#25 Eddie Guerrero

Wrestlemania 2000: lost to Too Cool & Chyna in a Six-Person Tag Match
Wrestlemania X-Seven: defeated European Champion Test
Wrestlemania XIX: lost to WWE Tag Team Champions Team Angle in a WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match w/Chavo Guerrero
Wrestlemania XX: defeated Kurt Angle in a WWE Championship Match
Wrestlemania 21: lost to Rey Mysterio

Won European Championship
Retained WWE Championship

If you look at Eddie Guerrero’s Wrestlemania track record you can almost see when the WWE started to take Eddie seriously. His first few matches were tag matches and he did end up winning the European Championship on one of the more memorable Wrestlemania cards but he was essentially placed in the mid-card. Once Eddie returned to the WWE he was a new man both on and off screen and  we see that in his last two Wrestlemanias that Eddie proved to the world he was a Main Event star and top-tier talent. Eddie did what only few men had ever done as that was successfully defend the WWE Championship, not to mention he did this at the historic 20th Wrestlemania. Eddie’s final Wrestlemania would come the year after where he and Rey Mysterio had a competitive match. Sadly, Eddie could not give us anymore Wrestlemania memories. A rumored match for Wrestlemania 22 was to be Eddie Guerrero vs. Shawn Michaels which screams classic. Michaels did say in tribute to Eddie that maybe one day they’ll get to wrestle in Heaven for an audience of One. You can’t ask for much better!


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