#30 Big Show


Wrestlemania XV: lost to Mankind
Wrestlemania 2000: lost to WWE Champion Triple H in a WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match
Wrestlemania X-Seven: lost to Kane in a Hardcore Championship  Triple Threat  Hardcore Match
Wrestlemania XIX: lost to the Undertaker in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match w/A-Train
Wrestlemania XX: lost to John Cena in a United States Championship Match
Wrestlemania 21: lost to Akebono in a Sumo Match
Wrestlemania 22: defeated Carlito & Chris Masters in a World Tag Team Championship Match w/Kane
Wrestlemania XXIV: lost to Floyd Mayweather in a No DQ Match
Wrestlemania XXV: lost to John Cena in a World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat  Match
Wrestlemania XXVI: defeated John Morrison & R-Truth in a WWE Tag Team Championship Match w/The Miz
Wrestlemania XXVII: defeated the Corre in an Eight-Man Tag Match
Wrestlemania XXVIII: defeated Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes
Wrestlemania 29: lost to the Shield in a Six-Man Tag Match
Wrestlemania XXX: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Lost United States Championship
Retained World Tag Team Championship
Retained WWE Tag Team Championship
Won Intercontinental Championship

Main Events: Wrestlemania 2000

Big Show’s 4-9 record to date may not appear terrible compared to other performers but if we examine his performance carefully, most of his victories come in tag team matches where he wasn’t even involved in the pin. That being said, Big Show had to make the list because he is a Wrestlemania attraction and has become vital to the event’s success. Big Show has had featured matches against athletes from outside of wrestling. Also of note, Big Show has essentially competed for every title at Wrestlemania: WWE Championship, World Heavyweight, United States, Intercontinental, Hardcore and both sets of Tag Team Championships. Regardless of his win/loss record, the WWE has clearly desired to ensure Big Show be a part of their biggest show and this year is no different as Big Show is a clear favourite for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.


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