25 Years of the Undertaker: 2001



As 2001 swung around, the Undertaker remained a dominant figure and main event level superstar in the WWE. He would reunite with Kane and the Brothers of Destruction would prove to be an imposing team as many would expect.

Kane and the Undertaker would do battle with teams such as Haku & Rikishi, the Dudley Boys, Kai En Tai, Edge & Christian, and even on one episode of RAW they fought the two top superstars in the company Steve Austin and the Rock.

Throughout the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania X-Seven, the Undertaker would feud with Triple H and the two would compete in their first Wrestlemania match. The Undertaker would improve to 9-0. Following Wrestlemania, Steve Austin was the champion but had turned his back on fans and Triple H was moving up the ranks to the main event. Austin and Hunter would form an imposing team, something the Brothers of Destruction took exception too. At one point, Austin was the WWE Champion, Triple H the Intercontinental Champion and the Brothers of Destruction the World Tag Team Champions. All four men would square off in a match where all the titles were on the line, however the Brothers of Destruction would lose their tag titles.

It should be mentioned that prior to this all, WCW had been purchased by the WWE and eventually we would see an Invasion of talent from WCW and ECW wanting to make their presence known in the WWE. One former WCW superstar began to target the personal life of the Undertaker by stalking his wife. This was revealed to be Diamond Dallas Page wanting to prove he was at the level of the Undertaker. Unfortunately for DDP and many invaders from WCW/ECW the Undertaker would prove why he remained one of the most dominant forces in wrestling period. It would only make sense then why the Undertaker would be a part of Team WWF at the Survivor Series versus Team Alliance. He was an imposing force and was on the winning but he himself was eliminated.

After the Invasion had ended and the WWE proved to be the dominant company. The Undertaker was out to see if he still commanded the respect of the WWE despite the new talents in the locker room. The Undertaker reminded Mr. McMahon of his loyalty throughout the years. The Undertaker would turn on the fans as he felt no one was paying him the respect he was due. Eventually this would lead to the Undertaker winning the Hardcore Championship from Rob Van Dam after destroying superstars on his path. As the new year approached and as the champion of no rules and brutality, the Undertaker was ready to unleash his new “Big Evil” persona.


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