’97 Shotgun Saturday Night Review: May 3

Brian Pillman and Jim Ross on commentary in this one. JR tells Pillman he should be ashamed of his mockery of religious values.

Owen Hart & British Bulldog def. The New Blackjacks by DQ
This ends in chaos and I think this was announced as a Tag title match so it makes the New Blackjacks look foolish for getting themselves disqualified. Rule of thumb moving forward, anything titled the “new” version is deemed to fail.

A Dustin Runnels interview on RAW is promoted saying Goldust will come out of the closet but not the closet you think.

Shawn Michaels comes out for an interview with Kevin Kelly. Michaels notes that in the RAW magazine, Vic Venom otherwise known as Vince Russo, wrote that Shawn almost had a nervous breakdown when he announced his knee injury. Shawn dismisses this and goes over to the fans and receives a good pop. Michaels say he knows it isn’t cool to be “chummy” (his words not mine) with the fans but he dictates what’s cool. Michaels continues to make references to backstage on-goings which are a bit out of place with what we see on TV.

We see the same disappearing/reappearing Ken Shamrock video package we saw on RAW.

Vader wins a squash match

Ahmed Johson wins a squash match
Johnson says prior to the match he didn’t take his Prozac.

Recap of the final segment of RAW with the Anvil returning and Austin falling off the stage.

Crush & Savio Vega win a squash match
Pillman on commentary says Ahmed fell for the trap laid by Faarooq. Pillman adds the trap probably had fried chicken and collard green. JR apologizes for this comment. Pillman asks if they’ll lose their sponsor K-Mart or KKK Mart. JR tells him to stop. As Faarooq whips one of the jobbers, Pillman comments “we may see a lynching”. Jim says that isn’t clever. I understand the Loose Canon gimmick but most of these comments didn’t hype the feud between Faarooq and Ahmed, two African-American superstars. They sounded a bit forced and controversial for the sake of controversy.

The closing segment is Under the Covers with Sunny. It is basically Sunny giving some insider info that you’d get from the dirt sheets but I guess titling the segment Dirty Sheets would be in poor taste. Sunny updates on Henry Godwinn and says Phineas may be looking for another hillbilly partner. She says Furnas and LaFon are frustrated because they are a team based on technical skill and not flash but the fans don’t support them like they do other teams. Sunny says she may be what they need and that she is a barricuda and that she bites. Pillman notes she also swallows. She finishes by talking about the gold in Hart Foundation and that most think Bret will be the one who goes for the WWE Championship but she says one who is animal enough for her may be going after it to, in reference to the Bulldog.

Overall, the only thing of note was Pillman on commentary and his lewd and offensive comments that didn’t add much to any stories. It’s too bad Pillman doesn’t have a definitive feud at the moment so that a babyface could physically address his comments.


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