NXT TakeOver: Dallas Predictions


Usually when making predictions, I start from the bottom of the card and work my way to the top. As I look at the graphic above, I’m still in awe that Shinsuke Nakamura will be on a WWE event during Wrestlemania weekend. Nakamura became one of my favourite wrestlers after watching some of his matches. Sami Zayn and Nakamura will have an outstanding match, however I would have liked to see Nakamura destroy an arrogant heel. With Nakamura debuting on this night in WWE NXT it’s a pretty easy prediction. There isn’t much more to say about this match and I am extremely excited to see Nakamura in a WWE ring.



Baron Corbin has come a long way and has developed a reputation of being the “Welcoming Party” for new talents from independent promotions. Austin Aries comes to WWE NXT from TNA. It’s incredible to see how a change of scenery for former TNA superstars allows them to be showcased as the talented superstars they are. Aries is the total package with tremendous charisma and a great in-ring competitor. Aries is the second WWE debut on this night, hopefully he can pick up the W.



This is going to be an exciting Tag Team Championship match. Dash and Dawson are a really impressive tag team and have been strong champions. Additionally, the challengers have climbed the tag team ladder and have absolutely earned this championship match. I think this could be match of the night. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are certainly the best tag team in NXT and winning the titles will be the exclamation point to solidify their supremacy.



Similar to the tag team championship match, here we have a tremendous champion and a deserving challenger. Bayley and Asuka have different styles and so it will be exciting to see how this match turns out. I can’t see Bayley losing the title but I also can’t see Asuka being pinned 1-2-3. This will be a great outing and yet another contender for match of the night.



The main event for this stellar card is obviously for the only prize that matters for the male superstars in NXT. The great thing about NXT is that nothing is ever predictable. I don’t believe in 50/50 booking. Samoa Joe certainly deserves to be the #1 contender as he has been brutal. Perhaps Joe is on his way to different scenery and maybe Balor also joins him. Do we see the debut of the Balor Club? Another match of the night contender, look for Balor to retain.




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