25 Years of the Undertaker: 2000



At the Judgment Day pay-per-view we saw Triple H and the Rock squaring off for the WWE Championship. These two were among the top superstars in the company at the time as Steve Austin, Mick Foley and the Undertaker were all absent. During this Ironman Match, the clock was winding down and suddenly we heard gong bells and children chattering and suddenly and imposing figure came riding down on a motorcycle. The Undertaker as had never seen him had returned and was destroying all Helmsley-McMahon regime. The would result in Hunter picking up the final fall and costing the Rock his title.

The Undertaker had ditched his mystical appearance and was done with the tricks and was fighting as just an American Badass. As the year continued, the Rock, the Undertaker and Kane were among the top good guy wrestlers in the company. Nonetheless the height of competition would lead to all three crossing paths throughout the year. Kane and the Undertaker would form a tag team and attempt to challenge for the titles until Kane turned his back on the Undertaker. The two brothers would meet at Summerslam.

As the year wound down, the Undertaker would continue to be a part of the title picture as he would go up against the champion at the time Kurt Angle. In the final championship match of the calendar year the Undertaker was among five other challengers for the title in an Armageddon 6-Man Hell in A Cell Match. The all-star cast alongside the Undertaker included champion Kurt Angle, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Rikishi. This was a spectacle in itself to see all these legends compete in one hellacious match.  Although the Undertaker did not come out the victor he left his imprint on the match by tossing Rikishi off the roof of the cell down to a truck at ringside.

The Undertaker was now approaching his famed “Decade of Destruction” and as new Superstars entered the WWE they would find that they all have to answer to the Undertaker.


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