25 Years of the Undertaker: 2011-2012



The Undertaker would return for one match in 2011. As the Undertaker returned on RAW, his return was interrupted by the return of Triple H. Both men looked at each other and looked at the Wrestlemania sign. Both men locked up at Wrestlemania in a brutal, no holds barred match. Triple H threw everything he could at the Undertaker in an effort to end the Streak. Undertaker was clearly battered but he held onto “Hell’s Gate” as Triple H tapped out. The sight at the end of this match was bewildering however as Triple H walked away but the Undertaker had to be carted off not to be seen again until the following year.



The Undertaker, dawning a new look, would return issuing a rematch to Triple H. Despite coming out the winner in their previous match, the Undertaker was not satisfied with how he left the match. In a match dubbed the “End of an Era” these two gladiators would do battle in their final match against one another in a match they both made historic: Hell in a Cell. Shawn Michaels was named the Special Guest Referee. Michaels had the power to help end the Streak, something he could not do as an active superstar. Despite a Superkick into a Pedigree, the Undertaker would improve to 20-0 and come out victorious as the Era involving all these men came to an end. The Undertaker would be on the 1000th episode of RAW but appearances by the Undertaker were becoming a rare occurrence at this point in his career. It appeared as though the Undertaker was only going to come around Wrestlemania season to defend his Undefeated Streak.




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