’s been no buzz around it and I feel I’ve missed no major moments or standout performances.

Superstar Shakeup

The most uncreative manner of shifting superstars from one show to another. It moved the Miz from Smackdown and his main event feel to RAW where it set him back for a bit before finding his stride once again. It also sent Jinder Mahal to Smackdown in a move that fans ignored but would impact majority of 2017.

Breaking Up is (Not) Hard to Do

It was the year of the barbershop window breaking aka tag team split ups. That being said none came close to the breakup of Shawn Michaels and Mary Jannetty. We saw American Alpha split up and go in a bizarre creative direction; an illegitimate son and 2.0 version of the team. Enzo and Big Cass went their separate ways and proved how much better they were together. Other less popular teams broke up such as the Golden Truth and the Hype Bros with build-ups to pre-show matches or a one week push that resulted in being off TV thus indicating the WWE has no creative plans for any of these men.

205 Live

The one year anniversary of 205 Live happened in 2017 and the show never reached any heights and almost coasted the entire year. Many of the superstars work hard and there are quality matches almost every week but I don’t think there is a need for a show dedicated to Cruiserweights unfamiliar to the mainstream WWE audience. Additionally, we see a lot of the “heavyweights” performing similar high-risk maneuvers and honestly it is far more impressive seeing the likes of Killian Dain or Kevin Owens flying in the air.

WWE 2K18 MyCareer Part 7


Week 1: Fresh off my Royal Rumble “win” I was booked into a handicap match versus Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. Somehow I managed to win this match, which I think was my objective.

Week 2: Seth Rollins comes up to me to offer to help me combat Lesnar and Joe. I was skeptical of another allegiance but we faced Lesnar and Joe. Come to think of it, since i beat them 2-on-1, I’m not sure why I needed his help.


Week 3: Seth tells me to find one more member to join our team. The choices go from Ambrose, Finn Balor, Apollo Crews and Roman Reigns. Given the competition, I spoke to the Big Dog. His response caught me off guard. He rejects my offer and we exchange words in the ring in a effort to convince Roman.

Week 4: Roman challenges me to a match and says if I can defeat him cleanly, he’ll accept my offer. I defeat Roman and he says he doesn’t trust me but also does. Not sure what he is saying but we’re going in to Fastlane as a unit.

567fc85f-2f91-4e09-a721-efb552ef9178Monthly PPV: We form a “new” Shield against the badass team of Lesnar, Joe and Mark Henry. Roman and I re-create the Shield entrance but Rollins comes out on his own. We defeat this team in a fun brawl where everyone gets in their signature and finishers on the opposition.

Now that I have a faction of my own, I have the confidence I’ll capture the Universal Championship no problem at Wrestlemania and you can believe that!



Week 1: I speak with Triple H backstage who applauds my formation of my new faction. I then proceed to cut a promo in the ring about how my faction will dominate the landscape of the WWE.

Week 2: Mick Foley approaches me backstage and yells at me for starting a faction and disregarding management. He sets up a non-title match with Samoa Joe. Mid match, Seth Rollins attacks to have the match end. A backstage brawl breaks out mid interview with Renee and me and Joe brawl once again.

Week 3: I cut another promo to address the GM and the future.

Week 4: Triple H called me out for being all talk over the past few weeks so I combat that with…talking some more. Joe comes out and looks to address me but ends up knocking me out. I confront Seth backstage asking why he didn’t come to make the save.

Monthly PPV: 6696d5f7-5b8b-4a96-893e-62b9243db6e1

Wrestlemania is upon us and I have my shot at the Universal Championship. A bit of a lukewarm build and not too much fanfare in this one. No elaborate entrances. I have Billie Kay in my corner and end up capturing the title fairly easily.


There is a Superstar Shakeup and I cut a promo about my journey to this point. I take some pictures with fans and head backstage. Triple H applauds my efforts and my journey and thus ends the official story mode.

Overall my impression of MyCareer mode is that it lacked creativity and fluidity. My biggest grief is that you start off as 50 rating yet no one in NXT is rated lower then a 75. You’re pushed immediately and have to be competitive with main event guys oN NXT despite being weak. I think they should improve your rating by wins and accomplishments rather then using currency to enhance attributes. I also didn’t like that you had to fulfill your objectives in order to progress in Career mode. I think fulfilling objectives should remain included but impact your attribution growth.

