Wrestlemania’s Top 30 Performers

ImageAround Wrestlemania 25, I made a list of those I thought were the Top 25 Wrestlemania performers. With Wrestlemania 30 just around the corner I figured I would make a Top 30 list and update my previous list. You can check out and compare my previous list:

Of course with any list there will be names that are “missing” or should have been included. For example, if you look at someone as great as Brock Lesnar he has had one classic Main event match but he only appeared at 3 Wrestlemanias and in his two losing efforts his matches were severely below expectation and are perhaps memorable for less than flattering reasons.

I took into consideration participants in Main Events, guys who competed for championships, the number of Wrestlemania appearances, the win/loss record, and overall the individual’s contribution to match quality! Hope you enjoy!


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