’97 Shotgun Saturday Night Review: April 26

Here we get an episode of Shotgun Saturday Night. This episode only had one notable event take place but was mostly a recap of last week’s RAW.

LOD def. the Godwinns
We have Jim Ross and Brian Pillman on commentary who work well with one another. The LOD  continue their brief feud with the Godwinns after being slopped. Unintentionally they get their retribution by defeating the Godwinns and hitting nasty Doomsday Device on Henry O. Godwinn. He takes a nasty bump on his head which we’d find out is ruled a broken neck. It didn’t look too reckless on the part of the LOD and just tough move to take when you’re a 300 plus pounder. I know I’ve complained about LOD in previous posts as I’ve despised their 1997 run so far but at least they are doing B shows like Shotgun.

We get highlights of last week’s In Your House: Revenge of the Taker. It is a highlight of the Austin vs. Bret Hart match and the street fight the next night. We get a recap of the awesome ambulance attack by Austin and the final segment where Brian Pillman attacked Austin.

Goldust wins a squash match.
Nothing to say here but we got a medical update previously on Henry O.

Recap of Undertaker burning Paul Bearer and Ross notes Bearer has escaped the burn unit. We also see the blow torch attempted attack by Mankind from last week.

Mankind comes out for an interview with Kevin Kelly. He holds up a lighter and Kelly takes off given recent events. Mankind says only one person ever believed in him and the Undertaker almost took that person away. Mankind exits the ring and comes up to the bars of barricade near the front row. He creepily asks a little girl if she goes to school and the girl in presumed fear and discomfort nods “no”. Mankind asks if they teach about explorers like Lewis & Clark, Columbus or Magellan who all together wouldn’t be able to find Sycho Sid’s courage. Mankind once again proving his brilliance on the mic. He says Sycho Sid didn’t compete a few weeks because of injury and Mankind contrasts that to the bump he took head first through the table. Mankind says if he complained about every injury he wouldn’t compete much. He tells Sycho Sid to find a spine and that he has a surprise and the crowd should think about it and try to have a nice day!

Recap of Vader and the incident in Kuwait.

Crush, Savio Vega & D’Lo Brown def. Freddy Joe Floyd, Aldo Montoya, Steve Corino
This was the in-ring debut of D’Lo Brown. He quickly became the best worker in the Nation. It’s still funny to see characters like Floyd and Montoya remain as we enter the infancy of the Attitude Era.

A final update on Henry O. Godwinn announcing he has a broken neck.

Flash Funk wins a squash match.
Nothing to say here either. This was essentially what Shotgun was becoming. It was no longer in a nightclub or unique venue and appeared to be taped prior or after RAW like WWE Main Event or 205 Live.


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