WWE Fastlane 2017 Predictions

Fastlane is upon us as we continue on the road to Wrestlemania (dreadful marketing). I am intrigued in a few of the matches, primarily the main event! Let’s go through the matches and see how this night may turn out.


If you go back and read some of my posts from the summer during the CWC, you’ll see that two of my favourites were Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa. How things have changed where I have no interest in this match and to be honest the division. I have tuned in to 205 Live weekly and kept the TV on during RAW but they have done nothing to captivate my attention. I think each competitor is talented but there is nothing unique about the division compared to the heavyweights who perform similar moves themselves. Who wins? Does anyone care?


Once again, two talented superstars in a dying division so what prestige does the title have? Gallagher goes from an umbrella spot in the Rumble to a dual to challenging a legitimate champion in Neville. It would be shocking to me if Jack Gallagher won the title here.


Oh boy, where is the New Day because I continue with no positivity! Another dying division with boring champions. I feel bad because I want to like Gallows & Anderson but I tune out whenever they come on the screen. I am a fan of Enzo and Big Cass but Enzo’s new character may be headed in a  disappointing direction. If Enzo continues to be a annoying as he’s been and Cass turns on him I will be devastated. I think Cass and Enzo need to continue as a they are because both will be exposed in a singles run. I think they’ll lose here but win at Wrestlemania!


Nia Jax has been improving as of late so that’s exciting for the division. I do think SmackDown has more captivating women’s feuds right now. I would have Sasha Banks win in this one so that we can say Sasha beat Nia who beat Bayley who beat Charlotte who beat Bayley who beat Nia who beat Sasha (did you follow that?) This will set up the 4-Way at Wrestlemania!


Charlotte will not have her PPV streak broken here so it begs the question why not have Bayley’s first championship victory be at Wrestlemania?


I have been incredibly impressed with Samoa Joe since his arrival on the RAW roster. His promo delivery has been tremendous and the manner in which he carries himself makes him a top star already. I wasn’t really a fan of Joe in NXT or TNA but I knew he was talented so its great to see him being the star he’s been toted as over the years. Zayn is also underrated because he also has great promo delivery and is excellent in the ring. Zayn consistently has great matches from classics with Kevin Owens to getting the best matches of Strowman’s career. I anticipate this will be match of the night. I hope it’s a no decision so that we can see another at Wrestlemania between the two.


Here we go! Two bulls colliding in this one. Every now and then you get two superheavyweights you want to see square off. Both men have had a great matches with other wrestling generals so it will be interesting to see the type of match both men have together. The Undertaker told Reigns he owes him after Reigns tossed him out of the Rumble. Will the Undertaker cost Reigns a victory?


Main event time! You may criticize Goldberg being featured but he continues to draw my interest. I am a Kevin Owens fan and this is the biggest threat to his championship reign to date. There’s many possible scenarios in this one. Goldberg may destroy Owens in less time than he did Lesnar. Owens may cheat and find a way to pin Goldberg. Owens may buy some time going in and out of the ring but Goldberg eventually beats Owens for the title. Lesnar may cost Goldberg the match (which wouldn’t make much sense). Lastly, Jericho may cost Owens his title and Goldberg capitalizes. We also saw Triple H talk to Owens the night he turned on Jericho and Hunter is also aligned with Samoa Joe so could they make their presence known? I can’t predict the exact path this match will take but I do see Goldberg leaving as champion.


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