WWE Female Superstar of the Year 2016



  • Charlotte
  • Sasha Banks
  • Becky Lynch
  • Asuka





Bow down to the Queen of the ring! Charlotte is not only the female superstar of the year but she is also among the most improved. Charlotte has improved on the mic and in the ring which makes her one of the strongest characters in the company. Charlotte has dominated some of best this year from Becky Lynch, Bayley and of course her series of matches against Sasha Banks. Charlotte was victorious at Wrestlemania dawning a fabulous robe comparable to that of her father and retiring the Divas Championship and winning the Women’s Championship. Charlotte would later cut ties with her Hall of Fame daddy with a tremendous scathing promo to establish she’d be paving her own way. Charlotte also got rid of her protege Dane Brooke to prove she needed no one to be best. Charlotte and Sasha would make history over the latter part of 2016 with Charlotte winning the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell and also recently regaining her title in an Ironwoman match. If there is further evidence needed for Charlotte’s dominance in 2016, look at her record at PPVs where she remains undefeated!


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