25 Years of the Undertaker: 2015



With the Streak ended, what reason would the Undertaker have to return to the WWE? Throughout his career the Undertaker won championships, had tremendous matches and stood for respect both inside and outside of the ring. Bray Wyatt however called out the Undertaker and all his accomplishments and looked to prove he was greater than the Undertaker. If there is one thing the Deadman can’t stand it is disrespect. Bray versus the Undertaker was a story out of horror comic book. These two mystical characters could only lock horns at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker would prove he remained the Phenom and improved his Wrestlemania record to 22-1. Despite no longer being undefeated, the fact the Undertaker has 22 victories remains impressive.

The Undertaker was not done however and he returned his sights on the man who ended his Streak. Brock Lesnar in his championship rematch is where the Undertaker planned his attack of revenge. The Undertaker resorted to less than honourable tactics by hitting Lesnar with a low blow. The two would meet at Summerslam and the Undertaker in fact tapped out, but with the referee unable to confirm this and a premature ringing of the bell, the Undertaker once again hit Lesnar with a low blow and slapped on Hell’s Gate for the submission victory. Lesnar was set to take a “Go to Hell Tour” in which he invited the Undertaker to come along for the trip as the two would enter Hell in a Cell for the second time. This was slated to be the final match between the two. If you look back at 2002 you see how far this feud has come in which Lesnar remains the only man other than Mankind to prove to have the Undertaker’s number. Lesnar would prove to be too much and defeat the Undertaker in their final encounter.

Following this match, the Wyatt family returned, perhaps for unfinished business from Wrestlemania. Bray and his family capture the body of the Undertaker and later his brother Kane in an effort to symbolically capture their souls. The Brothers of Destruction would return and decimate the Wyatt Family. At Survivor Series last night, on the 25th anniversary of the Undertaker’s debut, the Undertaker and his brother defeated the Wyatt Family once and for all.

What is next for the Undertaker? Perhaps we won’t see him until Wrestlemania next year. It’s been a great thrill for me as a fan to look back and reflect on the career of my favourite superstar in WWE history.

Hat tip, thank you Taker!


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