I hate that there is no genius in wrestling games. You can have low mid card guys come across as a big deal. Nothing gets me more upset then seeing me square off against Epico or Primo individually or seeing Primo randomly team with Brock. There is no acknowledgement of teams or alliances. My guy went from being a bad guy to a good so often that I couldn’t tell what he was. The dialogue is repetitive and lacks authentic WWE speak. I appreciate the open world but there needs to be more side quests. Right now, I can continue in my career without the main story so we’ll see if anything exciting takes place. Any thing that is of interest I’ll write about but for now I’d say it was about a 6/10 game play experience for the WWE 2k18 My Career mode.

WWE 2K18 MyCareer Part 6




Week 1: After some time away from the ring and reassessing those you can trust, you return in January 2020. Vince, Stephanie and Todd are all happy to welcome you back and give you the opportunity to deliver a promo of what’s been on your mind since you’ve been gone.

Week 2: Scheduled for a match with Luke Gallows and Brock Lesnar interferes mid-match and F5s me. We then meet backstage where I get a first class trip to Suplex City as I’m slammed through a car window backstage in the parking lot.

Week 3: A match and victory over the Miz and thankfully not run-ins or backstage brawls.

Week 4: This week, however, Brock and I battle backstage where I am conquered again. GM Mick Foley makes a Royal Rumble qualifying match for me against Brock at the Rumble PPV and if I win I’m going in but at #1.

Monthly PPV: I defeat Brock Lesnar, miraculously, and am accompanied to the ring by one half of Iconic in Billie Kay since I unlocked the female manager feature. I go backstage and talk to Stephanie who says she isn’t happy with Foley and says I can enter the Rumble at #27. It took several attempts to complete the objectives of win the Royal Rumble and get a 4 star rating. I wanted it to come down to Shinsuke and I in the end but either one of us would get eliminated. I ended up quitting the match to adjust the difficulty level however when I quit it led me to a cutscene saying I won the match. Also, Brock was not supposed to be in the match but as you can see in the title image, he is there so a lot of plot holes on the road to Wrestlemania. After the Rumble I end up in a brawl with Samoa Joe as build to our showdown at the showcase of the immortals.

What will the next few weeks before Wrestlemania hold for me as I look to capture the Universal championship? Check out a future post!


WWE 2K18 MyCareer Part 5


Week 1: I went out for a promo declaring how I have the Money in the Bank briefcase and am also the US Champion and I have it all.

Week 2: I expected a major storyline but instead I was thrown into a nothing tag match with Ziggler versus Xavier Woods and Sami Zayn. Been there, done that. I spoke to Mr.McMahon who was in his office and said send me to RAW!

Week 3: I arrived on RAW. I was apparently stripped of the US Title and John Cena is now champion; with no explanation. I spoke to Finn Balor and he challenged me to a match at Clash of Champions which I accepted. On my return night to RAW I teamed up with the Beast Incarnate, BRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK Lesnar to defeat Luke Gallows and Sheamus by Countout.

Week 4: I went from being with a Paul Heyman guy to being with a Titus Brand guy in Apollo Crews as we defeated Brock Lesnar and Primo; obviously pinning Primo.

Monthly PPV: Card subject to change. Instead of facing Finn Balor I squared off against the Club with Lesnar as my partner. I got hit with the Magic Killer and Lesnar did not make the save. Nonetheless he was listed as my ally.


Week 1: I defeated Darren Young.

Week 2: I defeated Karl Anderson.

Week 3: I defeated Braun Strowman by Countout.

Week 4: I defeated Luke Gallows.

Monthly PPV: I challenged the Universal Champion, Samoa Joe and won the championship. No build. No apparent cash-in. Just a cold title change…or so I thought!


