WWE Network Original Series of the Year



  • Table For 3 ( episodic series of three superstars sitting down for dinner discussing the wrestling business and their careers)
  • Stone Cold Podcast (Steve Austin brings his podcast to viewers as he sits down and shoots the breeze with some of the biggest names in the WWE’s past, present and future.)
  • The WWE List (fans can submit their input as unique lists are compiled of all things WWE as Superstars and celebrities reminisce fondly…or not)
  • Breaking Ground (a documentary series following the lives of NXT Superstars aspiring to make it to the main roster of the WWE)





The WWE List is a fun show to watch but a list show follows a pretty formulaic format. Breaking Ground is a new series that has helped reveal more personality of NXT Superstars but lacks that must-watch aspect of it. Stone Cold Podcast on the Network started off with a bang with Vince McMahon, Triple H and Paul Heyman as guests sharing insightful stories. WWE production began to clearly have more influence over guests and Stone Cold’s approach and the televised podcast does not resemble Austin’s tremendous weekly podcast.

Table for 3 is a unique show that gives fans an opportunity to eavesdrop a dinner conversation between three wrestlers often with a commonality in the wrestling business. There are a lot of stories that are overplayed in WWE productions such as the Montreal Screwjob or the Monday Night Wars but many wrestlers often reflect on their unique circumstances that led them to the WWE and how they became a fan of wrestling. I think the freshness of stories that are personal to each superstar give this series the appeal that fans can enjoy. A fantastic WWE Network Original production!




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