Wrestlemania 34 Predictions

We are only days away from the most exciting wrestling event of the calendar year. The weekend has grown into a tremendous culmination of storylines, featuring superstars of the past and present and even the future in other independent promotions showcasing their talents in the host city of Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania returns to New Orleans after four years and this year’s card seems to get better with each announced match. Let’s take a look at the card and predict how the night may turn out.


On the kickoff show we have two Battle Royals and a championship match. The Andre the Giant Battle Royal debuted in New Orleans at Wrestlemania 30. So who will come out the winner in this one? Every year I’ve predicted the winner and I’ve been wrong. I predicted Rusev, Mizdow, Mark Henry and Braun Strowman and Cesaro, Big Show, Corbin and Mojo Rawley were in fact the victors. This tells me that the winner can be anybody. I’m going with a man who hasn’t been announced for the match but I believe will WALK away with the trophy: Ladies & Gentlemen…ELIAS. This may not be the only time we see Elias and he may be performing again on the main card but I believe The Rock will RAMPAGE (in theatres April 13th) the stage for a concert of his own.


The Women’s Battle Royal was also slated to be named after a former wrestler but unfortunately the Fabulous Moolah was originally selected who if you do your research was a despicable human being and should not be celebrated. Despite the controversy the match remains with a bewildering looking trophy that may resemble something a bit too female. Nonetheless, who else will participate in this match and moreover who will win? I could see the Iconic Duo getting an opportunity to participate on this grand stage. I see Bayley and Sasha possibly costing each other the trophy. If it were up to me I’d have Lass Kicker win this one!


To have a match at Wrestlemania is any aspiring wrestler’s dream, so it is exciting to see two guys who fought on independent shows in front of hundreds get a chance to perform in front of thousands. Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali endured 205 Live during its entire duration when it was a dismal show with good matches but no fanfare or meaningful promotion. I am excited to watch this match and see both men put it all on the line to prove they belong on the Wrestlemania stage with all the big names. Alexander has come up short on many occasions so it would be fitting to see him win here but I believe Ali has really stepped up his game going into Wrestlemania so it makes this one a toss up but you can’t go wrong with either man as champion.


Until Rusev was added to this match I had no interest in this match. I’m excited for a possible Bobby Roode extravagant entrance but thankfully Rusev Day will be celebrated at Rusevmania. The easy choice is to have Rusev walk out victorious to a tremendous ovation. I don’t think anyone wants to see Mahal win and Orton and Roode are in need of repackaging in my opinion so why not go with the hot fan favourite and have him walk out victorious.


On the RAW side we have another multi-man championship match. It is also exciting to see Balor have his first Wrestlemania match and it would be great to see him walk out with some gold. I think this will be a fine match but look for Miz to sneak out a victory and be one of few who will retain their title on this night.


Braun Strowman deserved a more featured match at Wrestlemania. I think he was truly a contender for the Universal Championship but here he is relegated to a tag team championship match in a division he hasn’t participated in. The only exciting part of the match is who will be Braun’s partner. Possible names include Samoa Joe, Elias, Bray Wyatt or James Ellsworth. If it is Joe than it will make for a powerful force. I’m predicting Bray in a  brief reunion of the Wyatt Family. That is a bit anti-climatic to me and I’d hope for a better surprise. Once the partner is revealed, the excitement for the match goes down. I’m guessing Braun walks out victorious with whoever his partner is.


FINALLY the Usos have made it to the main card of Wrestlemania and deservedly so. They had a tremendous 2017 with awesome matches against the New Day so I’m glad both teams get to do it one more time on the grand stage. Wrestlemania needs to be the showcase of the best of the divisions and no one dominated the tag team scene on either RAW or SD Live like the Usos. I am also excited to see Luke Harper in a meaningful match. I was concerned that with a gimmick like the Bludgeon Brothers that he and Rowan would be made a comedy team. I do think this could be their crowning moment and what a stage to win your first tag titles. The New Day are another team that enthrall fans and it will be exciting to see a crowd of 70,000 plus chanting alongside the New Day. I think this match has potential to steal the show on an already stacked card.


After Asuka chose Charlotte as her Wrestlemania opponent that left RAW Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss without an opponent. Alexa was then caught speaking maliciously about her “friend” Nia Jax. The story here is very similar with the bully Alexa Bliss body shaming and putting down the Nia. It may seem like just another wrestling storyline, but there are  female fans and casual viewers  (I can confirm) who can emotionally relate and want to see Nia prevail. I’ve always thought Nia Jax as a confident, body activist similar to Ashley Graham was a good character for the WWE as they progress in 2018. It would make sense for Nia to walk out champion but for some reason I see Alexa retaining as WWE hopes to keep fan interest in the chase.


The Queen versus the Empress. There isn’t much to say as this should be a great match on a card with many contenders for match of the night. Will another Streak end in New Orleans? Anything can happen at Wrestlemania! Also look for Carmella to attempt to make a Wrestlemania moment of her own with a cash-in, if not this match, maybe the other women’s championship match.


The match has been teased but has been yet to be officially announced. I do believe like I have stated before that neither Cena or Undertaker are needed for this Wrestlemania but I still see this match happening. Will the American Badass return with a Kid Rock performance? Will Cena be the third man to defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania? Many questions of which I hardly care the answers to. Look for Undertaker to win in what I hope is his final match.