Week 1: I talked with Mr. McMahon who said it’s time I think about cashing in the briefcase and take my rightful place at the top. I thought I was already the Universal Champion, but turns out we had an apparent Dusty finish and Joe was once again listed at champion. He said go talk to Stephanie or Mick so I chose the Billion Dollar Princess herself. She said she wasn’t aware I had her father’s favour and she too believed in me. I cut a promo saying I’d be cashing-in. I met with Samoa Joe afterwards who said I was supposed to be watching his back.

Week 2: I had a promo battle with Samoa Joe who bested me on this night.

Week 3: I had a scheduled match with Big Show but Joe attacked me from behind before the match could start. I got my revenge and ambushed Joe backstage.

Week 4: I had a scheduled match with Epico and Joe interfered mid match this time and nailed me with a bat. Once again we brawled backstage.

Monthly PPV: 76c9cf08-4805-45e1-b694-04cb8f0c1a78Survivor Series and as a Canadian I was afraid I’d get screwed on this night. I got the greenlight to go cash-in on Joe. I handed my briefcase to the referee and the bell rang. All of a sudden, my “ally”, Brock Lesnar attacks me and Joe is able to retain the Universal championship. I had the option to quit and take my ball home or take some time to reassess…and take my ball home.

Unsure of the timeline of my return. Check out my next post to see if I make a return to a WWE squared circle.

WWE 2K18 MyCareer Review Part 4


Week 1: I had a promo battle with AJ Styles where he demanded I surrender the briefcase after he got me in the match. The only choices were to talk trash and tell AJ I’d be cashing in on a future date and for him to watch his back.

Week 2: I was scheduled to team up with John Cena but against the random team of Sin Cara and Xavier Woods. Sin Cara hit a Swanton on me for the win as Cena stayed on apron rather than break up the pin; guess he couldn’t see me. There is also a whiteboard, which I haven’t mentioned. This is where you can see the matches for the night and schedule a promo or run-in. I was able to call out US Champion Chris Jericho but I lost this battle as I tried to Talk with Jericho!

Week 3: I squared off against Jason Jordan and won. I then called out Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens who is also a master on the mic and I lost this promo battle as well.

Week 4: I tagged with Ziggler despite our history to square off against AJ and Dash Wilder. I pinned the WWE Champion in an effort to send a message that won’t compute in the game. Instead of calling out anyone, I just cut a self promo to gain some popularity/influence points.

Monthly PPV: I battled Tozawa at the Battleground PPV for another win. I then cut another promo not calling anyone out.


Week 1: Triple H congratulates me on winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. I then go out to cut a promo about cashing in on either the WWE or Universal Champion. I think I told Todd prior to my promo I was going to challenge for the US Title…so I guess I went off script.

Week 2: I went out for another promo, but Kevin Owens comes out and challenges me to a match at Summerslam, presumably for his Intercontinental Championship.


Week 3: Luke Harper comes up to me to offer some insurance as I challenge for the title even though I tried to attack him (I guess he knows the power of being under Bray’s spell). We exchange pleasantries and call one another brother and say this is blossoming bromance so moving forward we will be know as: HARPER, ALLY! BLOSSOM BROTHERS!

66c7fde7-490c-4888-880e-ab8d0eaa5240I challenge Owens to a non-title match and Harper interferes on my behalf and attacks Owens! I go to talk with Renee, unfortunately there is no Talking Smack in the game. Owens interrupts me and the two of us brawl backstage. I gain the advantage in this one.

Week 4: I talk to Triple H backstage and ask him to set up a 2-on-1 Handicap match. We get the green light so I figured it was Owens vs. the Blossom Brothers. My partner ends up being Baron Corbin, but we get the win.

Monthly PPV: I arrive at Summerslam to challenge Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. I customized MyPlayer’s outfit to resemble that of Bret Hart who won the same championship at Summerslam 1991! Prior to the match, Kane asks if he should accompany me to the ring. Where has my Blossom Brother gone? My match objectives were to win the United States Championship and get an OMG moment. I figured they meant win the title otherwise I will never progress past this point. Once I win the match there is no cut scene of me with the Intercontinental Championship. When I return and go to check the list of champions, I’m listed as the US Champion. A major glitch but nonetheless, time to dawn the red, white and blue.

What’s next for Mr. Money in the Bank and Mr. USA? Check out my future posts!