25 Years of the Undertaker: 1992



The Undertaker would enter the 1992 Royal Rumble for the vacated WWE Championship. He would do some damage and aid his ally Jake Roberts in assaulting Randy Savage. Eventually the Undertaker would be eliminated by rival Hulk Hogan.

As Wrestlemania approached, the Undertaker made a bold statement when he aided Macho Man Randy Savage and prevented a chair shot from Jake Roberts. Roberts demanded to know which side the Undertaker was on. On Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor the Undertaker didn’t mince words and told Roberts simply “Not yours!” The two would square off at Wrestlemania VIII and the Undertaker would pick up his second victory in convincing fashion, improving his record to 2-0 at Wrestlemania.

After vanquishing the future Hall of Famer Jake “the Snake” Roberts and competing for the WWE Championship, the Undertaker would take a unique turn in his career. Now that he was a good guy in the World Wrestling Federation, the Undertaker would start to face all sorts of villainous, absurd characters. The Undertaker would have clashes with the Berzerker, a viking wrestler. On one episode the Berzerker attempted to stab the Undertaker with his sword. The Undertaker would destroy both Berzerker and his manager Mr. Fuji. The Undertaker would also battle with the voodoo priest Papa Shango. Despite Shango’s dark magic he too fell to the Undertaker. Adding to the absurdity, the Undertaker was even scheduled to feud with the former convict Nailz, but Nailz chose to return to the slammer than square off against the Deadman.

As the summer approached, the Undertaker would enter a feud with the Ugandan Giant Kamala. The Undertaker would prey on Kamala’s fear of caskets. The Undertaker picked up a DQ victory against Kamala at Wembley stadium at Summerslam 1992. Eventually the two would square off in a Coffin Match at Survivor Series 1992. The Undertaker would take all Kamala had to offer and would defeat Kamala and roll him into the coffin. This did not sit well with Harvey Wippleman, the manager of Kamala and he would reveal his secret weapon for the Undertaker in 1993.


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