Worst Male Wrestler of 2017



  • Baron Corbin
  • Jason Jordan
  • Jinder Mahal
  • Bray Wyatt





The four men nominated certainly had a difficult go at it in 2017. Corbin looked to be headed for a mega push and be SmackDown’s counterpart to RAW’s Braun Strowman. Unfortunately, at some point Corbin failed to impress and so led to failures like his Money in the Bank cash-in and his US title reign and feuds. Bray Wyatt’s name has been brought up in several other categories and has had his fair share of bad matches and feuds. Jason Jordan who is far from the worst wrestler was given a bizarre storyline and character and simply and it appears a bit soon for the young man. His promo skills have failed to deliver and with his character he is in need of more personality rather than his in-ring prowess. Nonetheless, there seems to be improvement but fans have the expectation of wrestlers to fulfill the responsibilities of a major push.

With that in mind, this is why Jinder Mahal has to be the worst male wrestler of 2017. Mahal went from barely being on RAW television and never having a meaningful feud or pay-per-view appearance to becoming the #1 contender for the WWE Championship. It seemed obvious that Mahal might do the unthinkable and capture the title. What I did not expect was for his boring reign to last as long as it did. What I did expect was improvement both on the mic and in the ring. I expected Mahal to deliver and at least show a hint of main eventer talents. Mahal, unfortunately was rather basic in all departments compared to that of other guys not in his position like Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe or Rusev. Mahal had really boring matches that were formulaic and lacked anything resembling a big fight feel for the title. The defense of he is a “heel” so if you hate him he’s doing his job simply does not apply because I did not hate the character, I felt it was poor selection on the real life actor for the role. Mahal really hurt the image of the title and failed to elevate himself to a main event status. A reason for his reign was to impact India where they couldn’t even sell tickets to two shows and were forced to reduce it to one and to make matters worse Mahal lost the title prior to the show and ended up doing the job to Triple H. It seems WWE has learned and is giving Mahal a chance to shine at a more appropriate level for Jinder.

I don’t enjoy doing Worst of the Year for superstars who work hard night in and night out, but in 2017 I felt no other option. I will post some predictions I have for 2018 and hopes of a more captivating year for WWE programming.


Worst Female Wrestler of 2017



  • Bayley
  • Lana
  • Alicia Fox
  • Tamina





Let me first say that when I declare someone the worst wrestler it isn’t because they don’t work hard or possess the skills to wrestle in a ring. It often has to do with the booking or portrayal of their character and expectations you have of main roster talent. Bayley for one is a tremendous in-ring competitor and was my NXT Superstar of the Year a few years ago. The booking of Bayley was on display in our Worst Segment of 2017 where Bayley was watered down and made a complete joke. Bayley should be the John Cena/Rey Mysterio of the women’s division being pushed a Make-A-Wish superstar and tons of merchandise. Instead, fans have even turned on Bayley and lost interest in her. There remains time to rehab her character but it seems WWE does not want to go with her as their top star. Alicia Fox has been on WWE television for so long that it is hard to care about her. She was made captain of Team RAW and was among the first eliminated; again not her fault she was booked poorly. Lana is perhaps the worst in-ring wrestler on the main roster but she has delivered in her role as Rusev’s manager and should return to that role. Instead they paired her with Tamina which hurt both superstars. Tamina has been the same stale character almost since day one. Upon her return to the SmackDown Live brand, she was the butt of a joke as they promised a third generation superstar and brought out Tamina as a “wha-wha” prior to the desired Charlotte coming out after. Lana promised a makeover of the monster Tamina and she returned the next week looking exactly the same. This resulted in no one-on-one championship matches. Lastly, she had brief staredown with Nia Jax where Nia proved to be the better Samoan monster of the two; making matters worse, delusional Tamina compared this stare down to Hogan/Andre and Rock/Austin.

Worst WWE Match of 2017



  • Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship, Wrestlemania 33)
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton (House of Horrors, Payback)
  • Big Cass vs. Big Show (Enzo in a Shark Tank, Summerslam)
  • Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag, Survivor Series)




There were some great in-ring matches this year and there were some boring bouts. Big Cass and Big Show was a hard match to get into as it was two giants with basic movesets and Enzo being annoying from a shark cage above. The Survivor Series match was terrible because of the questionable booking. Much like the Royal Rumble, guys like Nakamura, Roode, Samoa Joe and Finn Balor were easily eliminated whereas guys like Triple H, Kurt Angle, Orton and Shane McMahon were made to look strong–this is probably my most hated match.

Now for Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. It is remarkable to be nominated twice for having bad matches. I awarded worst match to the Wrestlemania bout because I anticipated the House of Horrors being dreadful and it was. The Wrestlemania bout was a WWE CHAMPIONSHIP match. As we’ll see in more posts, there is an expectation when it comes to WWE Championship matches. The match was boring but the projector effects of insects just served to take you out of the match each time it happened. What made things even more baffling was that these effects proved to have no impact as Orton won the title anyways. This was certainly the worst match of 2017 and possibly the worst WWE Championship match in Wrestlemania history!

Worst WWE Moment of 2017

  • Baron Corbin failed cash-in
  • Susan G. Komen Warrior Spirit
  • Triple H defeating Jinder Mahal in India
  • Roman Reigns enters #30





There were some odd booking moments this year in WWE. The entire Royal Rumble was booked around established stars like Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and ensuring they looked dominant. Also it was bewildering, having Reigns enter number 30 so that fans would accept Orton (another established star) as the winner when eliminating Roman. Baron Corbin was my choice to win the Rumble and seemed like he was on his way to elevate his career in 2017 given he won the Money in the Bank. Unfortunately, Corbin fell out of favour and failed in his cash-in within mere seconds virtually killing any momentum he had. Lastly, in an effort to reach the Indian market, Mahal received an enormous push and was made WWE champion. What impact did this have? Reducing two house shows to one and having Jinder lose his WWE Championship prior to the tour. How did Jinder fair on the tour? He lost to the part-time Game in Triple H.

