WWE Male Superstar of the Year 2016



  • AJ Styles
  • Kevin Owens
  • Chris Jericho
  • The Miz





AJ Sryles is the WWE Superstar of the Year! Let me say that againhr. AJ Styles, a man of ROH, TNA and NJPW fame is the WWE Superstar of 2016! When Styles entered the Royal Rumble this year, we as fans all wondered how he would be handled. When he was nicknames a pitbull and lost to Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania, I was ready to slot Styles as a mid carder who would be featured on pre-show matches. The next night however, Styles won a #1 Contenders match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Styles went on to have two tremendous matches and brought out the best in Roman Reigns. Styles transitioned into a feud with John Cena. Once again, Styles brought out the best in Cena and they had a series of awesome matches. The Draft was a focal point of the summer in 2016 and AJ Styles was selected as the man who would lead the SmackDown brand moving forward. Shortly after, Styles would win the WWE Championship and holds it going into 2017. I honestly did not envision Styles being this successful in WWE as I only saw him a great wrestler. Styles has proven he is not only a great in-ring talent but also an excellent sports entertainer. I am so happy for him and his success and hope 2017 brings him further success as we approach Wrestlemania season1


WWE Match of the Year 2016



  • Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT TakeOver: Dallas)
  • Kota Ibushi vs. Cedric Alexander (CWC)
  • John Cena vs. AJ Styles (SummerSlam)
  • The Revival vs. DIY (NXT TakeOver: Toronto)





Before we acknowledge our winner for match of the year, let’s look at the names in the nominees. The roster has immensely improved in 2016 as a lot of talents from the independent scene have arrived in WWE and NXT and their ability to put on quality matches has benefited the WWE and the fans. Ibushi, Cedric Alexander, AJ Styles, Gargano and Ciampa are all strong in ring competitors who have captivated wrestling fans in various promotions so it is exciting to see how they’ve shaped the wrestling scene in 2016!

As for our winner, we were treated to a wrestling spectacle in early 2016. I am a very casual fan of New Japan Pro Wrestling but I was immediately captivated by Shinsuke Nakamura when I first saw him. At the beginning of the year there was rumblings that he was finished in Japan and possibly on his way to WWE. This was later confirmed on an episode of NXT and he was slated for a match versus the very talented Sami Zayn. My excitement to see Nakamura in the WWE was enough for me to be ecstatic to see this match. From his entrance, this match was already special. Fans were chanting this “This is Awesome” and “Fight Forever” and applauding everything these two men did. I thought they had an incredibly competitive match and although superstars rarely lose in their debut, I did bite on a few false finishes as Zayn looked to put away Nakamura. The strong style was on full display in this one as every hit could be felt through your screen. Like many Nakamura matches you’re left mesmerized by every look, grin, wink and the dreaded KINSHASA!

WWE Female Superstar of the Year 2016



  • Charlotte
  • Sasha Banks
  • Becky Lynch
  • Asuka





Bow down to the Queen of the ring! Charlotte is not only the female superstar of the year but she is also among the most improved. Charlotte has improved on the mic and in the ring which makes her one of the strongest characters in the company. Charlotte has dominated some of best this year from Becky Lynch, Bayley and of course her series of matches against Sasha Banks. Charlotte was victorious at Wrestlemania dawning a fabulous robe comparable to that of her father and retiring the Divas Championship and winning the Women’s Championship. Charlotte would later cut ties with her Hall of Fame daddy with a tremendous scathing promo to establish she’d be paving her own way. Charlotte also got rid of her protege Dane Brooke to prove she needed no one to be best. Charlotte and Sasha would make history over the latter part of 2016 with Charlotte winning the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell and also recently regaining her title in an Ironwoman match. If there is further evidence needed for Charlotte’s dominance in 2016, look at her record at PPVs where she remains undefeated!

