’97 Shotgun Saturday Night Review: May 24


Brian Pillman wins a squash match
Jim Ross and Jim Cornette are on commentary on this edition of Shotgun Saturday Night as Pillman is in action. Ross notes this is Pillman’s debut match in the WWE since his injury last year.

There is a recap of Bret Hart and his challenge to Shawn Michaels from RAW. The “sunny” days comment is omitted. They officially announce Shawn vs. Bret, Austin vs. Pillman and the LOD vs. Owen and Bulldog for the tag titles.

The Godwinns def. Furnas and LaFon
Furnas and LaFon are introduced as the most exciting tag team. Henry is serious the entire match as this is his return match from a neck injury he suffered a few weeks back. Ross notes Henry O has lost his smile and Cornette says there’s been a lot of that going around.

Ahmed Johnson def. D’Lo Brown
NOD attack Johnson after the match and Rocky Maivia makes the save.

Recap of Undertaker addressing Faarooq and Paul Bearer from RAW. We also get a recap of the Austin and Michaels segment that started RAW, the partners they sought out respectively and the final segment of RAW where it was announced that Austin and Michaels would be partners and the brawl to end RAW.

We get a LOD interview with JR where they say they’ll challenge the tag team champions whomever they may be.

The New Blackjacks and Jesse James won their respective squash matches to close the show. 



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