Ronda Rousey makes her in-ring debut at Wrestlemania. If I’m honest this match doesn’t have my interest because I don’t find Rousey an intriguing wrestling character but I applaud her for wanting to be a wrestler like any fan. In the two matches I’ve seen of Angle I know he isn’t what he used to be so I’m not expecting a wrestling clinic between him and Triple H. The easy prediction is Rousey tapping out Stephanie McMahon. I can’t blame WWE for signing a PPV draw like Rousey and I hope it brings the desired numbers WWE is looking for.


It seems that where one brand fails, the other delivers. This tag match involving a McMahon has my attention because of the other three men involved. Similar to the Usos, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been captivating to watch both on the mic and in the ring. This story of Owens and Zayn versus McMahon has been a strong build and good story of heels versus a babyface authority. On top of all that Daniel Bryan has been cleared and will return to the ring on the Grandest Stage. I think this will be another electric atmosphere and most likely a very good tag team brawl. I can’t see Bryan losing upon return but I am delighted to see both Owens and Zayn in a featured, top of the card match.


They (WWE) have their match that they’ve wanted since the conclusion of last year’s Wrestlemania. Lesnar has held the Universal Champion captive over the last calendar year when the likes of Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman elevated their game to main event players who could have dethroned Lesnar but WWE was hell bent of having Reigns be the one to slay the beast. Lesnar already has one foot in the octagon so the outcome looks like Reigns will be Universal Champion which is a good thing because he will be on the show night in and night out.


I have my main event. Nakamura is my favourite superstar on the roster and I’m excited to see him compete for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. The two men had a great match in the Tokyo Dome but AJ has stated the two have never squared off in North America. AJ Styles has done a great job as champion and I do not assume we are getting a new champion on this night. I am trying to not have high expectations for this “Dream Match” but it is the match I am most looking forward to!



NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Predictions

In the last few years since NXT TakeOvers have been added to the Wrestlemania weekend we have learned one thing; Wrestlemania sells the weekend but TakeOver steals the weekend and this card may due exactly that. Let’s look at some predictions of how the show may shape up.


This card is so stacked that at the bottom of the card is the women’s championship. This is a rematch from NXT Philadelphia and I expect a different result in this one. With Ronda Rousey making her debut the night after this, look for fellow MMA turn pro wrestler, Shayna Baszler to pick up some gold in this one. I can’t see Baszler being defeated twice unless she refuses to relinquish any submissions. Look for this one to be a full out brawl.


The Tag Team Championships and the Dusty Classic Trophy in a winner takes all triple threat tag team match. This should be another tremendous match up but who will take it all? I think the Authors of Pain are in their final TakeOver as they will make their RAW/SD Live debut post-Mania so they most likely aren’t winning this match. It is possible that Dunne and Strong pick up the win here but I think this match was a way to get them on the card in front of a global audience. The Undisputed Era has many options on this night. I don’t see O’Reilly competing alone and I don’t see Cole withdrawing from the Ladder Match, so Cole may win one of two matches on this night. I see the Undisputed Era retaining and winning the Dusty Classic despite not competing in the brackets!


Wow! As I look at the six men involved in this match, I think NXT and WWE at large has a bright future with all sorts of different superstars. The new North American championship in a ladder match is a draw enough and truth be told I could see any of these men walking out as champion. This match has a similar feel to the first Money in the Bank Ladder match. It would be a tremendous debut for either EC3 or Ricochet to come out as champion but seeing as neither man will be pinned in their debut a loss won’t hurt them. I see Sullivan and Dain cancelling each other out but both will showcase tremendous athletic feats for big men and have some great big man moments in this ladder match. So for me it comes down to Adam Cole and the Velveteen Dream. With Cole most likely pulling double duty on this night, will he be rewarded with yet another accolade provided the Undisputed Era retain and capture the Dusty Classic trophy? That seems like a lot of championships but Cole can certainly pull it off. I think a man who has been nothing but impressive to date should be our first North American Champion and we will forever continue to say his name.


Coming off his classic match, there is great expectation for this match to be another classic. Almas has been one of the better NXT Champions in a long time and it has totally trasnformed his career in NXT. I think many predicted to see Black in the championship match on the Wrestlemania weekend. I think the obvious choice is to crown a new NXT Champion and obvious isn’t always a bad decision. I could see Almas retaining but perhaps Almas is on his way up to the main roster, so I’ll go with Aleister Black as new champion and leading the NXT brand in 2018!


This is my personal main event for the night. It has been an emotional story since Ciampa betrayed Gargano back in May 2017 in Chicago. Not only can these two deliver in the ring but they have delivered in the story. The vignettes, the outside the ring antics, the social media interactions have really made this a captivating and believable story. Many found the Golden Lovers vs. the Young Bucks an emotional match but as a casual fan I haven’t been watching week in and week out to feel all the emotion the men displayed in that match. In this match, I have been following and watching and feeling the story through my screen. I believe not only will this be match of the night/weekend but a definite contender for match of the year. Now who do I pick to win? I think if this match closes the show we get a happy ending but if it is in the middle of the show we may never see Gargano again.

WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions


The road to Wrestlemania takes one final stop for the RAW superstars at the Elimination Chamber this year. The main event match will determine who squares off against The Beast, Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. The rumoured match since last year’s Wrestlemania has been Roman Reigns versus Brock and I believe we are getting that match at Wrestlemania 34.  So I’ll add to this prediction what I think the other competitors may be doing at Wrestlemania.

BRAUN STROWMAN: If there is one man who could and should disrupt the year long Wrestlemania plan, it is Braun Strowman. I think this man has elevated beyond anyone’s anticipation into the main event scene. I’d love to see it be Reigns and Strowman for the title as they’ve had nothing but stellar brawls. I’m not a fan of multi man matches for World titles but I’d love to see Strowman, Roman, Brock and Samoa Joe have a Summerslam rematch at Wrestlemania. What will be Strowman’s fate at Wrestlemania? Rumours are he’ll be squaring off against Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. I could also see him being a tag partner for Ronda Rousey against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon if that match is believed to be taking place.

ELIAS: On the road to Wrestlemania there is one question to ask: WHO WANTS TO WALK WITH ELIAS? I love this guy, but I don’t see him having a featured match. He may be in (and win) the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. This could be followed by a concert where he is interrupted by legends such as the Hall of Fame class which includes a guitarist of its own.

JOHN CENA: I anticipate we are getting John Cena versus Undertaker. I think this match is almost 4 years too late. I can’t say this match excites me and I think its the first year that Wrestlemania really does not need either Cena or the Undertaker.

THE MIZ: I think the Miz deserves a featured match and it would be great if he could do battle with Daniel Bryan. I envisioned him squaring off against Finn Balor or Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental championship but I think WWE will go ahead with Strowman vs. Miz and have the seeds planted in the Chamber.

SETH ROLLINS: It looked as though Rollins was going to square off against Dean Ambrose at Wrestlemania until Ambrose got hurt. Then it looked like Rollins versus Jason Jordan was going to happen but he got hurt too. I think Rollins may have lucked into a match with Kurt Angle which is a great opponent for Angle to have one last classic at Wrestlemania.

FINN BALOR: Like I said above, would be great to see Balor walk out with some gold at Wrestlemania. If the Miz match doesn’t happen, I think a RAW vs. Smackdown match would be of great interest. A man who looks to be lost on the road to Wrestlemania is Randy Orton and WWE could easily build a Demon vs. Viper match.

ROMAN REIGNS: Is most likely headed to Wrestlemania and the Main Event and will dethrone the Beast and win his first Universal Championship with a win here in the Chamber. It may be Reigns’ fourth straight Wrestlemania event.


Anything can happen in the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber match. There is the possibility of Bayley or Sasha winning the title as I think both women will have a match at Wrestlemania. In playing WWE 2K18, Sasha managed to dethrone me and win this match. There is also the possible split of the friendship of Nia and Alexa which could be the face off WWE wants remembered on their grandest stage. I see a women’s Memorial Battle Royal for the other women on the roster which is where you may find Mickie James, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Look for Ms. Bliss to win the first ever Chamber match.


Once again, another outcome that appears fairly predictable. Could Nia end the streak on this night? It certainly is possible but that would be a terrible booking decision in my opinion. I see Asuka winning this match and challenging Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. I think Nia will put up a fight and earn her shot at the RAW Women’s Championship. As for the new signee Ronda Rousey, I don’t see her getting involved in the title picture right away but a mixed tag as mentioned above with her partner possibly being the Rock, Kurt Angle or Braun Strowman as likely picks.


Now is when the show gets a little more unpredictable and less enticing. We have another match between Wyatt and Woken Matt. I think this feud had all the potential to capitalize on wrestling whackiness in the cosmos. If it were up to me I’d have these two join forces and have Jeff Hardy return in an effort to save his brother from the evil Bray Wyatt and free him of this current state of mind at Wrestlemania. I don’t see WWE making this a priority storyline for Wrestlemania, so look for Bray to win here.


I think it would a great but welcome shock to see Apollo and Titus win the belts on this night. I think with the success of the Black Panther movie, it would be cool to see Apollo build as a role model superstar but I can’t see WWE knowing how to tell such a story. The Revival appear to be waiting in the wind for the championship opportunity and could have a great hard hitting bout with the Bar as opposed to Titus Worldwide.


I still have yet to understand the logic of the kickoff show matches. Wouldn’t you want a meaningful story or an exciting match to, well, kick off your show? The Club vs. Miztourage has none of that. Two teams who have no issue with one another. This could have easily been a four corners match involving the Club, Miztourage, Rhyno & Heath Slater and the Revival in a elimination (fitting PPV) match to determine the #1 Contenders match for the RAW Tag titles. I literally thought of that as I was typing; are they really lacking such basic creativity? Does anyone care who is winning this match? Just us die hard…NERDS!

Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

The road to Wrestlemania starts at the Royal Rumble. 2018 still feels as though it is getting under way and with a new direction in my own life, my viewing habits of the WWE has changed from being able to watch RAW/SD Live regularly. I plan to watch the Royal Rumble and figured I’d give my predictions and see how Wrestlemania will begin to take form.



