WWE Payback Predictions


When AJ Styles debuted in WWE, I was unsure how he would be showcased. I think he is a talented wrestler but I was convinced he’d be your typical WWE sports entertainer. Additionally, it was important to kick off Roman’s title reign with a strong program. All that to say it’s crazy to see Styles clashing with Reigns in his first WWE Championship defense. Alongside this, the debut of Gallows and Anderson has been closely linked to this story making those guys more than just another tag team. The story here is whether Styles, Anderson and Gallows are in cahoots. I am a believer that somewhere down the line Reigns will reveal that he had Gallows and Anderson in his back pocket to defeat the Phenomenal One. I can see Anderson and Gallows costing Styles the title by getting him DQed. This can lead to Styles requesting one more title opportunity in a cage so that his friends can’t get in. Regardless of the shenanigans leading to the outcome, I think this will be an awesome match and I am sports entertained with Styles!



I have seen these two compete before in NXT and I am still excited to see them square off once again. Zayn got a chant earlier this month of “Fight Forever” and I think he and Owens could get this chant once again. It’s funny how you can grow tired of rematches with certain superstars on one hand and then on the other hand love to see two guys just go at it every pay-per-view. I think Zayn and Owens will have a rematch at Extreme Rules and there are no complaints here. I think Owens and Zayn will start off with a tremendous wrestling match that will dissolve into a vicious brawl. I am predicting this ends in a double count-out leading to a Falls Count Anywhere match.



The story leading to this match lacked any creativity or drive to see these two square off. Personally, the selling point is simply the two names on the marquee: Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. In front of the Chicago crowd, I think the fans will eat this match up and love every second of it. Look for Ambrose to build momentum moving forward into the summer.



Mr. McMahon will decide whether Shane or Stephanie will control RAW. Under Shane, things look to be refreshing and based on this pay-per-view card a better wrestling product. Will the villainous McMahon simply hand RAW back to his daughter or will he have a change of heart? I can’t see Vince giving total control to Shane and I easily see Stephanie back in control. This segment has my intrigue.


Here we have a rematch of a very good match that took place in NXT. In front of this Chicago crowd I expect another tremendous wrestling match between these two women. The two legends in the corner help with the story of whether Charlotte can successfully defend her title without her dirty daddy sticking his nose in the match. It’ll be great to see the Hitman post surgery. I think Charlotte’s reign continues.



It’s great to see Cesaro being in a featured match for the once prestigious Intercontinental Championship. Cesaro has shown some more personality with his cheeky sense of humor. Also credit needs to be given to Maryse as she has freshened up the Miz’s character. I don’t often consider Miz matches to be match of the night contenders but this one might be. I don’t see Miz’s title reign coming to end just yet.



I started this predictions post with the Main Event and made my way down, yet this card keeps getting better. My favourite tag team in the WWE. Enzo and Big Cass compete in the finals of the Tag Team Championship Tournament against the Vaudevillains. I have no doubt the longevity of  Enzo and Big Cass in the WWE with plenty of tag title reigns. The Vaudevillains may surprise us and become a strong team in the division. The Dudleys have been quiet since losing which sounds uncharacteristic of this team and I can see them costing Enzo and Cass this match, setting up a series of matches between these teams. New Day and the Vaudevillains can potentially have some fun segments leading up to their match, imagine the New Day coming out to the Vaudevillains’ entrance?



Baron Corbin is a guy the WWE likes and looks to be getting behind to perhaps make one of their top bad guys. He may run into the ultimate good guy in John Cena down the line but for now he is up against Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has proven to have great matches with various guys and most of his claims of “showing off” are about his performance in the ring rather than wins. Look for Corbin to pick up the victory and not be paid by the hour.



Kalisto and Ryback meet once more on the Kickoff show. I can’t recall seeing a build for this match on RAW and so that tells me that this title and both superstars are not main priorities of the WWE at the moment. It doesn’t matter who wins this match as I can’t see the WWE suddenly getting behind them. I’d rather see Kalisto continue as champion than Ryback.







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