Top 50 WWE Theme Songs (50-26)

#50 Jack Swagger

Kicking off our countdown is Jack Swagger’s “Patriot” theme song. It brings to mind a militaristic march. Great instrumentals and really helped get over Swagger’s change in character. As great as the music, it was always made better with Colter, Swagger and the crowd yelling “WE THE PEOPLE!”

#49 Jake “the Snake” Roberts

This theme brings back so much nostalgia which may be why it is remembered with such fondness. Jake is one of the all time great characters in wrestling and the mystique of this theme brings about the unique character of Roberts. I do love the unique instrumentals as well.

#48 Hillbilly Jim

This theme is apart of a cult classic in that it is so wacky that it had to make the list. The WWE in the 80s/90s appeared to have an obsession with “hillbilly” characters. The theme was even brought back when Hillbilly Jim managed the Godwinns in the mid 90s. The theme personifies all things you may associate with “hillbillys” from the fiddles, to the faint washboard and the lyrics telling the story of what will happen to you when you mess with a country boy. .

#47 Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero had various themes from “Latino Heat” and “Viva La Raza” but his last theme song, albeit it brief, was one of my favourites and probably wouldn’t make many lists but I did love how it matched the heel character Eddie was playing at the time. Eddie Guerrero was a gangster (as we’d say in 2005) and this theme captures it!

#46 Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation theme would eventually lead to Bret Hart’s theme, but I have to say I prefer the original. I believe the whole theme can be played on the electric guitar and I personally love where it builds to that back and forth part around 30 seconds into the theme.

#45 John Cena (My Time is Now)

When this theme debuted in 2005 who knew that “now” would refer to a decade of John Cena’s time. Cena’s legacy speaks for itself but this is a list about theme music. When you hear that intro and those trumpets you either react favourably or with disdain to this man. The trumpets are far to repetitive for me to rank this much higher but it had to make a list of top themes!

#44 Sycho Sid

The more I listen to this theme the more I get a mix of a serial killer and psycho horror. The way it picks up and slows down throughout is a bit unsettling but again like any successful theme song it gets across the character!

#43 Triple H (King of Kings)

SPOILER: Triple H will make this list several more times. He is one superstar who has been gifted with many tremendous theme songs. Motorhead did tremendous theme songs for the WWE and they did a great job with this one. Triple H and WWE had been pushing for “King of Kings” to replace Triple H’s former nickname “the Game” but I don’t think people were going to crown Triple H a king at the time.

#42 Big Bossman

One of my childhood favourite theme songs is Hard Times for the Big Bossman. I believe Jimmy Hart and JJ Maguire were a part of creating this theme song. Jimmy created a lot of theme songs for many of the WWE’s 90s gimmick characters. I love the vocals and that the lyrics basically described the man who was making his way to the ring.

#41 The Rock

Similar to the Hart Foundation, this song gave birth to many remakes of the Rock’s future themes. The intro “Do you Smell what the Rock is cookin'” is so iconic in wrestling now. I love the Rock repeating over and over his famous catchphrases throughout the theme “the Rock says” and “Know your role”.

#40 Mark Henry

The purpose of any theme song is to convey the character making their way out in front of the audience. When Mark Henry’s theme song comes across the speakers you know that, as the title says, “Some bodies gonna get it.” It is an intimidating anthem that equals the man making his way to the ring.

#39 “Double J” Jesse James

The back story on this theme is that Jeff Jarrett, a country singer turned wrestler, performed this song but it was later discovered that it was all a lip sync. It was later revealed that Jarrett’s roadie actually sang the song and became the “Real Double J” Jesse James. Only in wrestling could a wrestler get heat for a lip-sync, leading to a feud. If it actually is him, he does a great job because it’s probably my favourite country song. This song a cult classic as it’s incredibly cheesy but so bad that it’s so good.

#38 Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt is such a strange WWE character but the wrong theme song could make or break his career. If he came out to a cartoony theme song, his arrival would be met with snickering and no intimidation. Thankfully, his theme song matches his character so well. It’s a calm and soothing tune that draws you in and leaves you unprepared for Bray’s attack on your mind, body and soul.

#37 Bayley

If you aren’t in a good mood, I suggest playing this theme song to boost you mood. After all, you may just need a hug! Bayley is a happy go lucky character  and is among the top role models for young female fans of the WWE. Her theme is of the teeny-bopper, pop variety with it’s a child friendly lyrics that kids can get into, much like the character coming out to the song. Additionally, points to the first theme song of wacky, inflatable, arm-flailing, tube men!

