Top 50 WWE Theme Songs (25-1)

#25 “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (“Hot Rod”)

There is only one man associated in the world with bagpipes and that is “Rowdy” Roddy PIper. Piper was a top heel in the 80s and could get under the skin of fans with his antics; something bagpipes can easily do too. This second version of PIper’s theme was once he was enshrined as a Hall of Famer and would make sporadic Piper’s Pit appearances. This theme sounds so legendary which is the perfect for a man of Piper’s stature. As I wrote in a tribute, it was a sad day knowing we will never hear the bagpipes again.

#24 Triple H (My Time)

Triple H has shown up again. This was the beginning of Triple H’s rise as a top guy. In 1999 he would win his first WWE Championship. This theme did a great job to separate him from DX and show the edge of the new Triple H character. There were no gimmicks, no stables, just Triple H focused on being the very best every time he made his way to the ring. Upon hearing this theme, I’m sure his adrenaline was through the roof and he was determined to prove it was indeed his time!

#23 Sasha Banks

I had this theme song ranked lower at first than it ended up being. The theme is a mix of hip-hop and pop style lyrics. The hip-hop/rap portions help to legitimize and convey Sasha’s boss character with her swagger as she makes her way to the ring. However, if you listen to the lyrics you hear a story of how Sasha developed that confidence. You hear  the story of a dream come true and all obstacles conquered to be the very best among both male and female wrestlers in the industry today. This has to fuel Sasha every time she enters an arena and proceeds to be the Boss in the ring.

#22 “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Pomp and circumstance, a theme you often hear at graduations. As a wrestling fan, I only knew this song as the theme of the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. At my own graduation upon hearing this song I could only move my fingers in a Randy Savage-like manner and say to myself as I went to receive my diploma “Oooooh yeah!” in the grizzly Macho Man voice. The point of any superstar’s music is for fans to know immediately who is on their way and only a mega superstar like Macho Man could make this theme synonymous with him.

#21 Goldust

Most superstars use aggressive sounding rock or rap music to lead them to the ring as a way of intimidating opponents. Goldust used what was called “mind games” at the time to get in the heads of his opponents. So his music had to fit that. It can be described as a beautiful arrangement of music as it could be performed by an orchestra. There are the bizarre elements of it because upon hearing it for the first time you may not be able to envision who is on their way out. I think it’s a wonderful piece of music and so I had to rank it relatively high on this list and Goldust used perfect mannerisms to it that make it a memorable one in wrestling theme song history.

#20 Enzo Amore & Big Cass

I may be incredible bias when I’m ranking this song because this is my favourite tag team in wrestling today and I pop weekly when I hear it TV. In fact, you barely ever hear much of the song because once Enzo and Cass are half way down the ramp, Enzo proceeds to deliver a killer promo. These guys are brash, eccentric, urban Italian-Americans and I feel as though all those traits are captured in this theme song! So if you think this isn’t a top 20 theme song, well there’s only one word to describe you…

#19 The Oddities

WWE coming to town is similar to the circus coming to town as you’ll see various colorful characters. The Oddities were a group that portrayed this like no other. Initially, they were billed as a heel group of freaks. Thankfully, their differences were embraced and celebrated rather than vilified thus turning them babyface. This meant that the music would have make sure fans got into their entrance. Insane Clown Posse was the perfect group to perform and join this group’s entrance. The song was so fun as fans would join the Oddities in waving their arms to and fro!

#18 Bobby Roode

The newest song on our list has sky rocketed to the top 20 of the greatest wrestling themes in history. If anything, it is already a cult classic. It has been touted as a Queen rip-off and this song literally had an arena of fans singing along with it this summer in Brooklyn; a sight to behold that made Roode’s entrance, well, GLORIOUS!

#17 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

It was a matter of time before the most popular superstar in WWE history and his theme song made this list. The glass shattering has become iconic but one thing about theme music that hasn’t totally been touched upon yet is the tempo of the music. The manner in which Stone Cold proceeded to the ring was perfect. If this song was any slower or quicker it changes the entrance completely. When they remixed his theme, you could immediately feel the disconnect as Austin was just walking with music playing in the back. Thankfully they flipped the bird to that theme and Austin continues to use this theme to this day.

#16 Dusty Rhodes

Jimmy Hart and company do it again with another fantastic theme song. You can’t help but feel the need to get up and dance with the common man Dusty Rhodes as he made his way to the ring. The funky nature of this song captured the uniqueness that was Dusty Rhodes; there was and never will be a superstar like him again! Long live the dream!

#15 Honky Tonk Man

If you perform your own theme music, you have a strong chance of making this list. This theme was a given, because everything surrounding the Honky Tonk Man character revolved around music and performing. This Elvis impersonator got his heat on believing he was the greatest performer in entertainment, so whether he was an amazing singer or not this theme was going to get over and at #15 on this list it among the greatest of all time!