Here we have another encounter between the Balor Club and the Revival. If given some time, this should could be a dark horse match of the night. The Revival should come out on top and start their chase for the titles and road to Wrestlemania.


Six tremendous athletes in a match that no will care about. This about sums up 205 Live.


The United States Championship Open Challenges returns and is always a fun match to look forward to. Who will respond to the challenge; Ziggler? Mahal? Corbin? Maybe someone from NXT? I think Ziggler is a bit too obvious so perhaps will see the underwhelming Maharajah himself respond and look for one more chance to win gold. If Roode fails to retain, it’ll prove that this title’s existence remains futile.

Is there a better team on the WWE roster than the Usos? I still believe there should be one tag team champion who defends the titles on both brands and I’d have that team be the Usos. The Usos versus the Revival is the tag match I want at Wrestlemania but I’ll certainly take the Usos versus Gable & Benjamin in a 2/3 Falls match on this night. My hope for this match is that it will be a wrestling masterpiece and a possibly a show stealer. I think the Usos deserve to go into Wrestlemania as champs and anything can happen between now and then but I think Gable & Benjamin will out wrestle the champs on this night and win the belts!


As mentioned above, there should be only one be one set of tag team champions and that team is the Usos. I understand the story of Jordan and Rollins but can’t say it is a captivating story and I have limited interest in this match. It seems Cesaro and Sheamus are the only team ever in the RAW tag title picture. I don’t see the need in having Rollins and Jordan retain. When this feud is over, I hope to see a revival of the RAW tag team division.


Is this really the major championship match at the second biggest PPV of the year? We know Kane is here to take the pin but who will walk out with the Universal championship?


Once again SD Live offers a better championship match at this year’s Royal Rumble. The Handicap match stipulation does lack some sense but I remain intrigued. Kevin Owens deserves to be WWE Champion but I think the advantageous stip will back fire in some way. What role with Shane and Daniel Bryan play in this one as they’ve surrounded this story as much as the competitors. I have a feeling that a SD Live superstar is winning the men’s Royal Rumble and I see them squaring off against the winner in this one.


Two Royal Rumbles on this night! It is one of my favourite matches and so I’m excited for this one. It is hard to predict who will win this one but that is the fun of the Royal Rumble. An equal fun component are the surprises of superstars of the past and the future who may show up in this night. Let’s look at who is in this one and the bolded names are my predictions of who may show up:

  1. Becky Lynch
  2. Liv Morgan
  3. Sarah Logan
  4. Ruby Riott
  5. Nia Jax
  6. Mickie James
  7. Natalya
  8. Lana
  9. Tamina
  10. Carmella
  11. Naomi
  12. Asuka
  13. Sasha Banks
  14. Bayley
  15. Mandy Rose
  16. Sonya Deville
  17. Dana Brooke
  18. Alicia Fox
  19. Billie Kay
  20. Peyton Royce
  21. Nikki Bella
  22. Brie Bella
  23. Ivory
  24. Jacqueline
  25. Beth Phoenix
  26. Alundra Blayze
  27. Michelle McCool
  28. Eve Torres
  29. Trish Stratus
  30. Lita

I’m sure most of these names are wishful thinking and can see some lesser known NXT names get a one-time call up. I really do not want to see Stephanie McMahon in this match and I don’t think this she be the debut scene of Ronda Rousey. I’m most looking forward to the Iconic Duo possibly being in this one and hearing some familiar themes I haven’t heard in a while. As far as my prediction? I’m stuck between Asuka and Becky Lynch. Asuka being eliminated won’t be considered a loss but I see them splitting up the winners by brand and if a SD Live superstar is winning the men’s match, I’ll go with Asuka to be the first ever winner of the women’s Royal Rumble.


Let’s use a similar format to predict the men’s Royal Rumble match.

  1. Titus O’Neill
  2. Bray Wyatt
  3. Rusev
  4. Baron Corbin
  5. Matt Hardy
  6. Aiden English
  7. Elias
  8. Tye Dillinger
  9. The Miz
  10. Shinsuke Nakamura
  11. Randy Orton
  12. John Cena
  13. Finn Balor
  14. Apollo Crews
  15. Roman Reigns
  16. Seth Rollins
  17. Jason Jordan
  18. Big E
  19. Xavier Woods
  20. Kofi Kingston
  21. Bobby Roode
  22. Jinder Mahal
  23. Dolph Ziggler
  24. Mojo Rawley
  25. Goldust
  26. Sami Zayn
  27. Killiain Dain
  28. No Way Jose
  29. X-Pac
  30. Bobby Lashley

Some of the bold names aren’t necessarily bold predictions. There is usually a name or two from NXT. Last year there were no surprise returns but there was nostalgia in seeing the Undertaker and Goldberg. I can’t think of a past legend that may be a realistic entrant. It would be great to see Razor Ramon compete but I don’t see that happening. Lashley came to mind and although it is unlikely, I think seeing him return in this match could elicit a great response. The most important question; who is going to the Main Event? Roman Reigns is the easy pick but I’m going with the man I want in my Wrestlemania main event.