WWE Tag Team of the Year 2016



  • The New Day
  • The Usos
  • Enzo Amore & Big Cass
  • The Revival





This year’s team has dominated tag team wrestling in WWE with fists and no flips. Yes, the New Day set the record for consecutive days as tag champions but they did lose non title matches, even at Wrestlemania. There are a lot of comedic teams that never appear as title contenders. The Revival won me over this year by having great matches and going back to the roots of tag team wrestling by cutting the ring in half to win and defend the NXT tag titles. They had competitive matches with Enzo & Big Cass, American Alpha and a series of tremendous matches with DIY to end the year. Their throwback style is unique in WWE as it isn’t flashy or but gets the job done. The Revival are exactly that–a revival in tag team wrestling and I anticipate they revive the dull tag team scene on RAW or SmackDown!

WWE NXT Superstar of the Year 2016



  • Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Samoa Joe
  • Asuka
  • Bobby Roode





NXT has made some significant signings this year with the additions of Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong to name a few. Samoa Joe also captured the NXT Championship twice this year and was a very dominant force to be reckoned with. Joe may be finishing up in NXT as he has nothing left to prove. Asuka however remains the only undefeated superstar in 2016! To date no female competitor (past or present) has been a threat to Asuka. Once Asuka became champion her confidence rose and it was equally matched by her dominance which hasn’t been matched by a man or woman on the NXT roster making Asuka the NXT Superstar of the Year.

WWE Network Special (PPV) of the Year 2016



  • Royal Rumble
  • NXT TakeOver: Dallas
  • NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2
  • NXT TakeOver: Toronto





I do admit I am incredibly bias in my selection for show of the year as it took place in my hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That being said, I am proud to say my fellow Torontonians created a tremendous atmosphere for this TakeOver special. Every match on the card delivered from good to a match of the year candidate. Roode/Dillinger was a brilliant start to the show with two Canadians going at it. Roode’s entrance was…well glorious and Dillinger’s ten chants continued not only all night but all weekend! The Authors of Pain captured the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team trophy and are now in line for a tag title shot. Speaking of tag teams, DIY and the Revival had one of the greatest tag matches I’ve seen in some time. Even with great expectations they managed to deliver. Asuka and Mickie James had a more competitive match than we’ve seen anyone have with Asuka and it’s good to see James has been rewarded with a contract for her efforts. Finally, Nakamura’s undefeated streak ended on this show in a shocking manner which led to an unpredictable end to the night. Overall, we had a glorious night with a glorious crowd in one of the most glorious wrestling towns in the world!



WWE Network Episodic Show of the Year 2016



  • The Cruiserweight Classic
  • Talking Smack
  • The Edge & Christian Show: That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness
  • Legends with JBL





The ever evolving WWE Network has done a tremendous job in attempting to constantly provide original content beyond the former pay-per-view events and pre-shows. WWE has set high expectations for production and in 2016 there have been several new programs that have caught the attention of fans. First off, Legends with JBL has been quietly entertaining. Although I wouldn’t say JBL is a great interviewer he has had some great guests with a lot of interesting stories. The Edge & Christian show was a breath of fresh air as it catered to a key demographic of network subscribers that are obsessed with wrestling insider talk. The runner-up in this one would have to be Talking Smack which has been a tremendous post show since the brand split. It is unique to Smackdown and should remain that way and allows many talents to show case their personalities that isn’t often seen on an episode of Smackdown!

Now for the winner! Despite the current Cruiserweight division as we see it on RAW and 205 Live, this summer we saw exciting action and a lot of new talent in the Cruiserweight Classic. I had no interest initially in watching this weekly but after episode one I was hooked. It was great to see various wrestlers from different nations and promotions compete in highly entertaining tournament. Every week you had a least one match that showcased the highest quality of wrestling. I became a fan of guys like current Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa, Mustafa Ali and Jack Gallagher because of their unique styles, personalities and stories to make it to the WWE. It was a great summer of action with outstanding commentary by Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan. We’ll see if the success of the CWC will translate to the new WWE United Kingdom Tournament. The hope remains that the excitement surrounding the CWC will eventually translate to RAW & 205 Live. If you aren’t enjoying the action you see weekly right now, head back to the on-demand section of the Network and relive the CWC!