25 Years of the Undertaker: 2009



In 2009, we could discuss the Undertaker winning his 7th World Championship or his feud with up and comer CM Punk or that he would successfully defend this title in one one one and multi-man matches but there is one match that will define the year the Undertaker had.

At Wrestlemania XXV, the Undertaker finally stepped in the ring with Shawn Michaels. Both men’s career dated back to the late 80s and early 90s for their debuts and they led the WWE in the New Generation and Attitude Era. Michaels ended up retiring due to a match with the Undertaker and when he returned in 2002 it appeared as though their paths would never cross again as they both took on the newcomers in the locker room.

Shawn Michaels declared his intention of ending the Streak because to that point he had not lost to the Undertaker. To this point this match was billed as Mr. Wrestlemania versus the Wrestlemania Streak.

The match was third from the top. After some remarkable entrances the bell rung and the match began. There was an exchange of blows and submissions to start. With Michaels outside, the Undertaker would execute his patented over the top rope dive however he crashed head first into the camera man and at this point fans believed the match may be over and the Streak could be ended on a referee stoppage. Once both men returned to the ring, the action picked up. Michaels would kick out of a chokeslam, a Last Ride and a Tombstone leaving fans in awe. The Undertaker would kick out of two Superkicks that were believable enough to think the Streak was over. Shawn Michaels resorted to a “high risk” maneuver and attempted a Moonsault and the Undertaker caught Michaels and turned it into a Tombstone defeating Shawn Michaels to go to 17-0. Watching this match live took out all the energy out of me. This is easily my favourite professional wrestling match that I’ve seen live. The fact that both men had lengthy careers and could go out on that night and deliver for fans made this match a spectacle and everything that fans love about wrestling.



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