WWE SummerSlam 2014 Predictions


The second biggest PPV of the year with a must see Main Event. The other surrounding matches have had, excuse the pun, a hot build for the most part. As a fan of several of the competitors on the card, I am personally invested in seeing how all of the matches turn out. Here are my predictions for this year’s edition of Summerslam.


As a fan of Dolph Ziggler, I’m pleased to see he has a spot on this PPV. To me he defines what the Intercontinental title should be about. I say should because the reputation of this once prestigious championship has fallen over the years. I don’t think anyone one man can bring back that prominence but Ziggler as champion would give me hope. I also do like the new Miz character. I like it because he makes himself so easy to hate. I want to see Miz lose his title and every time he seeks to protect his face I want to see him get punched out. So let’s review: in this match we have the man people want to see as champion versus the man people want to see lose and get knocked out–perfect ingredients for a championships bout! Sadly, I see the Miz going to any and all lengths to keep his title.


This match deserves to be taking place at Summerslam. There is great expectation on my part for how the match will unfold–I expect a classic. The segment from this past Monday’s go-home show proved what a great character Bray Wyatt is as he doesn’t care about win-loss records or championships, he just wants to eliminate and destroy his opponents both physically and mentally. If they let these two guys go, I think we’ll see a great story complimented by an athletic encounter. Look for Bray to go 2-0 at Summerslam!


Rusev, another competitor I am a big fan of. I like that he is getting the crowd hatred that his character deserves. I like Lana’s role and I like that this is a Flag Match. I don’t know why but once it became USA vs. Russia the excitement surrounding this feud heightened. Sadly, for my American brethren, I believe the Russian will come out the victor on this night. Perhaps it will take a Canadian to finally defeat this Rusev.


Paige is currently my favourite Diva on the roster so I am automatically invested in this match. I like Paige’s character development throughout this feud but I believe AJ has been watered down since she hasn’t been able to verbally respond back. The matches leading up have short and too quick to digest so the feud feels rushed and sloppy in my opinion. If these two women are given sufficient time, I think they will have the best women’s match of the year which will be a tough task given how well Natalya and Charlotte did earlier in the year. My heart says Paige, my mind says something else.


Randy Orton is extremely talented but I guess I’ve followed his entire career that I just grow tired of the character as he hasn’t really evolved in recent years. Roman Reigns is an exciting young star and I am intrigued to see how he progresses into a top guy. I don’t envision this match being a classic as I don’t get the sense that these two guys have great chemistry. This will be a great test for both men to see if Orton can be that guy who has good matches with anyone. It will also feature Reigns in his first real prominent one on one encounter. I am intrigued to see this match surpass my low expectation.


You have two NEW guys who fans are both invested in as it relates to their respective roles. You have a fresh and hot feud that has been building for weeks and has history from the past year. Is it possible to ruin this rare instance in WWE history? Yes, by making it a Lumberjack match. I can’t remember one classic Lumberjack match where I though the presence of mid-card superstars mattered. No disrespect to the men not on the show but this match stipulation really hurts this match in my opinion. I think a Street Fight would have been awesome where Rollins continuously tries to escape Ambrose but he stays hot on his tail and beats him up all the way onto the LA streets. I think the Lumberjacks will ruin the finish of this match too.


I like Stephanie McMahon and felt terrible when she was arrested. I also enjoyed her series of Pedigrees. I do not like Brie Bella and was happy to see her get arrested. I felt sympathy every time she attacked Stephanie. One of these women is a poor performer and sadly her sibling is equally poor. Not sure who I am referring to? Remember Shane O’Mac was awesome!


Everything about this match screams Main Event. The characters, the stage, the ramifications of either victory. John Cena is the man who fights day in and day out and holds this company on his back. He spends time with his fans and sacrifices a lot in his personal life to remain dedicated to the WWE. He is good at his core. He is the hero kids look to in WWE. Brock Lesnar on the other hand came, saw and conquered in a short span of time. He made his money and got tired of the WWE way of life. He was not going to sacrifice his personal life for this company. Brock gave the fans the middle finger, literally, in his final bout and was never seen again. Brock returned because the price was right. Brock conquered the top guys because all others were perceived to be beneath him. Brock showed up when he wanted to and never fought on RAW because he would never fight for free. Brock defeated the Undertaker and given what professional wrestling is, you have to wonder does such a man deserve it? Brock doesn’t consider beating the Undertaker an honor, it was mandatory. Now Brock Lesnar is coming in to SummerSlam with one goal and that’s to walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. If this mercenary wins, he will leave with the title and we’ll see this coveted title when Brock wants to show up. The cornerstone belt that every man fights for and every boy dreams of will be gone. It will no longer be defended on WWE’s time but on Brock’s. We’ll tune into RAW and no champion will be present. We’ll attend live shows and no champion will be present. No autographs from the champ, no pictures with the champ, NOTHING! When that bell rings and there is announcement of the winner, if that winner is Brock Lesnar, the landscape of WWE will be changed forever. We as fans will have to trust that there is indeed someONE. We as WWE fan’s will need the ONE who can defeat the ONE in 21-1!


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