25 Years of the Undertaker: 1993



As 1993 rolled around the landscape of the WWE was beginning to see a few changes. There were new faces on the roster and the debut of a new television show–Monday Night RAW. Who better to feature in the first main event of RAW than the Undertaker? The Undertaker would quickly defeat Damien Demento, a man from “the Outer Reaches of Your Mind.”

Following this, we would enter the 1993 Royal Rumble. The Undertaker was one of the 30 competitors. It was during this match that Harvey Wippleman would unveil his weapon for revenge in the Giant Gonzalez, a man billed as 8-feet tall. The Giant Gonzalez would eliminate and beat down the Undertaker. This would set up a match between the two at Wrestlemania IX. The Giant Gonzalez resorted to using a chloroform soaked cloth in hopes of knocking out the Undertaker. This instantly proved to fans that the Giant Gonzalez was simply a very tall man but hardly menacing.

Wippleman would take note of this and hire an enforcer by the name of Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes stole the Undertaker’s urn, a repeated offense by different Superstars throughout the years. Paul Bearer was also taken out of the picture until Summerslam. Mr. Hughes ending up proving to be no challenge for the Undertaker and Taker would go on to finish his feud with Giant Gonzalez in a “Rest In Peace” Match. Paul Bearer returned during this match and reclaimed the urn which enabled the Undertaker to make a comeback and defeat the Giant Gonzalez.

In the latter part of 1993, WWE Champion Yokozuna and Undertaker would square off at house shows. The seeds for their feud were planted on television during a Survivor Series Elimination tag match. The two would end up brawling with one another and eliminate each other. Once again we were left in anticipation of a match between the two to see if the Undertaker could be the man to end the championship reign of the mighty Yokozuna.


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