Cena vs. Reigns

No Mercy, September 24th, we get a match billed as Wrestlemania worthy when John Cena squares off against Roman Reigns. Cena has been the company guy for more than a decade and Reigns has been positioned as the predecessor of this coveted spot. Cena and Reigns have exchanged words and called each other on their flaws and have disputed who THE guy actually is and whether Reigns can step in and fill the shoes of Cena.

I thought I’d take a look at the history of Cena and Reigns since Roman arrived on the scene and it is clear that this match has been destined happen since day one.


Survivor Series
Roman and the Shield debut and  help CM Punk retain his WWE Championship against Ryback and John Cena.  Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns making a name for themselves on day one and what better way then attacking the top name in Cena!

The Shield make their PPV match debut as they square off against Team Hell No and Ryback. This was an excellent match and arguably could have closed the show as a main event. What was the main event? A ladder match for the Money in the Bank Contract between Dolph Ziggler and THE top guy, John Cena.


Royal Rumble
The Shield looked to continue making their mark as they presumably attacked the Rock in the main event looking to help CM Punk hold onto the WWE Championship. What was John Cena up to on this night? Winning the Royal Rumble guaranteeing his main event spot at Wrestlemania.

Elimination Chamber
On this night Roman and Cena would stand across from each other in the ring, but this wasn’t one on one but a six man tag. Roman’s side picked up the win in this one so Reigns had an early 1-0 record in matches against Cena.

Wrestlemania 29
The Shield and Roman make their Wrestlemania debut in the opening match as they won another six-man tag. As Roman opened the show, John Cena was closing the biggest show of the year with a WWE Championship win in the main event against the Rock.

Extreme Rules
The Shield were gaining a ton of momentum and Roman was able to pick up his first championship with Rollins as they beat Team Hell No for the tag titles. John Cena was in the main event against Ryback however it ended in a draw.

Reigns and Rollins successfully defend their titles against Orton and Bryan prior to the main event where Cena retained the championship against Ryback.

Money in the Bank
Roman and Rollins were relegated to the pre-show on this night in a great match where they successfully defended the titles against the Usos. Whereas on the main card John  Cena successfully defended the WWE Championship against Mark Henry, after a great angle hyping this match.

Roman wasn’t on the card at all minus an appearance on the pre-show. John Cena conversely was in the main event of the second biggest show where he lost the WWE Championship match to Daniel Bryan. Cena would announce the next night he fought the match with an injury would need surgery.

Night of Champions
Funny that with John gone, Roman was able to be back on the main card however this was a gimmick PPV where every title had to be defended and the Shield easily beat the Primetime Players.

Rollins and Roman competed in a classic on this night where they lost the titles to the Rhodes Brothers in an emotional and match of the year candidate!

Hell in a Cell
Reigns and Rollins challenge for the tag titles but are unable to pick up the win in a triple threat tag match. John Cena would return on this night and would win the World Heavyweight Championship, immediately returning to the title picture.

Survivor Series
Roman had a break out moment during the traditional Survivor Series tag as he almost single handedly eliminated the opposing team and ending up being the sole survivor. Cena meanwhile successfully retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Del Rio.

Roman and the Shield lost a 3-on-1 handicap match where a Shield split was teased against CM Punk. Cena and Orton main evented in a title unification match where Cena would come out on the losing end.

You could see over the year Roman getting better and paying dues even being left on a few cards, whereas Cena was essentially in the title picture all year working with a few new talents to the main event scene like Ryback, Mark Henry, Del Rio and Daniel Bryan.


Royal Rumble
Cena loses after challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a raucous environment. The match was heavily booed with accurate chants of “same old sh*t!” In the Rumble match, Roman set the new record for eliminations and was the runner-up and was in fact cheered with “Roman” chants as fans were irate to see Batista win and no Daniel Bryan.

Elimination Chamber
The Shield and The Wyatt Family do battle for the first time in a classic brawl and an electric atmosphere. The Shield would lose on this night. In the main event, John Cena was in the WWE World Heavyweight championship Elimination Chamber match and the Wyatts showed up once again and attacked Cena leading to his elimination. The Wyatts getting the best of both Roman and John Cena on this night!

Wrestlemania XXX
The Shield made quick work of the New Age Outlaws and Kane whereas John Cena beat Bray Wyatt in a 1-on-1 match. I don’t think Cena buried Bray but I do believe Bray should have won on this night on a big stage against the biggest name.

Extreme Rules
The Shield defeated Evolution in a good match and Cena lost to Bray in a terrible steel cage match.

Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing. Roman and the Shield were in the main event on this night winning an elimination tag match against Evolution. This was the first time where Roman was in a main event where John Cena competed on the card as well.

Money in the Bank
The Shield has split up at this time and thus begins the official single run of Roman Reigns. John and Roman both qualified for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder match. Cena wins this main event match and the championship on this night. We would now have a 1-1 record between these two despite these two not going one-on-one.

John Cena defended the championship in a Fatal 4-Way against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns. There’s a moment where Cena and Reigns are the only ones in the ring and come face to face. The crowd gets into the staredown and even boo Cena and cheer Reigns. Nonetheless, Cena retains in this match. 2-1 record but neither man has pinned the other’s shoulders.

Roman defeats Orton and in the main event Lesnar destroys John Cena and Cena loses the championship.

