25 Years of the Undertaker: 2004

17917 - fire hat undertaker wrestlemania wwe


Wrestlemania XX had the motto “Where it all begins again.” The Undertaker has teased his return to the darkside after years as the “American Badass” or “Big Evil” biker. It was only fitting then that the Undertaker would return to the persona that he began his illustrious career with Paul Bearer by his side.

As the year progressed, the Undertaker feuded with Booker T who was beginning to call himself Smackdown’s Phenom. After this, Paul Heyman and the Dudley Boys would begin a feud with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer. This would culminate in a bizarre match entitled the Concrete Crypt Match. If the Dudley’s won the Crypt where Paul Bearer had been seated would fill up with concrete. The Undertaker would end up defeating the Dudleys, however the Undertaker would hit the switch where the Crypt ending up full of concrete. Another chapter in the bizarre relationship between Bearer and the Undertaker.

The Undertaker would move on to challenge WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, a former member of the Ministry of Darkness. JBL had been squaring off against the top superstars on Smackdown. JBL would have two tainted victories over the Deadman during this time. First the Undertaker would chokeslam JBL through his limousine causing the DQ. In their rematch, the Undertaker would compete in a “Last Ride” match in which you’d have to place your opponent in a hearse and drive off. Heidenreich, seeking to make a name for himself against a legend, would interfere and cost the Undertaker the match and the title. This would lead to a feud between the newcomer and the veteran Undertaker as the year wound down. The trend for the Undertaker at this point in his legendary career was now to step in the ring with a new opponents and new superstars to the WWE to see how they’d fair against the Conscience of the WWE.




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