Calf Injury, Crews, Conor, Chyna


Woke up this morning to the news that Chyna has passed away. As a fan of wrestling it is always sad to hear that a wrestler from my childhood has passed away. I remember as a 9 year old being scared of a debuting Chyna. As the Attitude Era intensified so did the use of Chyna as she competed in-ring against men. I am not a fan of intergender matchups but I must say it was believable that Chyna could defeat the ordinary man. Cause of death isn’t known and I don’t want to speculate, it’s just sad to see another wrestler leave us.


Conor McGregor blew up the sports world with a single tweet teasing retirement. He later confirmed he is not retiring but wanting to focus on MMA and his training and not be coerced into doing interviews with people who aren’t invested in the sport. Did I think McGregor was officially retiring? No, I assumed it was a move to get the sports world talking and that was achieved. I agree with Dana White that no man is above the UFC and promotional work comes with the territory. I think McGregor does not need to compete for the remainder of this year and should focus on winning and determining which weight class is most advantageous. There is more cheese to be made and when McGregor returns I’ll be paying to see it.


It was surprising to see Apollo Crews debut on the main roster after Wrestlemania. I think he could have benefited from some more time down in NXT, but he is now on the main roster and so how does the WWE showcase Crews to be the star he is destined to be? He presently isn’t in any storylines and is just showcasing his talents against low-card guys. I think Crews could be booked in an “Apollo Open Challenge” similar to the open challenge of Cena. I think fans enjoy surprise opponents and this could be billed as Crews open to fighting all sorts of Superstars and that he has all the skills to defeat any superstar. If it caught on with fans it could lead to more prominent superstars challenging Crews, possibly a returning Cena or Orton. I still believe Crews will be a future WWE Champion, the cream always rises.


Bray Wyatt suffered a calf injury some time on the European tour and it still isn’t known how long he will be out. I hope it’s only a few weeks because I think Bray is set to win the Money in the Bank briefcase this year. With his new character turning to be more fan favourite it could compliment the change in the character. I think Bray’s entrance  with the lights going out and immediately going on helps with the tease of the cash-in and reminds fans who has the coveted briefcase. Bray could also tease that his family could destroy the champion en route to a potential cash-in. Finally, could a returning Luke Harper cost Bray Wyatt the title leading to a meaningful feud between these two and the final break-up of the Wyatt Family?


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