25 Years of the Undertaker: 1999



The Attitude Era was reaching heights never before seen in wrestling and constantly seeking to push the envelope is areas of violence, controversy and sexuality. As an 11-year old at the time I was exposed to a lot more than my mom would have preferred and she saw one episode of RAW to which she decided I was no longer allowed watch WWE programming because it was no longer child-friendly and clearly rated 14A.

That being said I have tried to go back and refresh on what was going on in the career of the Undertaker.

To begin the year, the Undertaker assembled his Ministry of Darkness by kidnapping superstars. The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness included Mideon formerly Phineas/Dennis Knight, Viscera formerly Mabel, the Acolytes Bradshaw and Faarooq, the Brood Gangrel, Edge and Christian and of course Paul Bearer. The Undertaker would target Vince McMahon and his family during this time. This led to Stephanie McMahon’s involvement in storyline. The Undertaker would stalk and even attempt to marry Stephanie in uncomfortable fashion. This led to a feud between the Undertaker and the Corporation. Undertaker would meet the Bossman in a Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania where the Ministry would hang the Bossman from the roof of the Cell. Eventually, the Ministry and Corporation would merge together and Mr. McMahon would reveal he was behind all this as the “Higher Power”.  It was weeks after this that I would stop watching wrestling for nearly two years after heightened sexuality on the program and some offensive religious references as it related to the Undertaker and McMahon.

I would miss  the feud between the Undertaker and Austin as they would compete over the WWE Championship at this time with the Undertaker winning his third championship however later losing it back to Austin which would lead to end of the Corporate Ministry.

As Summerslam rolled around, the Big Show and the Undertaker formed their “unholy alliance”. The two would go on to win tag team championship gold. Later, McMahon would challenge the Undertaker to compete or leave the company and the Undertaker would choose the latter. In reality, the Undertaker had been dealing with injuries and would be taking time off. The Undertaker would return in the new millennium as we had never seen him before!


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