#16 Andre the Giant


Wrestlemania I: defeated Big John Studd in a $15,000 Body Slam Challenge
Wrestlemania 2: won a 20-Man Battle Royal
Wrestlemania III: lost to Hulk Hogan in a WWE Championship Match
Wrestlemania IV: Doubl DQ versus Hulk Hogan
Wrestlemania V: lost to Jake “the Snake” Roberts by DQ
Wrestlemania VI: lost to Demolition in a World Tag Team Championship Match w/Haku

Lost World Tag Team Championship

Main Event: Wrestlemania III

I believe Wrestlemania is titled “the Grandest Stage” because the grandest Superstar in WWE history made his presence known at the first six Wrestlemanias. Before Andre the Giant walk down the aisle at the first Wrestlemania, the show was just a showcase. At the very moment Andre came down to the ring to take on Big John Studd, Wrestlemania became the “Showcase of the Immortals” because of Andre’s larger than life appearance. Andre the Giant was a pioneer and the reason Wrestlemania is as successful as it is today and can be sold simply on the event’s name. Andre slammed fellow giants and won battle royals. Andre’s greatest showcase was his confrontation and battle versus Hulk Hogan in front of 93,000 plus in the Main Event. It is one of the most iconic matches in Wrestlemania history from the stare down to the slam heard around the world. It’s fitting that at the 30th Wrestlemania, Andre’s legacy will be honored with the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, a match to commemorate just how dominant Andre was.


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