NXT Superstar of the Year



  • Finn Balor
  • Baron Corbin
  • Bayley
  • Samoa Joe





What a year for the NXT brand in the WWE. It’s popularity has gone through the roof that it cannot simply be contained to Full Sail University. NXT has gone on the road and has not struggled to sell out arenas. A promotion that was designed as the developmentals for the WWE is now the hottest act in the company. Many superstars from other independent wrestling promotions worldwide are now flooding the NXT locker room. Balor and Samoa Joe have demonstrated globally just how great they are. The only development they required was to adopt to the new style of the WWE otherwise the two men are made stars. Baron Corbin has also grown over the year and with his personality coming through on Breaking Ground fans can see that he is a man with his eyes set on making money in world’s most famous wrestling and entertainment organization.

Now before Bayley arrived on the scene she was also working at perfecting her craft. Bayley comes across on your television set as a life long fan of wrestling who only had success and winning the women’s championship on her mind. There were limitations to Bayley’s character upon first impressions as a happy go lucky type. Once Bayley returned from injury she seemed focused and determined to prove she wasn’t just delighted to be a superstar but a major player in NXT. Bayley has had a series of incredible matches with different women on the roster and has taken the less experienced women and helped them improve their skills. Her crowning moment came in an emotional match where she achieved her dreams receiving a standing ovation from fans. In the rematch in a historic Ironman match, Bayley successfully defended her title and the locker room and emptied again to give due respect for all Bayley has accomplished in 2015. Most recently, she was one of the most over superstars in a show in the UK. There is apprehension to how Bayley will fare once she is called to the main roster but let us enjoy Bayley, our 2015 NXT Superstar of the Year!



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