WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Predictions


The kickoff has Nia Jax in her first featured bout on a Pay-Per-View. This should be yet another squash match with the story being Jax defeated a former Women’s champion. Nia finds herself behind the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley and Dana Brooke as far as her spot in line for a title matchup is concerned. The destruction of her challengers has gotten stale and it doesn’t look like she’ll be the next contender so its perplexing what is next for her.


The seventh and final match between these two takes place at Clash of Champions. I am never a fan of non-title matches at these champion-themed pay-per-views but the match winner will earn a title opportunity and so I suppose it fits. I do hope the winner gets a WWE Universal Championship and in that case I hope Cesaro comes out the victor in this one.


There is something here that isn’t working. The New Day have been entertaining for majority of the year but as of late it appears as though they’ve cooled off. Gallows and Anderson came in as a dominant team but once they dabbled in comedy comparable to that of the New Day this feud childish and was not captivating in the least.  I still think Gallows and Anderson should win because despite all that criticism, they are the best villainous team on RAW. Selfishly, the reason I want Gallows and Anderson to win is for Enzo and Big Cass to chase and eventually capture the tag titles and with New Day being another fan favourite team you need some bad guys holding the titles.


Rusev should not lose the title and it looks like Reigns has his eyes set on the WWE Universal Championship so there is no reason for me to get behind a Reigns’ victory. This makes the Summerslam fiasco even more absurd, as this is where Reigns should just beat down Rusev to the point where he is disqualified. The ref stoppage allows Reigns to look dominant but Rusev remains champion.


The Cruiserweights have arrived on WWE programming. I hope that they are given sufficient time to showcase just how great they can be in one-on-one competition. Seeing as this will be the first time many see TJ Perkins, look for him to retain and hopefully entertain. This should be an outstanding match based on both men’s showcase in the CWC.


Zayn has been a standout in the ring in 2016 and look for this one to be included in his best of this year. Jericho has been equally entertaining throughout his run in 2016 as well. I’m glad Zayn has a meaningful match on a pay-per-view and look for him to defeat Y2J.


The women’s match is always one I look forward to for a contrary reason to why I used to in my adolescent days during the Attitude Era. When Sasha, Bayley and Charlotte are in a match there is always the possibility of having a match of the night candidate. Charlotte continues to impress me as she gets better and better as a villain. Bayley is adjusting to her role on the main roster as a top babyface. This leaves Sasha. Fans love Sasha’s in-ring and passion to be the best but Sasha is confident all on her own and as much as she adores her fans she has never needed them to remind her of her abilities. As far as this match is concerned, I think we see several near falls for each woman with Bayley disrupting a Banks Statement but later suffering the pin fall or submission leading to Charlotte retaining. Sasha, not being involved in the outcome of the match and being cost her opportunity will take out this frustration on former friend Bayley. This will lead to a feud between these two which is great for the women’s division as there is rarely a storyline that doesn’t revolve around the title. As far as Charlotte’s next opponent it may be Dana Brooke, Nia Jax or a returning Paige.


Kevin Owens is CHAMPION and Seth Rollins may be the WWE’s new hero! I think we’ll have a great title match here but I can’t see Owens losing the title right away. The main program for Rollins will be his match of retribution against Triple H. Perhaps Triple H returns once again allowing Owens to pick up the win setting up a Hell in a Cell rematch in an effort to keep out any outside interference. I’m just thankful we have new faces and new roles in a WWE Championship main event.




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