Night of Champions
Roman needed emergency surgery and was out of action. Cena challenges Lesnar but Rollins interferes leading to a DQ finish.

Hell in a Cell
John Cena defeats Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match for the #1 Contendership. Reigns is still out of action.

Survivor Series
John Cena captains a traditional tag team against the Authority’s team. Cena is eliminated but Ziggler ends up the sole survivor. Had Roman not been injured, it is believed he would have been the sole survivor.

John Cena defeats Seth Rollins in a tables match. Big Show looked to get involved and Reigns returned on this night making the save for Cena leading to his win.


Royal Rumble
Brock defeated Cena and Rollins to retain the WWE championship. Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble to boos as fans were irate Daniel Bryan did not win on this night similar to a year ago when Roman was in fact cheered. This reception continues and I firmly believe the rejection of Roman isn’t based on his skills but feeling he is the “chosen one”.

Cena started a feud with Rusev and passed out in a US Title match. Roman defeated Daniel Bryan in the main event to ensure he was going to the Wrestlemania championship main event.

Wrestlemania 31
John Cena defeated Rusev for the US Championship. Roman Reigns challenged Brock Lesnar in his first Wrestlemania main event. Unfortunately, Rollins cashed-in his Money in the Bank briefcase and pinned Reigns to win the championship.

Extreme Rules
John Cena had begun his successful United States Championship Open which led to fresh opponents and something to look forward to every night on RAW. Cena defeated Rusev to retain his title. Roman defeated the Big Show.

Cena once again defeated Rusev, who again wasn’t buried in this feud but he too could have benefited over a winning feud against Cena. Rollins defeated Ambrose, Orton and Reigns in the main event.

Elimination Chamber
Kevin Owens defeated John Cena making for a strong debut for a new star proving what a win over Cena means. Reigns isn’t competing on this night but looks to even things for Dean Ambrose in his main event match.

Money in the Bank
Reigns loses in the opening match as Bray costs him the Money in the Bank briefcase. Cena defeated Owens in their rematch.

Roman began a feud with a former foe of Cena in Bray Wyatt. Bray beats Roman on this night but a win over Roman isn’t a career maker yet at this point. Cena retained his US Championship against Kevin Owens.

Ambrose and Reigns defeated the Wyatt Family and Rollins beat Cena for the US Title while defending the WWE Championship.

Night of Champions
The Wyatts won a six man tag against Ambrose, Jericho and Reigns. Cena won back the US Championship against Rollins.

Hell in a Cell
Del Rio made his return to the company and answered the US Open Challenge and defeated John Cena. Reigns would defeat Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match. Cena would take some time off to begin filming a movie.

Survivor Series
The WWE Championship was vacated due to a Rollins injury. There was a tournament set up and Reigns defeated Del Rio to move to the finals to square off against Ambrose. Reigns would win his first WWE Championship but Sheamus cashed-in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title moments after Reigns won his first championship. Compare Reigns first title win to Cena’s who won it against JBL at Wrestlemania 21.

Sheamus retained the championship in a TLC match against Reigns after interference by the dreadful League of Nations.


Royal Rumble
Roman had recaptured the WWE Championship by this point but was forced to defend the title in the 30-Man Royal Rumble match. Triple H would come out number 30 and eliminate Reigns and then Ambrose to win the championship. It was announced prior to this event that Cena would need surgery be out for a lengthy period of time.

Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar to earn a shot at the championship in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania 32
Cena made a surprise return to help the Rock in a segment with the Wyatt Family. Roman Reigns won the WWE Championship in his second straight Wrestlemania main event for a more fitting title win for a top guy.

Roman Reigns successfully defended the title against AJ Styles who was new to the main event scene.

Extreme Rules
Reigns once again defended the title successfully against AJ Styles in a great match and looking back these series of matches helped elevate Styles’ stock in the company. Cena would return shortly after this event.

Money in the Bank
AJ Styles defeated John Cena with some help from the Club in a big victory. Seth Rollins would defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. After this match and loss, we found out that Reigns was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation which Cena recently referenced.

Cena, Enzo and Big Cass would defeat the Club. Dean Ambrose would successfully defend the WWE Championship in a triple threat match against his former Shield members as Reigns returned from his suspension.

AJ Styles would defeat Cena in a classic match and win the feud at this point and Styles remains a top guy to this day. Roman Reigns was scheduled to face off against Rusev but their match never took place as both men brawled prior to the match getting underway. This was also the first pay-per-view after the brand split where Roman went to RAW and Cena went to Smackdown Live and also could take some time off.

Clash of Champions
Roman Reigns would defeat Rusev for the US Championship but unlike Cena we would not see any US Open Challenges which was Cena’s point in calling out Reigns for seeing this title as a demotion.

No Mercy
AJ Styles successfully retained the WWE Championship against Ambrose and Cena in the opening match on this night.

Hell in a Cell
Reigns defended the US Championship successfully against Rusev in a Hell in a Cell match.

Survivor Series
Roman Reigns was on Team RAW in a traditional tag match but was pinned by Bray Wyatt. No Cena on this co-branded PPV event.

Roman Reigns had lost the US Title by this point but was quickly inserted into a feud for the Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. Owens would retain the title due to a DQ.

