#3 Hulk Hogan

Wrestlemania I: defeated “Rowdy” Roddy Piper & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff in a Tag Team Match w/Mr. T
Wrestlemania 2: defeated King Kong Bundy in a WWE Championship Steel Cage Match
Wrestlemania III: defeated Andre the Giant in a WWE Championship Match
Wrestlemania IV: Double DQ versus Andre the Giant
Wrestlemania V: defeated WWE Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Wrestlemania VI: lost to Intercontinental Champion Ultimate Warrior in an Intercontinental & WWE Championship Match
Wrestlemania VII: defeated WWE Champion Sgt. Slaughter
Wrestlemania VIII: defeated Sid Vicious
Wrestlemania IX: lost to Money Inc. by DQ; defeated WWE Champion Yokozuna
Wrestlemania X-8: lost to the Rock
Wrestlemania XIX: defeated Mr. McMahon in a Street Fight

Retained WWE Championship (2)
Won WWE Championship (3)

Main Events: Wrestlemania I, Wrestlemania 2, Wrestlemania III, Wrestlemania V, Wrestlemania VI, Wrestlemania VII and Wrestlemania VIII

Without Hulk Hogan there would be no Wrestlemania. Hogan was in the first 3 Main Events as WWE Champion. Hogan drew the crowds in with each passing Wrestlemania like he did when he squared off against Andre the Giant in front of 93, 000. Throughout Hogan’s career he would main event a total of 7 Wrestlemanias and fans would go wild for Hulkamania. Hogan would be apart of the first 9 Wrestlemanias and only once did he not compete for the WWE Championship. After WCW’s demise, Hogan returned to Wrestlemania in his nWo attire losing to the Rock. The following year would be the clash of two men who we as fans have to thank for Wrestlemania. Now at the 30th Wrestlemania, Hogan returns to host the event he helped build. Who knows what the Hulkster has in store but as he has done in all of his Wrestlemanias, he will leave a lasting impression!


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