WWE Payback Predictions

ImageAs with every Pay-Per-View I offer my predictions. This will be the second straight PPV I won’t be watching live. I am intrigued in the results but don’t want to spend the money to watch some of these matches as they are rematches. I am excited for the Chicago crowd and seeing how they shape this show. Will CM Punk return? No, he’ll be supporting the Blackhawks who I hope beat the Kings for my Sharks!

ImageA classic hair vs. mask match. I do like this little (no pun intended) feud and think this is the perfect match to kick off any PPV. I can see Torito losing his mask and Hornswoggle is certainly in need of a trim. Also, Torito needs to avenge the loss…of his tail. Yes I said that and sadly saw this as well.

ImageThis may be a better match than anyone anticipates. I thought it would have been a Flag match but those have never been a draw. Rusev is still early in developing the Rusev legacy and so if he loses, that legacy is instantly destroyed. Rusev will have his hands full with Big E but I think Rusev will somehow be able to pull off the victory.

ImageI love Paige but do not love how the WWE has introduced her to their main audience. I also miss Paige’s aggressiveness and do not enjoy seeing her get beat down for most of a match and then make a very quick comeback and pull of a victory. I think Paige may be more compelling in the chase for the title. I don’t want to see Paige lose but with the momentum that Alicia Fox has had over the past few weeks I could see her capitalizing on that to win the title. In the words of Jim Ross “The nut-job has won the title.”

ImageThis match has the recipe for the proverbial “double turn” Sheamus is in need of returning to his former villainous ways. Cesaro is on verge of being a wrestling hero. Will the title switch hands? I could see Cesaro defeating Sheamus as to the applause of the fans. The former hero Sheamus may turn on the crowd and destroy their newly christened hero. Sheamus moves on to be a fresh wrestling villain. Cesaro as new champion may challenge the Intercontinental champion in an effort to unify the titles. My hope is that the Unified United States Intercontinental Champion eventually challenges the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan where four belts are on the line.

ImageWho will Cesaro face next? I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News for Rob Van Dam. Barrett versus Cesaro? Take my money!

ImageHopefully this is the final match in this lengthy feud. Bray and Cena has been a good feud of good versus evil and making fans decide who fits these descriptions. I think the matches haven’t matched the intensity of the promos for this feud and so I hope this is the final match we see. I think this match could easily go either way. The Usos and the Wyatt Family may get involved to impact the result. Both men have split wins in this feud so who will win this match? The one with the whole word in his hands!

ImageWill Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? NO! NO! NO! I think Brie Bella will be “fired”. I think Brie getting fired will be tremendous for her career. I am not a fan of Brie but I think her being fired by the Authority will make her eventual comeback a major angle in a division that needs some main even light. Brie returning could be a celebrated return, similar to that of the Rhodes. I think it would be fun to see her sister turn on her and seek to capitalize on her sister’s absence. We’ll see what takes place, but I can’t see Bryan surrendering the title nor should he.

ImageThese six men are dedicated to topping their excellent match the PPV before. I can’t foresee Evolution losing twice in a row. I’d expect WWE to send the fans home happy at the end of the night, but because we expect that I can see WWE giving us a “shocker” Since it is a NO DQ elimination match I think this works to the advantage of Evolution. I think Orton, Batista, Ambrose and Rollins will all get eliminated. It will come down to Reigns and Triple H. I think it would be awesome for guys like Sandow and Sheamus to be new Evolution members and aid Triple H in defeating Reigns. Triple H could come out the next night and kick Orton and Batista out of Evolution and add these two new guys (which would help explain Batista’s departure). Will the help of a sledge hammer to put down Reigns, I see Evolution picking up the win here.







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