It’s interesting to see the commonality in opponents of Reigns and Cena. Styles and Owens getting some key wins over both and are presently two top guys in the company. Rusev and Bray came out on the losing end in their feuds with both and are currently floundering on the roster which may be telling.


Royal Rumble
John Cena defeated WWE Champion, AJ Styles making history to win his 16th World championship, tying Ric Flair. Roman once again challenged Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship but was unsuccessful. He was able to enter the Royal Rumble and eliminate the Undertaker and but ended up being the runner up after being tossed out by Randy Orton.

Elimination Chamber
Cena’s 16th World title reign comes to an end in the Elimination Chamber.

Roman Reigns defeats Braun Strowman in the first of many great battles.

Wrestlemania 33
After some great promos John Cena teamed up with his girlfriend Nikki Bella to defeat the Miz and his wife Maryse. It was strange to see Cena in a bit of a midcard match but it still felt like a big deal with Cena proposing at the end of the match, proving once again anything with Cena is always a showcase. Roman Reigns was in his third straight main event where he became the second man to defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and presumably made history of his own by ending the Undertaker’s career and now declaring its his yard now!

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in the main event.

Extreme Rules
Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in the main event for a shot at the Universal Championship.

Great Balls of Fire
Braun Strowman beat Reigns in an Ambulance match.

Cena finally returns to WWE after some time off and squares off against Rusev in a Flag match which Cena wins.

Cena was in the opening match in a win against Baron Corbin. In the main event, Brock Lesnar won a fantastic Fatal 4-Way Universal Championship match against Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns who was the one who took the pin and his fourth straight PPV loss.

No Mercy
Here we are where it seems these two have been destined to square off. Reigns certainly comes in with everything to lose and everything to gain. Cena’s legacy is already made and like every match to this point Cena gives all his matches a big feel. Cena has been winning on the mic but I see Reigns coming out the winner on this night in their first one-on-one encounter.






Backlash 2017 Predictions


I figured this match was coming to the Backlash pre-show but I hope it isn’t the regular spot for Tye Dillinger going forward on all the Smackdown PPVs. It’s also good to see Aiden English finally, as he says, having the spotlight on him. He’s lost two matches already to Dillinger so he could finally get a win here but in Chicago I think the power of the 10 chants will lead to a Tye win. Maybe he’ll look to go 10-0 against English and before the tenth victory is where English gets his heat back.


I’m a big fan of Luke Harper and think he is the most underutilized and underrated guy on the roster. I am also a fan a crazy gimmicks and I was entranced watching Erick Rowan on Talking Smack as he created such an uncomfortable and awkward atmosphere. I may be in the minority but I dig the Crazy Sheepherder gimmick and so this match has my attention. Hopefully Harper gets the win here and has momentum going into Money in the Bank.


This is a great matchup of the underdog versus the big brawler and in a classic wrestling town like Chicago I think it will be a fun match. I, like many, see Corbin being the future Money in the Bank winner so a victory here may be great for momentum. That being said, Sami Zayn has been losing a lot as of late and I think he needs the victory more before he is perceived as a “job guy”. I don’t want a fluke win but I guess to keep Corbin strong they’ll have to creatively set a up a shock win.


I am delighted to see that Naomi continues her reign as champion and is doing a great job at it. I find the name “Welcoming Committee” to be a great wrestling faction name. It is almost too obvious Charlotte doesn’t care about the result of this match and has her eyes on the championship so look for that riff to lead to victory for Natalya, Tamina and Carmella (who may just end up pinning the champ a third time!)


It’s great to see Fandango and Tyler Breeze getting a shot at the titles here and getting some character development on television. I was really entertained by these two after watching their performances in the Southpaw Regional Wrestling skits. I think they really showed that are exemplary sports entertainers which will get you far in the WWE. Unfortunately, they come up against tough competition in the Usos. These guys are the best tag team on Smackdown (as evidenced by their present championship reign) and I don’t know who will dethrone them.


This should be a great match with all the right ingredients. Two of the best overall performers and a Chicago crowd in the Allstate Arena. The atmosphere should be electric and these two should undoubtedly have a classic. Look for the Face of America to hold onto his championship and ruin a potential classic by either getting himself disqualified or counted out.


I’m enjoying the early portrayal of Shinsuke Nakamura on the main roster. Every time he has made his way ringside he has felt like a mega superstar. His limited appearances and his debut match on PPV is similar billing to that of Brock Lesnar or the Undertaker; an absolute attraction. His debut main roster match couldn’t happen in a better place than Chicago who will be thunderous upon hearing his entrance music. He’s also in the ring with a great opponent in Ziggler. This could close the show so look for a classic main event!


Jinder Mahal will be competing at Backlash for the WWE Championship and wrestling fans have had varying opinions on the matter. How Chicago reacts to this match has my anticipation as much as the outcome. They have my interest in this match because I do feel there is a chance of Jinder winning the title. I am learning more and more about the global reach the WWE has and India is one of their largest markets so perhaps it’s time they one of their own as the World Wrestling Entertainment Champion!


Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

The Ultimate Thrill Ride is upon us! It has been a roller coaster of emotions in regards to who is walking in as champion, who will be on the pre-show and who will be main eventing. Wrestlemania is the biggest professional wrestling event in the lives of any fans. Let’s take a look at how this night may shape out.