#36 John Cena (Basic Thuganomics)

The first John Cena anthem, “Basic Thuganomics”. I think not hearing this one in a while has placed it higher on this list than I would have thought. I have to say Cena spits bars here better than in his current theme. The record scratching  also adds to the pure rap feel of this theme, after all every rapper starts in the underground before going big!

#35 Lita

Lita has a very underrated theme. it’s super high energy and matched the Lita character so well. There is some clouded judgment as to what makes a great theme. Do fans erupt because of the music or the superstar? Does the music make the superstar or the superstar make the music? Regardless of your stance, no one can argue the height of Lita’s popularity and this was the song leading her to the ring!

#34 Kane (Slow Chemical)

Typically, I am not a fan of when a theme is remade with lyrics (e.g. Stone Cold’s theme by Disturbed). Finger Eleven, thankfully, did a masterful job with Kane’s theme song which helped fans identify with the new re-invented Kane. If my timeline is correct, he still had his mask when he first debuted this theme. Once Kane was unmasked, this theme complimented the portrayal of Kane as a tortured soul.

#33 Eric Bischoff

I love this theme song so much! Music is such a beautiful thing in that it can capture elementary emotions like happiness and sadness. In other realms it can capture such specific feelings like deceit, arrogance, distrust. Those same traits can describe the RAW GM character of Eric Bischoff. The first few lyrics of “I’m back” just gets under your skin as you knew he was on his way to deliver some awful news and make life equally awful for one of your favourites. Just masterfully written and fittingly assigned to the character.

#32 Akeem & Slick

Another cult classic here–so bad it’s good. In 2016, there is no way tis song comes out without any scrutiny. A sociology class could have a field day with how this song would plead it’s case that it is using satire as it offensively portrays an African American male (Slick).As a child, everything about this song flew over my head which is why I loved it and that’s the only reason it makes my list.  If you’re sticking around for more offensiveness, this was the theme song for Akeem the African Dream, portrayed by a white, American…billed from deepest, darkest, Africa. Oh, 90s WWE.

#31 “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

This is one song, that without DiBiase’s unique touch, is just a generic 90s theme song. Starting off the song with DiBiase’s legendary laugh is brilliant. Within seconds of hearing this song, fans would boo, as they knew the Million Dollar Man was laughing at their financial status compared to his. His lyrics of “Some might cost a little, some might cost a lot, but I’m the Million Dollar Man, and YOU will be bought” absolutely summed up the character. All the components put together to make a fantastic theme!

#30 Shawn Michaels

I believe this is another Jimmy Hart creation and it has achieved legendary status in wrestling history. In 1992, it was a great theme to convey the character of Shawn Michaels, a cocky stud breaking the hearts of female fans. Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest in-ring performer and this song has led Michaels to all of his memorable matches from house shows to Wrestlemanias.

#29 Kurt Angle

Another fantastic, purely, instrumental theme song. This song was originally for the Patriot, an American hero character. No one else personified Americana than the man who competed for his country at the Olympics. This song appropriately titled “Medal” was to declare to crowds in arenas worldwide that a legitimate gold medalist was entering their presence. it wasn’t until much later that Edge would point out that during Angle’s song, fans could chant “You suck, you suck” in perfect harmony with the music. I hope to hear this song in a WWE arena in the near future.

#28 The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

This theme may be ranked way higher than most fans would place it, if they even remember it. This is another Jimmy Hart creation and I think it is full of all the brilliance that made this team incredibly underrated. How else do these French Canadians pledge their allegiance to the USA? They sing of their migration to the US and acknowledge how they’ve acclimated themselves to American culture. What makes this song even better are the French lyrics where if translated you can hear the Rougeaus putting down all things American unbeknownst to English speaking Americans. Yet another cult classic theme!

#27 AJ Styles

I am always skeptical of lists that immediately rank current superstars or in this case music as already an all-time great. Similar to AJ Styles run in the WWE, this theme has already become among one of the best in the wrestling. Styles is currently the champion as of this writing and has proven this calendar year that if his opponents are wise they won’t “want none”. The lyrics also do a great job to describe Styles as a southern boy who has arrived in the WWE to fight!

#26 Kane (Burned)

The main job of any wrestling theme song is to ensure it captures the essence of the character that is making their way to the ring. That is why generic rock tracks rarely ever deliver a big time feel for the guys entering the ring. The organs to lead off almost feel as though they are counting down a demise. Once the drop hits (which is accompanied with flames) there is a hellish, evil feel to the theme. The pace of the music also ensured that Kane could methodically make his way to the ring. Any opponent seeing Kane slowly walk to the ring was always frozen as they couldn’t take their eyes of the monster. The darkness of this theme enabled Kane’s 1997 debut to be one of the great wrestling debuts in history.


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