All that to say, the worst moment in WWE of 2017 had to have been the pairing of the Ultimate Warrior with the Susan G. Komen foundation. Do your research and form your own opinion on the Komen foundation and their handling of raised funds. These segments are always uncomfortable as is as you have cancer survivors come out. I certainly believe in honouring survivors but the message of the Warrior was very difficult to discern as an authentic message. Unfortunately, the man who portrayed the Ultimate Warrior made many controversial comments and did not abide by wholesome creed we are taught to believe. I just found these segments uncomfortable and think WWE needs to evaluate all the players involved.


Worst WWE Tag Team of 2017



  • Titus Brand
  • Gallows & Anderson
  • The Ascension
  • The Colons




It was a crazy year for a lot of tags in the WWE. Originally, this wasn’t the team I had slated to win worst tag team. The honour was originally for the Hype Bros, but WWE thankfully broke that team up. WWE broke up a lot of teams as mentioned in previous posts: Enzo and Big Cass, American Alpha, Hype Bros, the Golden Truth. Now, of the teams remaining who had a terrible year? It is apparent that teams like the Ascension and the Colons aren’t to be taken serious and just jobber teams for up and coming teams. I nominated Gallows and Anderson because WWE is wasting this team and they have portrayed them so poorly but pairing them with Finn Balor may be the right direction. Therefore worst tag team has to go to the Titus Brand! First, I need to ask what exactly is the Titus Brand? I was once a fan of Titus O’Neil but he has been given opportunities and TV time and hasn’t been impressive. Apollo Crews was a guy I thought had great potential but was perhaps brought up to the main roster too early. I was excited when Tozawa was added because I saw potential in a Crews/Tozawa team. Tozawa appears to be no longer part of the Titus Brand and his replacement? Dana Brooke. It is clear that WWE has no plans for the Titus Brand and it hasn’t had any opportunity to make a impact. Perhaps a move to Smackdown Live could give the Titus brand one more chance to sink or swim but in 2017 they were the worst team/faction of the year!

Worst WWE Feud of 2017



  • Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
  • Jinder Mahal vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor
  • Big Cass vs. Enzo Amore




235_RAW_06192017dg_6913__1321a8d6c1310e198201840bf614e068.0 (2)

The break-up that no one wanted has to be the worst feud of the year. I know Bray Wyatt has been the common denominator in making some of his feuds terrible, but there is an expected mystical nature of his character that is hard to suspend belief for–nonetheless he may win a worst of award in another category. Mahal and Nakamura was another bad feud simply because no one wanted to see it and there was zero creativity in making it seem like a meaningful feud for the WWE Championship.

Enzo and Big Cass wins worst feud because it was essentially a feud between a monster heavyweight and a manager. Did we even need a match between the two? It was noticeable WWE thought the same as they inserted the Big Show in this feud which added to awfulness. Cass proved his charisma was built off of Enzo’s and that the team still needed to be together before Cass was ready to break out on his own. The charm of this team was that although Enzo was extremely annoying, even to Big Cass, that if another superstar picked on Enzo, that’s when the muscle stepped in. Enzo could talk all the smack he wanted because he had a 7 foot insurance policy. WWE, like they often do, jumped the gun in breakup an approached it in a terrible angle where Enzo would be found unconscious and Cass would find him moments later–the dreadful “who dunnit?” wrestling storyline. Unfortunately, Big Cass got injured during this feud which put him on the shelf. Now Enzo is a heel and in the Cruiserweight division having bad matches but still cutting great promos. I still think they can undo this and put everyone back together, including bringing Ms. Money in the Bank into the group. This gives Cass and Enzo the option of being a group that goes after tag or single titles and Carmella have some added insurance of her own for when she cashes in!

Worst WWE Segment of 2017



  • Bayley, This is your Life
  • Racist Mahal
  • Sister Abigail
  • Jason Jordan revealed as Kurt Angle’s son


Bayley, This is Your Life


So let’s recap some of the nominees in this one. We had an Indian-Canadian man complain about racism and proceed to make racist remarks about a Japanese man on an American television show to build up their world championship match. We had a man dress in drag to portray the spirit of his dead sister and the voiceover sounded like a 90s cartoon villain. We also had a superstar re-packaged as Kurt Angle’s son in the “reality era” where no one believed this for a moment. The crazy thing is this stupid idea could have worked if they brought over the American Alpha team and yes Jordan is still Angle’s son but Kurt grows more enamored by Gable throughout the year building to a split and a feud between Jordan and Angle Gable.

Nonetheless, despite all that terrible TV time I watched, one segment blew them away. It was the Alexa Bliss presents Bayley, This is Your Life. It is once again bankrupt of creativity because they took a segment that worked in 1999 and continue to redo it on TV assuming the characters can be interchangeable. New flash, The Rock and Mick Foley are not interchangeable and it proves how the two men made a terrible scripted segment legendary because of their “it” factor–I digress. Alexa Bliss was fine on the mic in this one and did all she could to carry this segment but her surrounding company, who appeared to be hired actors who don’t watch wrestling brought this a level below cringe–which is change the channel and never come back. They made fun of Bayley for being childlike, naive, a wrestling fan, innocent and unable to be an aggressive superstar leading to their Kendo-stick on a pole match at Extreme Rules. The outcome after all this? Alexa was right as Bayley was booked to identify with all these criticisms. The segment was terrible and fans booed the entire segment and at the end of it Alexa stood tall as Bayley was made to look even worse. Clearly according to WWE; Bayley, This is your life!