#20 Mick Foley

Wrestlemania 13: No Contest versus World Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith
Wrestlemania XIV: defeated World Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws in a Tag Team Dumpster Match w/Chainsaw Charlie
Wrestlemania XV: defeated Big Show by DQ
Wrestlemania 2000: lost to WWE Champion Triple H in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match
Wrestlemania XX: lost to Evolution in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match
Wrestlemania 22: lost to Edge in a Hardcore Match

Won World Tag Team Championships

Main Event: Wrestlemania 2000

One of the all time greats in WWE history was certainly featured at Wrestlemania in unique ways. Unlike other Superstars, the moments that made Foley’s career legendary often took place at events other than Wrestlemania. Early on in Foley’s career he competed for the Tag Team titles and ended up winning the tag straps in the unorthodox Tag Team Dumpster Match with Terry Funk. The next year, Foley found himself in the main event, but unfortunately it was as a special guest referee. The next year Foley competed in the Main Event for the WWE Championship however he would come up short in what both he and fans perceived to be his final match. Foley would return for two more Wrestlemanias and competed against some of WWE’s younger stars. Arguably, Foley’s final Wrestlemania match versus Edge would be his best which was a fitting way cap off his Wrestlemania career. If we examine Foley’s contributions to Wrestlemania we see that he did what most would not do on the biggest show of the year. Most of the men who are higher on this list are there because men like Mick Foley put the company first and his ego second. Wrestlemania is the showcase of the immortals and Mick Foley selflessly ensured that other men could live up to such billing.


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