WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Predictions

ImageI can’t say I am overly excited for the WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view but I am very interested in the results as I think they will indicate the direction the company is taking and it will showcase a lot of new talent that will shine and continue to shine in 2014.

ImageThis is a battle of an up and comer versus an established star. Hornswoggle has nothing to prove and in the history of TLC matches, majority of their winners are more athletic and agile than their opponents. I’ll give this win to El Torito…OLE!

ImageIt appears as though Truth and Woods will be playing the role of enhancement talent at Extreme Rules. Rusev appears to be a priority of the company and they hope to showcase his strength and dominance over a lot of the existing roster. The hope is that Rusev has an impressive outing and demonstrates how dominant he can be when the odds are stacked against him. Unfortunately for Truth and Woods should they lose this completely dismantles any potential for their momentum moving forward; as either a singles competitors or a tag team.

ImageIt’s hard to get excited for a Triple Threat match that has nothing on the line. This should be a fun bout as there are three unique styles in the ring at once. Of the three men, there is one who has a ton to gain and a whole lot to lose. RVD is an established star and has a cult following that holds him in legendary status. Swagger had great momentum last year and it appeared he was being primed to be a future champion. Unfortunately for Swagger he just couldn’t reach the level needed to be a top champion. Cesaro on the other hand is early in his career and appears to have a great deal of momentum. A victory/feud with RVD could be great to setup Cesaro as an upper-tier talent. Also, Cesaro will be out for revenge against his former partner. This is a necessary victory and this match could have implications on a future #1 Contender for Daniel Bryan’s title.

ImageI think this will be a great exhibition for women’s wrestling. Hopefully Paige doesn’t succumb to the pressure of competing on her first pay-per-view title defense. You have two women with hard hitting styles that isn’t always showcased on WWE programming. Many of the women on the roster would fail as competition in Paige’s first PPV title defense and so Tamina is a strong first opponent for Paige to showcase her toughness. We are still in the early days of Paige’s title reign.

ImageI’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for Big E. Unfortunately for the champion he is coming into this battle cold and with stunted momentum. Barrett, on the other hand, is coming in with a ton of steam and for some the Bad News following grows with each live crowd. The hope with every Intercontinental Championship match is that the title will finally regain some prominence. If Barrett has turned the page in his career it appears he has fire in his eyes to reach the top and hopefully he takes the Intercontinental title to the top with him.

ImageWhat a segment on Monday night! The childrens choir and sheep masks was one of the most eery sights to ever happen on RAW. Does Wyatt have the whole world and Cena in his hands? It appears so. I am usually not a fan of Steel Cage matches but in this case this match makes sense (although Cena challenging with this match stipulation is bewildering). If Wyatt escapes the cage he takes Cena’s following with him and increases the size of his “family”. Plan on adding some new members to the Wyatt Family portrait!

ImageWhat is Kane’s motivation in this feud? To destroy Daniel Bryan or take away the championship? If it’s not the latter than Daniel Bryan’s first title defense is hurts and there is no heat to this feud. Bryan will certainly garner his revenge on Kane but he title defense will be simply be just a default of the situation. I think there needs be a long line of possible contenders who are dedicated to ending Bryan’s title reign and crushing the spirits of the fans. Guys like Sheamus, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Bad News Barrett and even the conqueror of the Streak himself, Brock Lesnar all come across as suitable contenders and guys who know within themselves that they could defeat Bryan. Daniel Bryan is the CHAMPION the fans wanted and so his feuds shouldn’t be based on his wife, his stature or his beard but purely based on the two belts over Bryan’s shoulders.

ImageThis match on paper has tremendous appeal. It is the battle of two dominant factions. My concern is that older Evolution will not be able to hang with the youth of the Shield. Batista was the animal almost 10 years ago. The Shield have traded victories with Randy Orton and so he is not a threat. The Cerebral Assassin is the x-factor in all of this. If Triple H is at the top of his game (no pun intended) he could be the difference maker. I stand by the Shield and am confident in their ability. Evolution is a group of similar styles and whereas the Shield has a complimentary style as a unit. Lastly, Evolution disbanded because of egotistical differences and so I don’t think they will be able to function as a single unit on this night. Believe that and believe in the Shield!


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