On the Wrestlemania kickoff show we have a Cruiserweight championship match. 205 Live and the division has been less than impressive and so the division needed it’s best on the Wrestlemania card. Neville has been a tremendous champion and Austin Aries stands out as a star in the division. I think this will be a good, competitive match but I can’t see the King of the Cruiserweights being dethroned on this night.


Another championship match on the kickoff show. We have Alexa Bliss defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship against all available women on the roster. The odds are certainly against Alexa as she knows a few of her opponents but not all. I do envision a few surprise women showing up for their chance at the gold. I like that Naomi has been cleared and will be a part of this match. She had an emotional surrendering of the title and I envision a greater moment when she wins the title in her hometown Orlando!


The final kickoff match will be the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Unfortunately this match has been less of an honour and more of an opportunity for the non featured talent to have a chance to compete. I hope guys cease the opportunity but there is only one man who looks to be the favourite. Braun Strowman has been the most improved superstar over the last few months. He is a dominant force and I think a win here will add to his claim of having no competition. He will have a case for himself as he’ll be able to declare he dominated men from both RAW and Smackdown. As we approach the summer Braun can tell the GM that he has a trophy but is now seeking the Universal Championship.


i know that the tag divisions have been rather cold going into Wrestlemania. I am still a big fan of Enzo and Big Cass and I anticipate that my favourite team will win their first WWE Tag Team titles on the grandest stage of them all. This match is now a Ladder match so it should be an exciting start to Wrestlemania. Ladders and tag team wrestling makes many fans think of one team; will they appear on this night?


i am officially fed up with the Dean Ambrose character. As seen on the final Smackdown, his humour is getting stale and I’d love to see Baron beat down Ambrose in a vicious brawl or street fight. I am a fan of Baron Corbin and I think he’d be great as Intercontinental champion before he moves up to the World title picture later in the year.


So the story for this one could have been each woman trading victories on RAW thus leading to them all deserving a title opportunity. Charlotte’s streak and title could have been on the line on the biggest show in WWE. Bayley seeking her first main roster title and perhaps surviving all the eliminations for her first win would have been a great Wrestlemania moment, Alas, this isn’t the story going in but I think this will still be a good women’s match. I see the three women ganging up on Nia in order to eliminate her. After that I could see Charlotte tapping out Sasha to eliminate her with Bayley strategically not breaking up the submission. Bayley then pins Charlotte and retains her title. This sets up a story of Sasha coming out and putting Bayley on blast saying that in all honesty Sasha did help Bayley remain champion and Bayley ruined the opportunity to have these two best friends square off one on one because deep down Bayley knows she can’t beat Sasha thus leading to Sasha turning on Bayley moving forward after Wrestlemania.


This feud has had a solid build that has been straight forward and a bit of a throwback. Rollins’ injury did add to this feud as he almost missed he second straight Wrestlemania. Triple H’s arrogance was heightened and has fueled his confidence that he can defeat the man he made. I anticipate a great match between these two, possibly match of the night with Seth getting the biggest win of his career!


If you’re a Shane McMahon fan you are probably happy he has a match at Wrestlemania. I do not see the need for him to have a match and his pairing with Styles still remains odd to me. As a fan of Styles I would have preferred him compete for the WWE Championship or square off against someone the likes of Finn Balor in a RAW vs. Smackdown match. This match may be great but my expectations are low. I think Shane will put up a good fight but AJ has to come out victorious.


I do have to remind myself that Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion because in this feud a lot of extra curricular has been the focus rather than both men fighting to be champion. I do think Bray needs a big win in his first defense of the title. It is easy to have good matches with Orton and I hope we see Bray’s best match to date in a strong title defense.


I really wished I cared about an Undertaker match in 2017. Since the Streak ended I haven’t had any interest in his matches. Undertaker will remain my favourite WWE superstar of all time but Reigns has to win this one. Reigns was tremendous on RAW with such smug confidence that he often can back up. The exciting aspect of this match is that normally at Wrestlemania I want to see Undertaker win but here I’ll be thrilled to see him lose.


This best built feud in WWE has to be the implosion of these two “best friends” Hindsight, I do think this match should have been title for title. Jericho could have claimed he’s won all titles except for the big red belt. I think this will be a great match, maybe not a classic, but tremendous storytelling. I know the hero Chris Jericho should come out victorious in this feud but I much more prefer seeing Owens win this one.


Remember when this match was rumoured and everyone groaned? The promos! The promos have been beyond tremendous and the Miz has been at the top of his game. You can feel the personal animosity and everyone has done well. Both girls have done their part and I was most impressed with Maryse and her role in the Total Bellas spoof. I am looking forward to this match and think it will be entertaining. Does Cena propose after the match making it the most emotional Wrestlemania moment since Macho Man reuniting with Miss Elizabeth?


This match seems so separate from the rest of the card. You have two anomalies going at it which is perhaps the feel they wanted at Wrestlemania XX. If this is the final match it may be the most unique Wrestlemania Main Event of all time. I think most expect it not to last too long based on Goldberg’s previous matches and so it is a bit exciting to know that this match could end at any time. It is time for Brock Lesnar to finally defeat Goldberg and walk out champion.