SummerSlam 2016

SummerSlam is upon us and it is receiving a similar build to Wrestlemania as the must see wrestling spectacle of the summer! As a WWE fan of course I will tune in but my excitement level is in the middle. I feel that with the brand split we are seeing new stories thrust upon us as fans with not much time to invest in old and new characters. On top of that there is so much WWE programming to tune into that the idea of a near 6-hour event already has me exhausted; and as this blog should indicate to you I’m a die hard fan.
Here are my predictions for how this year’s show might go!

20160808_SSlam_MATCH_EnzoCassJerichoOwens--d5f506102ca32fc8ae7a4938c206f827Three of my favourites in one match! Enzo and Big Cass are my favourite tag team in the WWE and I am a huge Kevin Owens fan. Chris Jericho continues to re-invent himself with every WWE run he returns for. The back and forth has been fun between these four tremendous and colourful personalities. Thankfully it doesn’t end there, every man in this match can go and I think we’ll have a fun opener to the Summerslam main card with an electric atmosphere. Look for the hometown boys to pick up the ‘W’.

20160815_SSlam_MATCH_CesaroSheamus--75bc6ab940c75fa9263b6b9d4bb7b051At least we’ve been forewarned that we may get seven straight matches between these two. The point of the brand split was to get new matches and new feuds. I’ve seen these two go at it in fun entertaining brawls but at this point it’s almost like “been there, done that”. My hope is that the winner of this best of 7 will earn a WWE Universal Championship match. In that case I hope and envision Cesaro winning this series and main eventing an upcoming RAW PPV for the top title. That being said look for Sheamus to steal the first one.

20160818_SSlam_MATCH_BeckyNattie--04048349314d4935d527ed5a08dece02I’m sure in earlier posts, I’ve rarely been complimentary to Eva Marie but she is one of my favourites on SmackDown and was a draw for this match. Unfortunately she’s been suspended for violating the wellness policy and we’ll be out of this match. It most likely would have been 3-on-2 regardless to get over Eva Marie’s gimmick but this now shows the limited depth of the women’s division (on both shows really). Maybe we’ll get a surprise return from a past female superstar. I anticipated Becky’s team winning this one regardless of circumstances.

20160819_SSlam_MATCH_NevilleZaynDudleys--7b82cf0796e9e2c900241e92a296c3bdThis random tag match proves the claim that the RAW roster is way too crowded and superstars like Zayn and Neville remain in the same position if not lower. I certainly understand that not everyone can fight for the title but Zayn has had a tremendous 2016 in-ring and deserves a featured storyline and feuds. Neville may be the face of the new Cruiserweight division but he has been floundering for the last year. The Dudleys have not been on the same page so look for Zayn and Neville to capitalize on this continued bad fortune. Hopefully Zayn, Neville and perhaps Bubba Ray are on to more important things on RAW.

20160812_SSlam_MATCH_12Man--aff416e66450d76cc7ed1ebbc64ad0a6The entire SmackDown tag division in one match? In this graphic it is easy to identify that American Alpha and the Usos are the top tag teams and that all the villainous tag teams are cartoonish and appear as no threat.


To be honest I haven’t watched SmackDown regularly but I was excited to hear Apollo Crews getting a title opportunity because I thought the Miz and Maryse would get some character out of Crews. This hasn’t been the case and the story is that all Apollo did to earn this title match is win a match but Crews has never said why he wants to be Intercontinental Champion. Smart storytelling might be that in front of so many on a big stage like Summerslam that Crews impresses and proves clearly he is better and that beating the Miz will be easy which leads to the Miz cheating his way to retaining or remaining champion. Everyone watching knows Crews should be champion and now hopefully desire to see his redemption to becoming champion. The finish for this match has to be creative rather than a silly countout or holding of the tights.

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_TagTeam--4fc7a0bb1127606577fb65ec72da29d9The New Day remains entertaining but every top, quality act needs refreshing before they become close to stale. I think the story here is that Gallows and Anderson have taken out the muscle of the New Day and swayed the playing field in their favour. I hope there isn’t too much focus on saying the New Day is weak without Big E because that can start a break-up angle for the New Day which I do not endorse yet. I think the New Day chasing is a new act and adds a new set of promos for the New Day. I still wish that the Tag Champs could appear on both shows so that Gallows and Anderson can reunite with AJ Styles and thus strengthen the tag division in the WWE. Regardless, I think it’s time for the reign to end and Gallows and Anderson are the team to do it.

20160805_SSlam_MATCH_RusevReigns--058048706d434a31221559a319a598ebI was so excited to see these two square off for the first time but like Sheamus/Cesaro, we’ve seen these two go at it. I think they’ll still have a great brawl that will be hard hitting but Rusev should not lose the title to Reigns.What is there left to say about Reigns? His best persona is the cool and cocky heel, not a poor man’s breed of the Rock and John Cena.

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_BalorRollins--5aaf102aee0915f133a2300bce03b2ecThe first WWE Universal Champion will be crowned in this match. I anticipate a very good match between these two that could steal the show. I grow as a fan of Rollins each time I see but I think he is being miscast as a villain. Finn Balor has his own following that are excited he is in the main event title picture. I, however, have watched him in NXT and he hasn’t connected with me. I think he is very talented and I do like the unique demon facepaint and entrance. I suppose my gripe is that he is being pushed not based on his talent but on the need to appear that this is a new era where guys like Finn are given a chance. This is most likely a case of preference because when Owens debuted I wasn’t complaining about his “push”. I’m not a fan of Finn winning and I think he can afford a loss and be in the chase role for the fall of WWE.

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_AmbroseZiggler--9fb8a0a6c738812c6a697b3c8004b9d4Similar to Finn, I feel as though Ziggler is seeking to prove he deserves a wrestling “push” rather than competing for the prestigious WWE Championship and that is where I have an issue with how Dolph carries himself. I think he is very good in the ring but his attitude reflects the wink of knowing what wrestling really is. I’m happy to see Ambrose be more serious and focused on being champion and proving that this is about wrestling and that Ziggler can’t top him. I am looking forward to this match more than I envisioned. I’d be truly shocked if Dolph won this one.

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_LesnarOrton--a810c28e9f43392d26aad98b29f3b2f4This will probably be the main event of Summerslam. I remember a time when I was a big fan of seeing this match. Being that I’m not a huge Orton fan and that Lesnar is continuously presented in a similar light, I lack any excitement. I’ll still tune in to see the spectacle that is Brock but I do hope for a competitive match between these two.

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_CenaAJStyles--fce1ed06e7d6cbc464dfde98da1adda1I am looking forward to this match because I think it too may also be the match of the night. I am thankful that AJ Styles is doing so well in the WWE. He is currently my superstar of 2016 and I think in order to seal that accolade he needs to win this rubber match and defeat Cena in convincing fashion. It is commendable that Cena has taken a step back from being at the forefront and dominating his opponents. I think a Styles win over Cena at Summerslam could one of the biggest of his career!

20160801_SSlam_MATCH_SashaCharlotte--8937301cc78afd4915bf17317fb7f438I believe this could have been built as the main event of Summerslam. If ever there was a women’s match that could have earned the main event spot at a PPV like SummerSlam it would be the title match between these two. I was surprised that Banks won the title before Summerslam but they had a tremendous match so not much to complain about. Sasha has a track record of having equally amazing rematches and Charlotte continues to improve as a superstar and portrays her role to perfection. There is tremendous competition for match of the night, and the weekend for that matter, but these women will raise the bar for match quality at Summerslam. In due time, both women will be the main event of a PPV!






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