Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions


The 30-Man Battle is always exciting and with the WWE World Heavyweight Title being on the line in the match builds great anticipation for what will happen. Who will be the surprise entrants and who will win the match as we head to the main event of Wrestlemania? We find out this Sunday!


The New Day and the Usos will battle once again in a Tag Team Championship match. This should be a fun match but its equally apparently there is a need for new teams and new competition in the division. Perhaps there will be some new make shift teams or some teams will come from NXT. Regardless, the New Day should hold the titles until another hot team hits the scene.



There is not much to be said here. I am personally not a big fan of Alberto Del Rio and so I am rarely interested in his matches. I am a fan of seeing new guys get a chance to be big stars. When Kalisto won the title on RAW, I was legitimately happy for him and glad to see them make an effort to “push” a new star. As quick as that happened was as quick as it ended. Kalisto immediately lost the title and so what reason exists for me to be excited for this match? I hope Kalisto wins and can rebuild his momentum. I also hope WWE can get behind a guy like Kalisto and show commitment to get behind their new talent.



I think the story revolving around this match has been strong with two new talents, something I brought up above. The story being that the champion, Charlotte, has resorted to cheating to defeat her once close friend. Becky Lynch who has been nothing but loyal just wanted a competitive match and Charlotte refuses to go toe-to-toe. It should be noted that over the last few weeks, Becky Lynch has been impressive with her recent promos. Lynch’s in-ring ability will never be brought into question in my opinion as I think she is one of the most talented in the company, so its exciting to see her shaping up as an all around superstar. I see Charlotte retaining once more but Becky can’t (or shouldn’t) keep losing without eventually winning the title which makes this match and the “Road to Wrestlemania” for the women’s division an interesting one.



It’s good to see two talented guys battling over the once coveted Intercontinental Championship. My disappointment is that due to the nature of this match one of these guys may not be in the Rumble match. Kevin Owens is fantastic and the number one villain in the WWE. His in-ring and mic work are at a level that far surpasses many on the roster. Dean Ambrose is at a level above most of the mid-card competition for the title and so it’s great to see him versus Owens. Being that this is a Last Man Standing match I think this is the final match in the blood feud between Ambrose and Owens. I think Owens will play Roddy Piper in 1992 on this night and win the IC title and pursue the WWE World Heavyweight title in the Rumble match.



SURPRISE ENTRANTS? Vader, The Undertaker, Papa Shango, Tatanka, Sami Zayn, Goldberg

FINAL FOUR? Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Bray Wyatt

WHO I’D LIKE TO SEE WIN? Kevin Owens, Bray Wyatt, Rusev



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