25 Years of the Undertaker: 1990



November 22, 1990. The Undertaker’s debuted at Survivor Series as a mystery partner for Ted Dibiase’s team. Immediately from the sound of the gong, The Undertaker was someone to take note of. This immense figure with a cold stare but what could he do in the ring?

Undertaker squares off immediately with Bret Hart, a star on the rise in the WWE at the time. Undertaker fought with the other members of the team in the powerhouse Jim Neidhart and legend Dusty Rhodes who both had no answer for him. Unfortunately for one Koko B. Ware he was made short work of and hit with the Tombstone piledriver which was simply a devastating maneuver.

Throughout the remainder of 1990, Undertaker would primarily square off against jobbers (guys who always lost on TV). He was billed as Cain the Undertaker at one point but the Cain name was dropped and we’ll see why during this timeline review. It was in these matches that Undertaker would showcase his athleticism and unique moves. Undertaker  would hit flying clotheslines, elbow drops or dropkicks. He would also do his famous walking of the ropes which was a spectacle in and of itself. It was also such an awesome sight, at the time, to see kids hiding their face in fear or fans being wide eyed as the Undertaker made his way down the aisle

My only memory of the Undertaker in 1990 is from a VHS tape my dad had of one of Undertaker’s matches on Superstars. Brother Love was still Undertaker’s manager at this point. I did find it an odd pairing especially when Brother Love would call him “Brother Undertaker” (another name that was instantly dropped). I remember towards the end of the match Brother Love yells “Bury him” to the Undertaker and Vince McMahon repeats “Bury him he says.” and for whatever reason this is my earliest memory of Vince’s awe of the Undertaker. To end the match, Undertaker hits the opponent with a Tombstone and takes the rose from Brother Love’s jacket and crushes it and drops the petals on his unconscious opponent. During an insert promo Undertaker makes his intentions known for 1991.


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