WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Predictions


This match is a bit puzzling as you don’t usually give the advantage to the good guys. Also, I can’t see anyone affording a loss in this one. If Ziggler loses than that goes against his point of saying he can beat both. If Ziggler does defeat these guys than Crews and Kalisto will be dead in the water. The match psychology is simply bewildering and so I have no interest.


Here we have the first of three women’s matches on this show. I appreciate that all the women’s matches have logical storylines and in this one Becky Lynch is seeking retribution on Mickie James for costing her  the title. Mickie also wants to prove that a women’s revolution didn’t happen with the women from NXT but was cemented when Mickie stepped foot in the WWE. I think we’ll see a great match between these two.


An absurd angle led us to this match but a tag team turmoil match is always fun to watch. I can’t see anyone defeating the tag champs in this one. Of the teams here I’m excited to see the Usos and American Alpha square off against one another.


It’s nice to see Naomi get her chance at the Women’s title and I like her story of wanting to walk into her hometown at Wrestlemania as champion. Unfortunately for Naomi, I see Alexa Bliss finding a way to hold onto her title as she has the champion’s advantage. This may be the weakest women’s match of the three but I’m glad both women are getting a chance to prove themselves.


I would say week to week you get great in-ring action but not always great stories. The story here between Nikki Bella and Natalya has been surprisingly captivating with some awesome promos. There is heated feelings going into this one that I just want to see a good fight between both women. I think Nikki gets her retribution for all the shade Natalya has thrown her way.


i think this will be a great wrestling match if given the time. Both men are tremendous in-ring performers and it is believable that Harper and Orton are seeking to destroy one another. I’d love to see Harper get a big win here but Orton is headed to Wrestlemania so I can’t see him losing in this one.


i can see any of these men walking out the Chamber as champion. I think Styles and Orton would be a tremendous Wrestlemania main event for the title so I’d like to see him win. Corbin I still believe should have won the Royal Rumble and goneon to a triple threat match with Styles and Cena. I wouldn’t mind Miz winning the title one more time but I’d hate to see a Miz versus Orton. Ambrose and Cena are the ones I’d least like to see go on to face Orton as champion. Then there is the apparent favourite; my favourite Bray Wyatt. The rumours hurt my excitement a bit but if Wyatt does win the title it will be great to see him in a featured Wrestlemania match as long as he retains and defeats Orton! This will most likely be match of the night and I think it will showcase the direction for these six as we approach Wrestlemania.


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