Survivor Series 2016 Predictions


I have absolutely enjoyed the return of Goldberg over the past few weeks especially his fire and the motivation in his promos. Brock Lesnar remains the dominant force in the WWE and I can’t see him losing this match but I’ll certainly be rooting for Goldberg in this one. I loved the final segment where Heyman calls out Goldberg’s family to further enrage him. The match does have a big fight feel so I see it closing the show and I’m excited to see the Toronto crowd’s response to these two men.


The match does appear to come out of no where but the Cruiserweight division is in need of something different. To date, it simply hasn’t worked on RAW. The magic of the Cruiserweight Classic just isn’t apparent on Monday nights. SmackDown certainly could benefit from this division but the best show to catch these athletes may be 205 Live! Kalisto is a bit cold and so it’s hard to predict he’ll win.


It isn’t guaranteed (as of this writing) that it will be Zayn vs. Ziggler. With these two in the match, it’s bound to be a good one. Ziggler and Miz have had a great feud on SmackDown over this title so it would make sense to keep the title on Ziggler but they’ll be having another match with may be their final one on the 900th SmackDown. 20161115_match_survivorseries_mizzayn-3fb0290d3ab0dd57c5a689f121490d85So the Miz is the NEW Intercontinental Champion!
Nonetheless, I’d have Zayn win this one, however, Zayn would not bring the Intercontinenal Championship to RAW but rather inform the GM/Commissioner that he is moving to SmackDown and keeping the title where it belongs. Zayn could benefit from blue scenery!


I assume that once a partner is eliminated, the team will be too so let us which teams will be eliminated until we uncover the surviving team!

SHINING STARS: Will be eliminated by American Alpha.
BREEZANGO: Will be eliminated by Cesaro.
SHEAMUS & CESARO: Sheamus will be gored by Rhyno and eliminated.
HYPE BROS: Ryder will be eliminated by the Magic Killer.
ANDERSON & GALLOWS: Will be counted out as they walk out on a tag from Enzo; later revealing they are now part of SmackDown.
ENZO & BIG CASS: Enzo distracted by Gallows and Anderson exiting will be superkciked by the Usos and eliminated.
RHYNO & SLATER: Eliminated by the New Day, proving which champions are more dominant.
THE USOS: Eliminated by the New Day
THE NEW DAY: Eliminated by American Alpha



Despite unity on SmackDown I still believe this match has the potential for each team to disintegrate and turn on one another because of the feuds within each team. I’ll attempt to predict each elimination.

ALICIA FOX: Will be eliminated first from Team RAW.
NAOMI: Will be eliminated first from Team SmackDown.
CARMELLA: Will be eliminated by Bayley
NIKKI BELLA: Carmella out of frustration will lead to Nikki being hit by a finisher and eliminated.
BECKY LYNCH: Will be eliminated via submission (Banks Statement) as Bliss refuses to tag in or make the save and walks off.
ALEXA BLISS: Counted out after walking away from her team



I enjoyed the brawl to end RAW between the two teams. Based on the Women’s match goes down, I believe SmackDown GM and Shane will demand that for one night this team work together.

BRAUN STROWMAN: He may be distracted by former opponent, James Ellsworth. This leads to Strowman destroying Ellsworth. Strowman then turns into a superkick from Styles and lands on the Spanish announce table. Shane hits an elbow drop driving Braun through the table and he is counted out.
SHANE MCMAHON: Eliminated by a Codebreaker
CHRIS JERICHO: Eliminated by AJ Styles
ROMAN REIGNS: Reigns is hit by an “inadvertent” kick from Owens and eliminated with a Sister Abigail.
KEVIN OWENS: Reigns, infuriated looks to Rollins and Ambrose and they hit a triple powerbomb on Owens and he is eliminated by Styles who blind tags Ambrose to take credit.
AJ STYLES: Ambrose, upset with the blind tag, looks to Reigns and Rollins and they hit another triple powerbomb and eliminate Styles.
SETH ROLLINS: The 3-on-1 proves to be too much and he is hit with all finishers by the remaining men.






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