WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

ImageHope to see a competitive match between these two unique teams to “kick-off” the show. Axel and Ryback still have some work to do as a team. Presently, they operate as two singles stars that are teaming up. If they are able to put the tools together to be tag team to reckon with in the division they could see themselves in a possible Tag Team Gauntlet match for the titles at Wrestlemania. The Rhodes Brothers are the benchmark as far as tag teams go so it’s unfortunate they aren’t more prominently featured in a worthwhile feud.

ImageThis match features and undercard feud and so I assumed at most it would be a kick-off match. I respect the fact that WWE is trying to give both guys a featured spot on a pay-per-view. Unfortunately, I don’t think many fans will care too much about this match as there was no opportunity for a long-term investment in either competitor. Titus O’Neil has more upside compared to Darren Young in my opinion. Darren may be the better wrestler but Titus has a better personality and 9 times out of 10 attitude will get you over with the crowd than a precision dropkick.

ImageThis should be a hard-hitting match with a combination of power and amateur moves. The visual of both men clashing has appeal to it but my only concern is that neither man comes across as a ring general so this could also be a sloppy affair. My hope is that one or both men will prove this impression wrong and breakout further. I don’t think the winner is a foregone conclusion so I look forward to the outcome. I believe Big E is at his best when his title is on the line.

ImageI look forward to this match as it’s been a long time coming for the Usos. The Usos get better nightly. They have an entertaining arsenal of moves. I think that being in the ring with veterans like the Outlaws they will get a good lesson in storytelling and making all you do connect with crowd during your bout. If the Usos can garner more emotion from the crowd they will propel themselves as an elite tag team in the WWE. If the Usos fail here, it will hurt their momentum moving towards Wrestlemania. The Outlaws are a transitional championship team and so a month long reign doesn’t hurt them one bit. I have genuine interest in seeing the Usos win tag team gold.

ImageBatista powerbombed Del Rio on his return night. Batista eliminated Del Rio from the Rumble en route to winning the match. Batista destroyed Del Rio through the announce table. Batista injured Del Rio’s neck and punked him backstage. All that would lead me to believe Del Rio will get revenge, however how bad would that make the #1 Contender at Wrestlemania XXX? Poor Del Rio.

ImageAs you can read in my descriptions of the previous matches I lack total enthusiasm for seeing most of them. Once this Six-Man Tag match was announced I was ready to order this PPV. This is a money match regardless of the other matches on the card. Once the Wyatts debuted in the summer most fans had the dream match of seeing the two 3-man groups square off against one another. That tease prior to Survivor Series was a fantastic moment and fans totally ate it up. I love that throughout this tease both groups got in each others’ faces and fans were on the edge of their seat wanting to see the first punch and then either group would pull it away. I also love the fact that these six men are fresh faces and fans have made it known that they will pay money to see this bout. I think this would have been a great Wrestlemania match but at least we are getting it before the Shield dismantles. That being said, I think we will see the official breakup of the Shield during this match. I won’t venture a guess of how this breakup will look or even how this match will unfold; I will simply sit back, watch and enjoy this match.

ImageHow will each man fare in the Elimination Chamber?

  • Christian: He is a veteran but even so he is one of the most athletic guys in this match. He can fly around the Chamber and has endurance to last longer than some of the brawlers. That being said, there are just some guys who succeed in straight up wrestling matches and others who are unsuccessful in diabolical steel or metal creations such as the Chamber and so I don’t see Christian winning and unfortunately I could see my fellow Canadian being eliminated first.
  • Sheamus: I think Sheamus will be hard hitting. I’d love to see him Brogue Kick a man through the glass of a pod. I’m looking forward to Sheamus and Cesaro exchanging uppercuts and stiff shots. I don’t think Sheamus will win, but I can’t envision how he’ll get eliminated.
  • John Cena: I think Cena will be dominant and may eliminate a few guys. Unfortunately for John Cena, I don’t think that run-in with the Wyatts at the Rumble was an isolated incident. Since the Wyatts are always lurking around somewhere in the unknown, I could see them showing up in the Chamber and costing Cena a win in this match.
  • Cesaro: This will be a breakout opportunity for Cesaro and he will showcase his arsenal of moves and his strength. He may Giant Swing someone right into the chain or on the metal outside the ring. I’d love to see his European Uppercut or Neutralizer also on the metal flooring. He will be a made man and show he can hang with any of WWE’s Main Event talent.
  • Randy Orton: Orton has had an uphill battle to date and WWE has also mentioned that Orton has never won when he is in the Chamber. In my history of watching wrestling, when you constantly lose and have a historic losing streak there eventually comes a time where you overcome these barriers and pick up the win.
  • Daniel Bryan: He has the greatest momentum of all competitors moving forward despite the efforts of Kane and the Authority. If Bryan does win, I think Orton will invoke his rematch clause for Wrestlemania and we will have a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania XXX. I also see the Authority costing Bryan the match in some fashion, but I’m unsure how they will break in the Chamber and do so. From a personal standpoint, I’d love to see it come down to Bryan and Cesaro and I’d love to see Minneapolis breakout into the YES! chant in celebration, however I’m going to be courageous and bet against one of the best in the WWE.



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