NXT Takeover Predictions


ImageCamacho is not a fan of Adam Rose or his Rosebuds as his actions have demonstrated. Rose is now a main roster competitor returns to the NXT arena to settle the score once and for all. I think Rose will avenge his Rosebuds. I find it odd, however, that Adam Rose may defeat the son of Haku–a man who could singlehandedly destroy the entire Exotic Express…including the bus!

ImageThe Ascension have been looking for a team to challenge them for a title. After some time, El Local and Kalisto arrived on the scene and after a debut victory are now challenging for the tag titles. They may impress the Ascension with their high flying manoeuvres but I can’t see the Ascension losing their titles just yet. The Ascension may walk off and take the count-out loss. They may get themselves disqualified. Lastly, they may just destroy this luchador team as strength and size on their side.

ImageWhoever wins this match means we are guaranteed another tremendous match for the NXT World title. I believe that Tyler Breeze will pull out the victory in this one. I don’t think his opponents take him very seriously due to his flamboyant looks and behaviour. This is by design, Breeze uses this to his advantage as he has demonstrated he can toe to toe with anyone on the NXT roster. Sami Zayn is no slouch and will not be easily defeated. I think someone will cost Zayn his championship opportunity; either someone on the roster or a talent waiting to make their NXT debut. Breeze will capitalize on this and be our next #1 contender for the NXT Championship.

ImageThis match has been heavily promoted as a co-main event with the championship bout. I can’t see the sense it would make in having Natalya, a main roster diva, win the NXT Women’s Championship. Charlotte is extremely athletic and has demonstrated a knack for using some unique moves. I think there is more long term potential in having Charlotte as the villainous champion as she can go on to feud with Bayley, Alexa Bliss and potentially Sasha Banks as the title may cause a break up of their team. Having Flair and Bret in the respective corners doesn’t really add anything for me but it’s a great visual and adds more meaning to this bout for the female competitors.

ImageThis should and probably will be an excellent match between two unique and athletic competitors. Similar to Natalya, I can’t see Tyson Kidd winning the NXT Championship and bringing Neville’s reign to a quick end. Tyson Kidd is similar to Cesaro in this role as he will bring out the best in Neville as Neville develops into a more complete performer. There isn’t much more to write about this match, tune in to NXT Takeover and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the wrestling you’ll see tonight!


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