#22 Rey Mysterio

Wrestlemania XIX: lost to Matt Hardy in a Cruiserweight Championship Match
Wrestlemania XX: lost to Chavo Guerrero in the Cruiserweight Championship Cruiserweight Open
Wrestlemania 21: defeated Eddie Guerrero
Wrestlemania 22: defeated World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle & Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match
Wrestlemania XXV: defeated Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield
Wrestlemania XXVI: defeated CM Punk
Wrestlemania XXVII: lost to Cody Rhodes
Wrestlemania XXX: Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Won World Heavyweight Championship
Won Intercontinental Championship

Rey Mysterio may be Wrestlemania’s most colorful performer as he continuously had a new outfit for the Grandest Stage. As can be seen in the picture above Mysterio paid tribute to comic book heroes, movie box office draws and his own Mexican heritage. Mysterio was unsuccessful in first few Wrestlemanias as he competed for the Cruiserweight Championship but despite his losses, Rey was and has remained one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. No disrespect to the Cruiserweight title but Mysterio’s popularity led him to be booked and perceived as higher than that division and so he had to be featured in more prominent matchups. Mysterio walked into Wrestlemania 21 as a tag team champion and squared off against his partner in a strong opener against Eddie Guerrero (perhaps the only man to face a Guerrero in back to back Manias). As life is unpredictable, Rey found himself paying tribute to the man he faced only a year ago when he won the World Heavyweight Championship and dedicated his win to Eddie Guerrero. Afterwards Mysterio’s injuries would pile up but he did manage to compete three more times and win the once coveted Intercontinental Championship. Mysterio has essentially lived the Wrestlemania dream in winning a major title (at the time) on the Grandest stage. Now Mysterio is a guy, when healthy, who the WWE will ensure has a spot and Mysterio will find a creative and colorful costume to showcase to the millions tuning in!


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