#27 Owen Hart

Wrestlemania V: lost to Mr. Perfect
Wrestlemania VIII: defeated Skinner
Wrestlemania X: defeated Bret “Hitman” Hart
Wrestlemania XI: defeated World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns w/Yokozuna
Wrestlemania XII: defeated Ahmed Johnson, Yokozuna & Jake “the Snake” Roberts in a Six-Man Tag Match
Wrestlemania 13: No Contest versus Mankind & Vader in a World Tag Team Championship Match w/British Bulldog
Wrestlemania XIV: lost to European Champion Owen Hart
Wrestlemania XV: defeated D’Lo Brown & Test in a World Tag Team Championship Match w/Jeff Jarrett

Won World Tag Team Championship
Retained World Tag Team Championship (2)

We all love Owen Hart but personal feelings aside Owen Hart deserves to be on any list of Top Wrestlemania performers. In his first couple Wrestlemanias Owen was still finding his identity as he portrayed the Blue Blazer and the Rocket in bright neon, checkered pants. Owen has a good Wrestlemania record but Owen’s greatest victory and greatest Wrestlemania match came at Wrestlemania 10 as defeated his brother Bret. Owen went on after that victory to win and retain tag team championships. Owen was a true ring general and Wrestlemania needed Owen’s presence in order for fans to buy tickets to see the show. Now a days, Wrestlemania sells itself but it was pioneers like Owen who helped carve that reputation. When Owen competed the WWE and Wrestlemania had competition and the WWE had to make sure they put forward the superior card. The WWE knew that if fans saw Owen Hart’s name on the card that they’d certainly order/attend Wrestlemania.


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