WWE Network Special (PPV) of the Year 2016



  • Royal Rumble
  • NXT TakeOver: Dallas
  • NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2
  • NXT TakeOver: Toronto





I do admit I am incredibly bias in my selection for show of the year as it took place in my hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That being said, I am proud to say my fellow Torontonians created a tremendous atmosphere for this TakeOver special. Every match on the card delivered from good to a match of the year candidate. Roode/Dillinger was a brilliant start to the show with two Canadians going at it. Roode’s entrance was…well glorious and Dillinger’s ten chants continued not only all night but all weekend! The Authors of Pain captured the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team trophy and are now in line for a tag title shot. Speaking of tag teams, DIY and the Revival had one of the greatest tag matches I’ve seen in some time. Even with great expectations they managed to deliver. Asuka and Mickie James had a more competitive match than we’ve seen anyone have with Asuka and it’s good to see James has been rewarded with a contract for her efforts. Finally, Nakamura’s undefeated streak ended on this show in a shocking manner which led to an unpredictable end to the night. Overall, we had a glorious night with a glorious crowd in one of the most glorious wrestling towns in the world!




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