Money in the Bank 2016 Predictions


I was hoping this match would be added to the kickoff show! Surprisingly, the best thing to come from the absurd pairing of R-Truth and Goldust is their rival team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango. I think this team has a lot of upside and could have some great matches with other fan favourite teams in the division. Hope they come out on top.



This is basically an advertised dark match. Unfortunate that this appears to be standard role for the Dudley Boys.



I’m glad they moved Crews and Sheamus from the kickoff show to the main card. Apollo Crews has kind of been in limbo since his arrival on the main roster and delegate his first featured match to the kickoff show would indicate to fans how serious to take this guy. I think there is a lot of potential and that Crews could eventually make his way to the top of the card. As for Sheamus, it’s interesting to see where he is from a year ago. Hope these two go out and have an entertaining brawl.



Will this feud never end? At least they’ve moved from the kickoff show to the main card.



At first I thought Dana would redeem herself and help Charlotte pick up the win. Now I doubt that will happen and the champion will be pinned…again.



Rusev has been a dominate United States Champion and it’s good to see the WWE getting behind him and showcasing him as the destructive monster he is. Additionally, we see Titus O’Neil getting a featured match on a stacked PPV card. This is Titus’ opportunity to prove where he can stand as a single’s superstar. Hopefully, WWE plays up the story of Titus’ pride as a father on Father’s Day and that is what is fueling his passion for a title win. Look for Rusev to ruin the festivities.



It’s good to see the “new era” impacting the tag team division. I give the Vaudevillains no chance of winning this so if they do it would be an incredible shocker. I don’t think Enzo and Big Cass will win just yet but they are quickly becoming an act that is larger than any championships. I could see Anderson and Gallows coming out with the victory here and they are all business. All this being said, I believe the New Day remains the hottest team in some time and they may break the WWE Tag Team Championship reign record before being dethroned.



There isn’t much to say here, let’s just see the match. AJ has done some of his best mic work to date in the WWE in the buildup, but the time for talking is over. I think it will be match of the night and it certainly has competition for that accolade. This will also probably be the first of a series of matches between the two. Styles has lost his last 3 PPV bouts so i think he needs a victory more than Cena.



After seeing the first Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 21, who knew it would turn out to be the phenomenon it’s been to date. I now look forward to this show every year since it became it’s own distinct PPV/Network special. I am excited for this match because of the competitors involved. I am not a big fan of Del Rio or Jericho winning but WWE could shock its audience. I can’t see Cesaro or Zayn winning but it would be a welcomed surprise. Ambrose and Owens are the favourites. Ambrose could win and combat his former Shield brethren. I think the man who has the most to gain from a Money in the Bank briefcase win would be Kevin Owens. It would show the audience that the company is solidly behind this guy. His promo ability and charisma are in its own league compared to many on the roster. You need a smug and untrustworthy character like Owens to keep you guessing when a cash-in is coming. Owens is main event bound whether he has this briefcase or not but I would be most excited to see him come out the victor.



The billing for this match has been titled “Wrestlemania Main Event” worthy. This match does have a big fight feel and I think it will deliver. For as much criticism as Reigns has received this could very well be his third straight strong main event. What would make this match more exciting for me would be to see the double turn. I think you have the two perfect guys to do it here. Rollins’ story of returning from injury to gain what he never actually lost is more of a heroic tale. The distaste for Reigns doesn’t appear to be fading so it would be intriguing to see if the WWE ever chooses to portray him as a villain. It is possible that Rollins could come out the winner but I can’t see Reigns losing the title just yet. I’m going to go with the safe bet and predict Reigns retains.




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