This weekend is shaping up to be a fun one for wrestling fans as the WWE hits one the great wrestling towns in Brooklyn, New York. NXT Takeover, Summerslam and RAW will all emanate from the Barclay Center which should be a raucous environment making for some awesome shows.

First let’s make some predictions for the NXT Brooklyn Takeover show.


Here we have some undercard matches that were announced over Twitter earlier this week. It appears that some of these matches will air on a special edition of NXT. A few predictions of winners include Eva Marie, Bull Dempsey,  and Dana Brooke in their respective matches. Also look for Apollo Crews to be victorious in his NXT debut match. I have not followed his career in previous promotions but based on highlights I’ve seen, this man looks as though he will be a main event caliber superstar for WWE in the years ahead. Lastly in the big 8-Man tag, I see the team of Enzo, Cass, Ryder and Rawley coming out on top. Once NXT was announced to hit Brooklyn I thought we would see the big tag title championship win for Enzo and Cass, but I remain excited that perhaps they may be moving on to some bigger on the main roster!


Not overly excited for this match. I have been less than impressed with both men to date. I bought into the hype of Samoa Joe finally being apart of WWE but it looks like Baron Corbin is the bigger priority. A victory for Corbin over Joe could be a step towards legitimacy.


As stated earlier, I was excited for the NXT Tag Team Championship match as I figured it would be Cass & Enzo finally winning the gold in Brooklyn. Once this match was announced, I almost lost interest in the entire show. I used to be a fan of the Vaudevillains and so I’d be okay with them winning this one, however I don’t foresee a title change.


The addition of Jushin Thunder Liger to this show certainly adds something special to how WWE presents its NXT brand. I think this match will be a fun one for the live crowd and will be enjoyable for long-time Liger fans. I think Breeze will have a competitive match with Liger but look for the veteran to come out on top.


The co-Main Event is looking to be an exciting match especially if Bayley can come out on top. Since first watching NXT I have seen both women compete in match after match and have seen great improvement, especially from Sasha Banks. It’s very cool to see how Sasha has developed into the top female performer in the company. Additionally, Bayley has been one of the easiest superstars to cheer for and get behind since she first started competing. Everything about Bayley makes fans (myself included) want to see her succeed. She finally has the chance to achieve what appears to be a dream and that is to become the NEW Women’s champion! I think it will be one of the great wrestling moments in 2015!


The main event is a ladder match with two of the top performers in the WWE in NXT Champion Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. Owens has made quite an impression on wrestling fans over the last few months and in my opinion comes into this match as the bigger star. Balor has proven worldwide that he is a top star in any promotion. His championship reign remains in its infancy and thus far his reign hasn’t been as impressive as one may anticipate. Of the two men, I am more of an Owens fan but I don’t see Balor’s championship reign coming to such a quick end. This match will be key in setting the tone for what kind of Champion Finn Balor will be.

Now onto Summerslam a show that showcases the first ever match declared to be TOO BIG for WRESTLEMANIA!

20150806_Summerslam_Match_mizrybackbigshow_LIGHT-HPI have no interest in seeing this match and am not a fan of any of the competitors in this match.

20150810_Summerslam_Match_OrtonSheamus_LIGHT-HPWe have seen this match several times since 2013. This has destroyed any interest I have in seeing the match or caring who will win. Since Sheamus has done nothing but lose maybe he’ll get his retribution.

20150810_Summerslam_Match_amellneville-starustbarrett_LIGHT_HP2The only thing positive I have to say about this match is how impressive Cody Rhodes has been in his portrayal of Stardust. This match is a comic book come to life so look for the good guys to come out on top.

20150817_Summerslam_Match_RusevDolph_LIGHT_HPI have been a fan of Rusev since the first time I laid eyes on him. Ironically enough, that first match was against Dolph Ziggler on an episode of NXT. As silly as this story has been, Rusev has played his role brilliantly and has left every segment as a star showing how multifaceted he is as a performer. Rusev should win this match and look for it to set up a mixed tag match.

20150721_Summerslam_Match_BrayLukeDeanRoman_LIGHT_HPI am a big fan of Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper but they haven’t been overly impressive in all the events that have led to this match. The four of these men were once involved in what I considered to be the best match of 2014 in what was an incredible Six-Man tag match. That was a battle of faction supremacy. That battle for supremacy has not been apparent in this feud. This feud would need something new to create any sort of interest because this is a dull tag match with four outstanding competitors. The rumblings of Sting getting involved would add some excitement. Also, with Ambrose and Reigns talking about how close they are makes me think Ambrose will turn on Reigns. Reigns won the Royal Rumble this year and main evented Wrestlemania the top two pay-per-views of the year. Now on the third biggest show of the year Reigns has called upon Ambrose and if I were him I’d want to take out the man who stands in the spotlight.

20150810_Summerslam_Match_tagteam_LIGHT_HPI am looking forward to this match simply because I love four corner tag team match ups. Although we’ve see these teams compete against one another numerous times this year, unlike matches mentioned above, the diversity of athleticism lends itself to make some exciting bouts. The New Day is easily the most entertaining team in this match and a team fans might be paying to see lose each and every night. I think it was a shame they lost the belts when they did but I think it’s time they reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

zzzz20150810_Summerslam_Match_Divas_LIGHT-HPThe WWE is making a strong push to highlight female athletics and transition away from overt exploitation of female sexuality. Also I think having new faces and a fair share of women who can actually wrestle has helped build some intrigue into what its in store for the women’s division. Of the teams involved my favourite would have to be Team BAD. Although it looks like Sasha may come out on the losing end the night before look for her and her team to come out as winners in this one.

20150813_Summerslam_Match_OwensCesaro_LIGHT_HPThere really isn’t much to say about this match, I just want to see it! It may very well be match of the year when its all said and done. I do think Cesaro benefits far more from a win in this one and Owens can easily fall back on the fact that he had a brutal ladder match the night before.

20150813_Summerslam_Match_CenaRollins_LIGHT_HP_v2A title for title contest is always exciting because of the anticipation that one man will walk out with two championships. Seth Rollins has grown since his first few months as champion and appears to have found his identity. John Cena has been having a tremendous year in the ring as he has competed and defended his title night after night in some highly competitive matchups. Now both champions compete for each other’s title. If Rollins can win it will be his biggest victory in his championship reign. Cena sold me on this match with his promo on this past Monday’s RAW . Cena has a ton of motivation for winning as he will walk out as the 16x champion; something that will sting Rollins and his mentor Triple H. Lastly, John Cena granted his 500th wish this week and gave the young boy and his family tickets to this Monday’s RAW. After seeing this segment in addition to the year John has been having in the ring, I’d love to see Cena walk in as the NEW champion.

20150814_LIGHT_BrockTakerEdge_HPMain Event time. Here we have the rematch from Wrestlemania 30 where the unthinkable happened and Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker to end the illustrious Wrestlemania streak of 21-0.  There is always anticipation when both men enter the squared circle as they don’t compete often. Paul Heyman has been glorious in promoting this match and their pull apart brawl just heightened fans’ excitement to see both men go at it. The question remains, will the Undertaker get retribution after losing the Streak or will the Conqueror continue his dominance? The Undertaker is my favourite WWE superstar of all time and the Streak ending still haunts me to this day, unfortunately I feel that Lesnar is the one man the Undertaker simply can’t beat.


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