Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

The Ultimate Thrill Ride is upon us! It has been a roller coaster of emotions in regards to who is walking in as champion, who will be on the pre-show and who will be main eventing. Wrestlemania is the biggest professional wrestling event in the lives of any fans. Let’s take a look at how this night may shape out.


On the Wrestlemania kickoff show we have a Cruiserweight championship match. 205 Live and the division has been less than impressive and so the division needed it’s best on the Wrestlemania card. Neville has been a tremendous champion and Austin Aries stands out as a star in the division. I think this will be a good, competitive match but I can’t see the King of the Cruiserweights being dethroned on this night.


Another championship match on the kickoff show. We have Alexa Bliss defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship against all available women on the roster. The odds are certainly against Alexa as she knows a few of her opponents but not all. I do envision a few surprise women showing up for their chance at the gold. I like that Naomi has been cleared and will be a part of this match. She had an emotional surrendering of the title and I envision a greater moment when she wins the title in her hometown Orlando!


The final kickoff match will be the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Unfortunately this match has been less of an honour and more of an opportunity for the non featured talent to have a chance to compete. I hope guys cease the opportunity but there is only one man who looks to be the favourite. Braun Strowman has been the most improved superstar over the last few months. He is a dominant force and I think a win here will add to his claim of having no competition. He will have a case for himself as he’ll be able to declare he dominated men from both RAW and Smackdown. As we approach the summer Braun can tell the GM that he has a trophy but is now seeking the Universal Championship.


i know that the tag divisions have been rather cold going into Wrestlemania. I am still a big fan of Enzo and Big Cass and I anticipate that my favourite team will win their first WWE Tag Team titles on the grandest stage of them all. This match is now a Ladder match so it should be an exciting start to Wrestlemania. Ladders and tag team wrestling makes many fans think of one team; will they appear on this night?


i am officially fed up with the Dean Ambrose character. As seen on the final Smackdown, his humour is getting stale and I’d love to see Baron beat down Ambrose in a vicious brawl or street fight. I am a fan of Baron Corbin and I think he’d be great as Intercontinental champion before he moves up to the World title picture later in the year.


So the story for this one could have been each woman trading victories on RAW thus leading to them all deserving a title opportunity. Charlotte’s streak and title could have been on the line on the biggest show in WWE. Bayley seeking her first main roster title and perhaps surviving all the eliminations for her first win would have been a great Wrestlemania moment, Alas, this isn’t the story going in but I think this will still be a good women’s match. I see the three women ganging up on Nia in order to eliminate her. After that I could see Charlotte tapping out Sasha to eliminate her with Bayley strategically not breaking up the submission. Bayley then pins Charlotte and retains her title. This sets up a story of Sasha coming out and putting Bayley on blast saying that in all honesty Sasha did help Bayley remain champion and Bayley ruined the opportunity to have these two best friends square off one on one because deep down Bayley knows she can’t beat Sasha thus leading to Sasha turning on Bayley moving forward after Wrestlemania.


This feud has had a solid build that has been straight forward and a bit of a throwback. Rollins’ injury did add to this feud as he almost missed he second straight Wrestlemania. Triple H’s arrogance was heightened and has fueled his confidence that he can defeat the man he made. I anticipate a great match between these two, possibly match of the night with Seth getting the biggest win of his career!


If you’re a Shane McMahon fan you are probably happy he has a match at Wrestlemania. I do not see the need for him to have a match and his pairing with Styles still remains odd to me. As a fan of Styles I would have preferred him compete for the WWE Championship or square off against someone the likes of Finn Balor in a RAW vs. Smackdown match. This match may be great but my expectations are low. I think Shane will put up a good fight but AJ has to come out victorious.


I do have to remind myself that Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion because in this feud a lot of extra curricular has been the focus rather than both men fighting to be champion. I do think Bray needs a big win in his first defense of the title. It is easy to have good matches with Orton and I hope we see Bray’s best match to date in a strong title defense.


I really wished I cared about an Undertaker match in 2017. Since the Streak ended I haven’t had any interest in his matches. Undertaker will remain my favourite WWE superstar of all time but Reigns has to win this one. Reigns was tremendous on RAW with such smug confidence that he often can back up. The exciting aspect of this match is that normally at Wrestlemania I want to see Undertaker win but here I’ll be thrilled to see him lose.


This best built feud in WWE has to be the implosion of these two “best friends” Hindsight, I do think this match should have been title for title. Jericho could have claimed he’s won all titles except for the big red belt. I think this will be a great match, maybe not a classic, but tremendous storytelling. I know the hero Chris Jericho should come out victorious in this feud but I much more prefer seeing Owens win this one.


Remember when this match was rumoured and everyone groaned? The promos! The promos have been beyond tremendous and the Miz has been at the top of his game. You can feel the personal animosity and everyone has done well. Both girls have done their part and I was most impressed with Maryse and her role in the Total Bellas spoof. I am looking forward to this match and think it will be entertaining. Does Cena propose after the match making it the most emotional Wrestlemania moment since Macho Man reuniting with Miss Elizabeth?


This match seems so separate from the rest of the card. You have two anomalies going at it which is perhaps the feel they wanted at Wrestlemania XX. If this is the final match it may be the most unique Wrestlemania Main Event of all time. I think most expect it not to last too long based on Goldberg’s previous matches and so it is a bit exciting to know that this match could end at any time. It is time for Brock Lesnar to finally defeat Goldberg and walk out champion.




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