WWE Superstars Review: January 26, 1997

The WWE Network has yet to put up the classic WWF Superstars episodes from the past, but luckily I found a few episodes on YouTube. If I come across more from 1997 I’ll post reviews.

In this one we have the awesome commentary team of Jim Cornette and Jim Ross. It’s amusing to see Cornette praising Sunny to kick off the show.

Our first match is the Superstars Bowl match, a nostalgic favourite of mine. It’s where you have four teams that can tag any other team and with every pinfall or submission a team is eliminated until one is remaining. The teams in this one are the Godwinns, the Nation of Domination, Furnas and LaFon and the tag team champs British Bulldog and Owen Hart. The Godwinns are first eliminated after interference by Crush although Henry Godwinn did have a chance to break up the schoolboy pin. The champions are eliminated next as Faarooq hits a chop block on the Bulldog in this non-title match. We are down to the NOD versus LaFon and Furnas in a battle of contrasting styles. Thankfully I didn’t have to watch much of Crush in the rest of this match. The NOD win this one and continue to look strong!

Bret Hart makes his way ringside for an interview segment with Kevin Kelly (who has not aged since). Bret talks about how he’ll be remembered and doesn’t want to be remembered as a loser, a quitter, a complainer. Bret says he just feels he continues be at a disadvantage despite all his success and hard work. Bret speaks very confidently of how he’ll be able to defeat each man in the Final Four. He says it like climbing a mountain and the superstars are stepping on his fingers as he climbs but he’ll toss them all off the mountain and once again regain the WWE Championship and prove why he’s the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be. A very good promo by Bret.

We see highlights of Savio Vega hinting an alliance with the NOD as he attacked both Ahmed Johnson and Rocky Maivia.

Ahmed Johnson versus Hunter Hearst Helmsley is up next as Triple H says he’ll grant Ahmed an Intercontinental Championship match at In Your House. This one ends with a DQ as Curtis Hughes attacks Ahmed Johnson. Ahmed makes a come back and makes short work of Mr. Hughes as Hunter scurries away only to be attacked by Goldust. Ahmed then knocks over both men and Hunter runs away to end Superstars.

Overall, if you missed Superstars you’d still be in the know of all the storylines by just watching RAW and the pay-per-views. I enjoyed the Superstars Bowl match and Bret’s promo. You can see here that the WWE was high on Ahmed Johnson as he continues to be heavily featured from house show footage, to Shotgun Saturday, to Superstars and of course on RAW. This will lead us into Monday Night RAW!




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