WWE Moment of the Year



  • nWo vs. DX at Wrestlemania 31
  • New Day interacts with Edge & Christian and the Dudley Boys backstage
  • The Undertaker mocks Brock Lesnar’s laugh during their Summerslam match
  • The debut of the NXT female wrestlers on RAW



 nWo vs. DX at Wrestlemania 31


The mercurial nature of wrestling fans is apparent by the desires they express in their displeasure with the current wrestling product. There is the constant battle between the cry for the “push” of new stars and the plea for a return of superstars and times of the past. More times than not, the nostalgia of a moment will win over an attempt at something new. The debut of the NXT women was awesome but surrounding factors did hurt the introduction of the new three women. The organic nature of the “Divas Revolution” was lost in this segment as the women were assigned to teams and no focus was made on their individual contributions to changing women’s role in wrestling. I don’t want to say seeing the the three women applying submissions was an awesome sight but rather focus on the fact that it was an indicator of their wrestling ability but that will be focused on and perhaps rewarded in a category to come.

As a long time fan of wrestling dating back to the 90s, it was always a fantasy booking scenario to see the nWo clash with DX. During the match between Sting and Triple H at Wrestlemania we were able to see these two old factions finally face off. Now I know playing logic police, Sting was never aligned with the nWo and so this moment lacked some logic but the fact that we heard both factions’ theme songs go off and see them brawl at the Grandest Stage was an awesome sight and hopefully brings an end to the obsession of covering the Monday Night Wars.


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