#14 Mankind (Ode to Freud)

How I’ve compiled a list of the greatest theme songs and not mentioned the wizard Jim Johnston behind most of them may be a travesty. Johnston was so brilliant at ensuring the music captured all essences of the characters. The dreary way this song starts off may fill you with various emotions: sympathy, fear, uncertainty at the person you saw making their way to the ring. Mick Foley also put forward the idea of having outro music. So the latter part of this theme is his outro music which is uncomfortably soothing and calming; an absolute deranged feeling as you see a maniac leave to such beautiful music after decimating his opponent.

#13 Ultimate Warrior

This is such a tremendous theme song. Ultimate Warrior sprinting to this music fit like a glove. Warrior could shake the ropes, pump his arms and look to the heavens and it all fit under this music. Jim Johnston notes it was a simple song to put together but it’s the simplicity of this anthem that makes it ULTIMATE!

#12 Triple H (The Game)

Has any other superstar had a string of amazing themes like Triple H? The Motorhead rendition of “The Game” is Triple H’s best singles theme. They’ve performed this theme live twice at Wrestlemania and Drowning Pool even did a cover. A side note, if your theme has been played live at Wrestlemania it’s probably a tremendous theme song!

#11 The Undertaker (The Darkest Side Remix)

This is my favourite version of the Undertaker’s theme and it appears to be a remix of different themes he had during his career to that point. Originally, the Undertaker had the stereotypical funeral processional song and over time it would evolve. Here we have more than one gong to lead into the organ playing out the funeral theme and eventually you hear brass and string instruments join in to create some beautiful music. I do love around the two minute mark where you begin to hear the crescendo of the organ and how the music beautifully climaxes and leads seamlessly back to the funeral procession. Just beautiful music that helped enhanced the Undertaker’s entrance which is the standard bearer for all entrances.

#10 Evolution

Triple H and Motorhead kick off our top 10! There isn’t much more to say about Motorhead and their Midas touch when it comes to WWE theme songs! This song helped get over the legitimacy of all members in Evolution who all had magnificent careers.

#9 Edge (Metalingus)

Over time, WWE theme songs have transformed from colourful soundtracks based on a cartoonish characters in the 90s to a lot of rock and rap songs accompanying superstars in the 2000s. Typically, the music came across as the superstars’ taste in music. All that to say, I find Edge’s theme to be the perfect balance of an awesome song but still within the confines of the Edge character. When it debuted, Edge was beginning his ascent from the mid-card to the main event and a new theme is always an effective way in telling the audience the superstar is beginning a new chapter in his career.

#8 CM Punk (Cult of Personality)

This is just a great song!

#7 Goldberg

Simply an amazing theme that was both motivating and intimidating. You could see Goldberg feed off the intensity of the music and the drums and horns blaring through the speakers in arenas certainly would leave any opponent standing intimidated as they waited their doom in the form of Goldberg.

#6 Mr. Perfect

Is it too predictable to call this the perfect theme song? The beating of the drum, the clashing of cymbals and the horns declaring perfection make this theme better than any royal proclamation. Mr. Perfect could slowly make his way to the ring and allow fans to revel as they witness perfection in human form. The greatest orchestra style theme in WWE history!

#5 Shinsuke Nakamura

A theme that debuted in early 2016 ranks as the 5th best of all time must be better than perfect (and based on rankings it is!). The link above isn’t the typical theme but the violinist does such a tremendous job that it helps put this theme over the top. I think it fits Nakamura brilliantly and he shaped all his natural mannerisms to it. I can’t wait until we see a live entrance with numerous violinists performing this at Wrestlemania!

#4 Demolition

Jimmy Hart brought in Rick Derringer on this one for the colourful tag team Demolition and instead of giving them a generic rock song they got this tremendous theme song. The longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history had this magnificent theme making their presence and intentions known for 478 straight days!

#3 Gangrel

Gangrel and the Brood’s entrance was among the top entrances in WWE at the time, but the music is what put it over the top to make it awe inspiring. The faint whispers that are difficult to discern add the horror element and the instrumentals are very dark and mysterious adding to the mystique of Gangrel and his brood. Overall, this theme made the showmanship of the wrestler’s entrance something to behold and is memorable to this day.

#2 DX

The greatest theme song of the Attitude Era would have to be the anthem of a new attitude and no other theme or group expressed that like DX. DX made it cool to be rebellious and not care about the impact of your actions (I speak from experience as a 10 year old at the time). When you hear this song you’re immediately ready to form an X with your arms and tell people you got two words for them!

#1 Hulk Hogan

Here we are at #1, the Immortal Hulk Hogan’s Real American. Hulkamania isn’t the same without this song in my opinion as it put over that Hogan was a true American hero that fans could believe in. Any foe thrown his way he would vanquish. It’s interesting to know that this song wasn’t even intended for Hogan but the US Express tag team. This song is so over the top and pairing it with Hogan’s larger than life persona was genius. The first 3 seconds gets fans on their feet and as someone who neither American or a Hogan fan, I too jump when I hear this song which makes it #1 in my books!


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