#13 “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Wrestlemania I: lost to Hulk Hogan & Mr. T in a Tag Team Match w/”Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff
Wrestlemania 2: lost to Mr. T by DQ in a Boxing Match
Wrestlemania III: defeated Adrian Adonis in a Hair vs. Hair Match
Wrestlemania VI: No Contest versus Bad News Brown
Wrestlemania VIII: lost to Bret “Hitman” Hart in an Intercontinental Championship Match
Wrestlemania XII: defeated Goldust in a Hollywood Back Lot Brawl
Wrestlemania XXV: lost to Chris Jericho in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match

Lost Intercontinental Championship

Main Event: Wrestlemania I

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper has done nothing but entertain at Wrestlemania. Piper has dedicated all he has within him to make sure every fan who watched Wrestlemania left with a memory and their money’s worth. Let’s just review what Piper has done. Wrestlemania could only be sold on a viable villain to take on our hero Hulk Hogan. Roddy Piper was as despicable as they came with all his antics and so it was a perfect fit for the first Main Event. Hogan and Piper had their fit in the squared circle and pop culture at large. In the 2nd Wrestlemania, Piper renewed his feud with Mr. T and got himself disqualified in a boxing match where his temper got the better of him and he quit punching and just slammed Mr. T. Piper declared his intention to retire after his match versus Adrian Adonis where both men’s hair was on the line. Piper helped shave the Adorable one’s locks. Obviously, Piper did not remain retired and he fought once again versus Bad News Brown. Piper in controversial fashion decided to paint himself half black to play mind games with Brown. Piper had his best Wrestlemania match when he competed against Bret Hart and for the Intercontinental Title. Piper went on to have a memorable brawl with Goldust that is still talked about today and in what appears to have been his final Wrestlemania match, Piper fought as best he could to defend his legendary honor against Chris Jericho. Piper would also host his famous Piper’s Pit and be a special guest referee as only Roddy Piper could at different Wrestlemanias. He never challenged the Streak, he never won the WWE Championship and he main evented only once, but Piper took on all comers and proved he didn’t need to do any of that to cement himself as a top Wrestlemania performer.


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